Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Booth, Mantle & More

I know you are just "dying" to see my new booth...LOL!!! These photos are from Tuesday... On Monday hubby and I moved the bookcases into the space and on Tuesday the glass showcase was delivered...

Tuesday and Wednesday I was "merchandising" the booth...

I'll bring much more in tomorrow...Had my FIRST sale yesterday..$5.00 ! LOL!!! It's a start :)

Quick mantle change for Thanksgiving. Not doing much as my time is going into the new booth. Plus, I'll be decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving day! The tree goes up that weekend. Bought a new fake one last year.

Grand daughter had a little musical concert today at school. It's so cute watching them.

Her "reading" part. Most of the children had a reading part.

Here she is on Halloween night. A purple witch...

Also this week I managed to get a haircut today as well as gong to BSF. Tomorrow I'll be at the shop "packing" in lots of stuff.

Saturday I have my first work day at another new shop: Antiques on Mainstreet which is right next door to Auntie M's. We have rented a huge locked case. I'll show you that place next week.

We are also staying at Antiques Minnesota :) Didn't want to move those HUGE 4 locked display cases anyway! They like us there and we like being there. SO that means we are selling our "treasures" at 3 shops. I'm thinking the house should be "de-cluttered" by spring!!! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!


deb :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my word....3 booths??? I do good to keep up with 1!!!! I use to have 2, but it was to much for me with having all the critters here at the farm to also care for.

The new booth looks like it is coming right along! Love all the vintage Christmas...I am so addicted to it!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

WOW! 3 shops!?! I can barely keep up with one booth! Best wishes and good luck for lots of success with your new booth! Looking forward to seeing it all filled up!

rosechicfriends said...

Hey Deb!!!
Wow i did not realize you were going to be at so many places..good for you!

Your grand is such a doll! I dont eve want to think about so up to my eyeballs in glitter and paint. Lol

Be blessed my friend,

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

What fun...this will certainly keep ya busy! I've been considering getting a booth, but I'm happy with my online shop for now. Congrats on your sale!

Protector of Vintage said...

Your booth looks nice!

Junk Fairy said...

Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by my blog. I just checked out your blog too, I love all the vintage Christmas. I collect vintage Christmas too. My den will be decorated with all my vintage collections soon. I'll post pics later. Wishing you a happy Fall season!

Pam Traskos said...

Hi Deb, My what a busy lady you are! Your booth looks very inviting, love the Christmas aprons, I own the Mixer S&P, so much fun to see your booths, I feel right at home!
Your granddaughter must bring you so much joy, you are truly blessed! Hugs! Pam

Lynn said...

Wow, 3 booths! That will keep you busy!! How much are the Christmas goodies in the pictures above?? Have a great weekend.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Debbie you are going to be crazy!! 3 booths, lord I can't keep one stocked!! It looks great, I would love a peg board wall, and you are being a good Granny! I stocked my booth for Christmas today and it looks way to crowed, nope, no pictures on my blog!!


Laurel said...

Wow, you are busy!!! Your booth looks great...sell lots :) Laurel

Joy said...

Looks like your already for Tday. I love all the turkey platters. I have a big white one I got for a wedding gift. Just put my Halloween stuff away. much work.
Your granddaughter is getting big, love her witch costume :)

GardenofDaisies said...

Your booth looks wonderful. Looks like lots of fun Christmas things. I wish I lived near and could come look.

vivian said...

youre a whirlwind! busy girl! I would love to shop in your booths! I saw some sweet things in those pics! I know.. decorating for thanksgiving is not as big a deal here, as christmas comes so soon after. more energy has to go into christmas!
have a great weekend

SueLovesCherries said...

Deb, good luck working three booths! Mister and I have always wanted to have a booth - maybe "Someday"!

I love your new header - it's so YOU!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Wow! You'll be able to write a "booth" book, Deb! Good job!

Everything is looking just great. I think I've mentioned it before but booths that are packed too tight really get on my nerves! I know people want to get the most space for their money but if I can hardly move around, I'm not going to look much.

Your mantle looks so pretty. I've so enjoyed watching your mantle changes through the years, Deb. You're really blessed to have one. ♥

~~Carol~~ said...

I'm so frustrated with Blogger. Why can't I enlarge pictures anymore? I want to see all of that vintage Christmas goodness up close! Your booth looks fantastic, and so does your mantle!

Queenie said...

Your new booth looks great Deb! It sounds like you have been a busy little bee...congrats on your first sale at the new place :)

The mantle looks so pretty too with the turkey platter and all of the other treasures...I'm gonna decorate for Christmas early this year that I can enjoy it I won't be doing too much decorating for Thanksgiving...just a tad on the table.
Hope you have a nice weekend...
Big hugs,
P.S. Your grand-daughter sure makes a cute witch...I know she had fun trick or treating and eating the candy...did you eat any candy? I was always raiding my kids candy that they got on Halloween night....there was always so much to choose from that I couldn't resist! LOL! of course they never minded sharing with mom :)

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Still wishes I lived near your store. Do you sell on I think I would like that red trimmed apron.

Shirl said...

Hi Deb, stopping by for a quick hello. Love your decorating. Miss you, it's been really busy for me lately. Hope to get to catch up on blogs this week to see what you've been making.
Shirls Rose Cottage

Theresa said...

What a sweet witch:) I love your mantel and WOWZA on the booths:) WHEN you finish decluttering... come to my house! Enjoy your weekend my friend, HUGS!

Lyneen said...

Wow 3 booths... with the booths the holidays and your granddaughter... you are one busy person!!!!

Stacy said...

Your granddaughter is looking so grown up,Deb. The kids performance looks adorable.

Wow, three shops! You sound very busy.
Your booth looks wonderful,as usual.

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The cutest witch I ever saw! :)

Your booths are looking fantastic.

Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers dear friend.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

3 booths! lot's of work but I know how much fun it is. I am going back to my spot in 2 weeks. Can't wait. Thanks for your nice comments! judy

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