Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hankie Christmas Mantle

Silver, Sage and White are my colors this year. It's so "out of the box" for me.

I have been on a search for YEARS to find the letters on hankies to do this mantle! I saw one like MINE in a decorating magazine a few years ago and KNEW that I wanted to DO that!

SO, with the help from Carol, I was able to Finally have my Hankie Christmas Mantle!!! Thank you Carol!!! I couldn't find the letter's I and Y and with Carol's help...ta-da!!!

I think it's just lovely.

I'll show my Christmas tree in the next post! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas Decor!


deb :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011



We have so much to be Thankful for! I'm blessed! Thank you for your friendships! Enjoy this Thanksgiving Day with your Family/Friends and those you Love!



p.s. I'm taking a break until next week as far as posting goes.

Bachmans Christmas House ~ Kitchen & Dining

The first snow was yesterday and we have 2 inches.

The next photos are all from the Bachman Idea House ~ Christmas Edition! ENJOY!!!

Love these silver platters. I'm sticking with my plates in the frame for now.

These cups are hanging between the inside window and the storm window. LOVE this idea!

Also Love these half tea pots for decorating with.

I took so many photos! My mind is still playing with ideas. I hope you found an idea or 2 also!

Yesterday we had the first snow and about 2 inches worth. Heard it's going to be in the 50's for Thanksgiving, so bye-bye snow!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bachman Christmas Retail Shop

This is inside the foyer of the Bachman's Retail store. In fact all these photos are from the foyer area! It's just amazing and very pretty.

See the pretty sage green bulbs in the round container by the sled...well...I had a gift card from my birthday in April and saved it for this outing and they came home with me. It's going to my Christmas colors this year! It's almost a sage green with white and silver! I'm so excited!

Lovely table setting inside the foyer of the retail shop.

Bird cages seem to be the in theme!

My Mom in front of the "faux" ice water fall! Behind her is the awesome restaurant called "Patrick's" and it has the best food! Fresh and delicious! We had lunch there after we toured the Christmas House. Those photos will be the next post. I'm such a "tease"!

I put my bunny away..hmmm...maybe she will come out for Christmas!
My Auntie wasn't able to stay for the "girl" day. She was having terrible back pain. Mom and I still managed to enjoy ourselves and the day!

Wait until you see inside the Christmas House...SO MANY AWESOME IDEAS!!!


deb :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Angel Found & Booth

This little beauty is going on top of my Christmas tree. Look at her lovely crochet wings! I found her at the thrift store..2.99 Do you think I could color her hair and make her a brunette? LOL!

Hubby and I went to Auntie M's on Friday morning to fill up the booth for the sale that is going on thru the weekend. 15% off items over $15.00

It's hard to stock the shelves when customers are there. They (customers) don't go into your space when you are there...even when I said "Come on In"...

Aww... they love to lay on the chest by the computer and see their "world" while I blog/craft!

It was in the 60's today and LOVED IT! It would be very okay with me if it didn't snow until Dec 23rd!

Monday I work at Auntie M's all day. Friday I work and get PAID at my friend's shop :)

Aren't the days just flying by?! Tuesday is Bachman's Idea House with Mom and Auntie Max! Looking forward to that and I'll take lots of photos!

Hope your weekend is going well..


deb :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Booth, Mantle & More

I know you are just "dying" to see my new booth...LOL!!! These photos are from Tuesday... On Monday hubby and I moved the bookcases into the space and on Tuesday the glass showcase was delivered...

Tuesday and Wednesday I was "merchandising" the booth...

I'll bring much more in tomorrow...Had my FIRST sale yesterday..$5.00 ! LOL!!! It's a start :)

Quick mantle change for Thanksgiving. Not doing much as my time is going into the new booth. Plus, I'll be decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving day! The tree goes up that weekend. Bought a new fake one last year.

Grand daughter had a little musical concert today at school. It's so cute watching them.

Her "reading" part. Most of the children had a reading part.

Here she is on Halloween night. A purple witch...

Also this week I managed to get a haircut today as well as gong to BSF. Tomorrow I'll be at the shop "packing" in lots of stuff.

Saturday I have my first work day at another new shop: Antiques on Mainstreet which is right next door to Auntie M's. We have rented a huge locked case. I'll show you that place next week.

We are also staying at Antiques Minnesota :) Didn't want to move those HUGE 4 locked display cases anyway! They like us there and we like being there. SO that means we are selling our "treasures" at 3 shops. I'm thinking the house should be "de-cluttered" by spring!!! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!


deb :)