Sunday, October 30, 2011

A "PEEK" at the New Space

This is our "code/booth" name at Auntie M's....The owner called today and we can start moving our "stuff" and shelving/cases/ etc tomorrow! Hooray, a day earlier than what we thought! SO, I'll be BUSY this week and may not get to visit you gals as I would like to...I'll have on my side bar the full address of Auntie M's for you to visit sometime. I'll also give you the days that I "work" there. I hope to have our booth ready by the weekend...

Sometimes you just need your "buddy" to cuddle up with. It's so sweet when she goes into Jackson Brown's kennel...where he wants to be alone :)

Hubby cleaned the area rugs yesterday as they had Mack's accidents on them along with Sweet Pea...yuck..they stunk!!! Of course that little Not so Sweet Pea...peed on one of them...boy did I yell and chase her out the door! BAD DOG!!! She loves to "challenge" me!

I better get back to pricing the treasures!

Have a wonderful week!


deb :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On the way to the pumpkin patch last week...we just HAD to stop at Minnesota's Largest

Candy store! It has too many choices. There is something for everyone!!

Pretty awesome candy display!

Candy bar anyone???

Not thinking I would ever buy this...YUCK... I didn't take photos of every type of candy..sorry!

It was a fun stop before getting to the pumpkin patch.

I'm busy getting things ready for the 2 new shops that we will be selling in! Really it's 3 shops as we are staying at Antiques Mn!

I'm baby sitting "Chopper" for a few days while my son is away on a little vacation. Last night Chopper slept with me in bed. 70 lbs of pitbull! He snores!!! Sweet Pea snuggled under the covers and hubby and Jackson Brown slept in the guest room!

I hope to visit my blogging buddies soon!



Monday, October 17, 2011

Bloggerette Halloween Tote Swap

I joined the Bloggerette Sorority Halloween Tote swap. You were to make a tote and fill it with

(she did both side of the tote, with a pocket on the first side)

Halloween goodies. It was from a "secret" sister. My "secret sister" made the awesome bag and filled it full!

Yummy soap and pretty bracelets with a "charm". Thank you "secret" sister, Sue!!! You made a lovely tote and send great goodies!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cozy Living Room, Tweaking for Halloween & Leaves

Tweaked the mantle with just a little vintage halloween decor. Doing much less decorating this year...just enough fun for Grand daughter to have some sweet memories.

More leaves from the maple tree in the front, which now all the leaves are gone.

Pumpkin fun...

I have mentioned before that my living room is a little challenging to it has many openings and little Full wall space.

VIEW from the fireplace...this is my "COZY" fall and winter arrangement.

Sitting on the sofa looking at the fireplace....when it's time for the Christmas tree to go up it may go behind the chair on the right...or maybe the chair on the left..YACK!!! Anyway..this is how it looks today. Of course, I forgot the "before" photos. The door you see goes to the sunroom and it's right off the dining area, which makes it a "challenge" to decorate. However, very Thankful that I have a HOME SWEET HOME!

This is outside of the front door. Love this old child's wheel barrow! It may need a little repair after this season.

Thanks for all the kind words about my tiara! It's silly fun!!!

Still haven't cleaned out the garage enough to park my that is on the "to do" list today!

Always appreciate your comments!


deb :)

spell check isn't working...sorry...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Crown, 2 Swaps and Finds

I am QUEEN of my Home!!! Found this tiara today at an estate sale for only 6.00. It was a tad broken, however, handy hubby fixed it and of course I just had to show you! LOL!!! Feeling oh so pretty!

Kimberly does a Tuesday ATC swap and these are the ones she sent me. We did a Fall and Halloween one and she sent a cute little bag too. Thank you, Kimberly! I forgot to take photos of mine...she'll post about them so you can see them there.

I also did an altered altoid tin swap and my partner was Celia. She sent me the sweetest tin decorated as a pumpkin patch. Also some fun goodies inside the tin and the best smell sachet ever! Thank you, Celia!

Cute. I also forgot to take pictures of what I made and can check out her blog too.

Bought this today at an estate sale and it will go to the new shop/booth. (unless someone wants it).

Broken taira and awesome hat box.

Cool vintage scale and kitchen gadgets also for the new shop...(or you).

Another WONDERFUL fall day. This is the 6th day in the 80's...AWESOME!! I'm trying to enjoy everyday cause you know how l-o-n-g the winters are here!

Have a wonderful Sunday!