Thursday, December 27, 2012

~ Nothing Special ~

Jackson Brown and Sweet Pea don't like to wear their sweaters, at first! They just stand still for awhile and then walk sideways like a sand crab! It's too funny!

We had a very nice Christmas! Hubby gave me a gift card to a local day SPA! Looking forward to that! I hope you all have a very nice Christmas!

Took down all the Christmas decor and tree today. I'm going to paint the living room this weekend! I have two colors that I'm deciding on. I'm feeling the need to CLUTTER FREE the house! (This could pass) LOL!!!

Remember my word for this year: "CHANGE"....well I was talking to hubby about it and he said:
" I don't see a change as you are still "crabby" ... LOL...guess I picked the wrong word. I've been thinking about my new word for 2013....hmm, maybe it should be "crabby"!

No plans for New Years Eve. The next day I'll be changing out the booth at Auntie M's and putting up some Valentines!

It's snowing ever so lightly tonight and it's very pretty outside!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

~~CHRISTMAS * 2012~~

                                 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL
God Bless Us All....May this Christmas be filled with the Peace & Love of Christ.

The comments are turned off for this post...Just ENJOY this Christmas Season

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread House & Mini Wreath

 Grand girl made this gingerbread house yesterday. It's our little tradition. She does love to eat the frosting and candies :)  before the house is decorated! Pretty soon she won't need my help making one.
Sandy sent me this mini wreath made with a small mold and reflector. Very sweet and Thank You  Sandy!

This gal is ready for Christmas. All the gifts are wrapped and under the tree, except for the puppies. I just need to get a few groceries on Monday, for our dinner. Hubby has decided, again this year, NOT to go to his side for Christmas Eve as we have done for the last 20 years. It's not very Christmas's my hope to have more Christmas spirit in this home!

I keep thinking that Christmas is on Saturday. Last Sunday's church service was so NICE. The choir sang a beautiful song and then the hand bells played one too! Can't wait to this Sundays service!

Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My prayers for All.

A day for Silence and Support for all the Families.

No comments, please!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Gifts, ACT Swap & Praying

 I did the Holy Night ATC swap that Kimberly hostessed. Above are the ATC that I received from the swap. The Holy Family is from Sylvia, the middle one is from Charlotte and the blue one is from Tracie. Each one is very special and unique!  Thank you Gals!
This is from Kimberly. Very Pretty and Thank You, Kimberly!!!

Twyla and I have been friends for a few years and we exchanged a little Christmas love. Above are the goodies she sent. Lindsey made the tag which is darling and Twyla made the booties that I LOVE! The Cherry Mash was divine and made locally in their state. THANK YOU, Friends!
 Sharon  is another Friend that I've made in blog land. We also exchange Christmas love and she sent me the Bluebirds above!!! WOW!!! What a wonder gift to add to my collection. I didn't have any of these, until now!
 and, she also sent these vintage baby shoes, the photo cards and the "Believe" tree and she made the NOEL Blocks below. I feel very Blessed and Very THANKFUL for these gifts.

But, most of all, I am Very Thankful for the Real Friends I have made in Blog land! God is very good!

While I feel so very Thankful for friendships and lovely gifts, my heart hurts like so many of you because of the grade school shooting....I've prayed and cried and prayed, also like so many of you. May our Beloved Lord heal ALL the hearts that are hurting and broken.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

SNOW and A Little More Chirstmas Decor

Fun old plastic Santa Christmas stocking hanging on a wall with old postcards in the frame.

 I thought my vintage wreath looked perfect in the "frame"! I'm thinking I should add more mini balls on it.
You can not tell from this photo, but we have about a foot of new, pretty white snow! Hubby had to snow blow the driveways, twice! Yes, we have to driveways because we have 2 garages...his and hers! This is a photo of the back yard from the breezeway. Sweet Pea is loving the snow!

Fun week ahead. Lunch out twice, visiting my friend, Sharon in the nursing home one day and finish mailing out the Christmas cards and start wrapping those gifts under the tree before someone decides to "peek"!

Have a Great Week!!!

It's really is looking and feeling like CHRISTMAS...


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Mail ~ Swap Goodies

I recently have been in a couple of swap and it's time to say "Thank You". The gifts about are from Nacole. She and I did the tag swap that Sue, from Sue Loves Cherries, hostessed.  Cute Christmas goodies. Thank You, Nacole!!!

 This pretty altered cookie cutter is from Renee. Thank You, Renee!
These gifts arrived today from Maggie. She and I were in "A Cup of Kindness" swap that Debby from Cozy Blanket had. Pretty blue cup and the homemade candies...YUM!!! Thank you, Maggie!

Yesterday it snowed. Just a little to barely cover the grass and enough to make the drive home from "work" a L-O-N-G one!

I think I am done with my Christmas shopping! Now to wrap the gifts, get the cards and a couple of gifts in the mail! 

More tomorrow...warmly,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Sweater Party & Cards

Tweaked the mantle before the party.

Just some cards I made. Some are from a "stamp a stack" from Stampin Up and the rest are my ideas.

I'm only going to share our photo from the Christmas Sweater was a small turn out this year. A good time was had by those who attended. We played the dice game and a Christmas trivia game. I can see  from the photo, that I WILL be changing my eating habits & lose some unhealthy weight!

A busy week ahead. Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's. Tuesday is eye dr appt and then working at the "cottage". Wednesday is also working at the "cottage". Thursday is BSF and then I'm being a Santa helper at a local school. Wrapping gifts for children in the community that may not have otherwise gotten a gift. Friday is my work day at the "Cottage"... I'm tired already!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Simple Christmas Decor

The bow window is in the dining/eating area. Sorry that the light isn't good in that room for a good photo...but you get the idea! I bought this "bluebird" ceramic tree a couple weeks ago at an estate sale and just had to keep it!

Here is my tree and mantle. I will add my "Christmas hankies" as soon as I iron them. I'll spell out Merry Christmas with the hankies that will hang from the mirror. With the TV now in the living's a challenge to decorate. I'm still loving the sage, white and silver for Christmas. I almost put up my "red, green and white" decor. Maybe next year!

This Christmas vignettes on top of a small side dresser in the "dining" room.  I'm going very simple and easy this year for decorating as I want to enjoy Christmas!

My cards are almost done. Tomorrow is my "deadline" as I have a long table in the living room loaded with papers, etc for making the cards.

We are having a "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party on Saturday, so, the house must get cleaned and ready!

I'll try to remember to take photos of the "sweaters" and my cards...bought a few stocking stuffers today...aren't things expensive!

I know there are SO many needs in my community and in blog land. PLEASE help where you can. Just a quite donation will do so much! And, don't forget:

                             JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Ideas from the Bachman Idea House

LOVE the master bedroom! Nice colors and just so pretty.

Lovely living room with a more "up north" theme.

Dining room also has a "up north" theme with lots of white. Very unique!

This is the porch, where you enter the home. My photos aren't in order! LOL! Remember, this is Not my home. It's a real home decorated for the season that people can tour! It's located in Minneapolis, MN. It is a home that the Bachman family owns.

Sorry a few of the photos I wanted to add to the post were flipped, so you are going to see just a few. I'm pretty sure that you will still gather a "few" ideas!

I had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving. Daughter and future SIL came over for soup around 5 last night. We looked at the ads and they went out last night to make a couple of purchases!

I didn't go to any stores today. I did go to 2 estate sales :)  Tomorrow is card making day with 2 friends. It's my plan to make all my Christmas cards! I plan on doing my Christmas shopping the first week in December!  I do have a couple of gifts and a few stocking stuffers. Is anyone DONE with their shopping???

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving. I put up my Christmas tree and decor and will share that in the next post. I didn't put up a lot this year!

It's COLD and there is a light dusting of snow. It was 60 yesterday and by evening around 30...yup, only in Minnesota!

Monday, November 19, 2012


                I am Very THANKFUL
                                        THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

p.s. No comments necessary as we are all so busy this time of year...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Putz House Swap and Gnome Visit

Sandy has a little gnome named Cedric who is a traveling gnome and he came to my home for a little visit last week. He was a "huge" helper! He enjoyed making cards with me and posing with the little pilgrim candles. He really likes "small" folks! Thank you, Sandy for allowing Cedric to visit Minnesota!

I joined Erica's Putz House swap and my partner was Shirley and she made me this most AWESOME gingerbread putz house! LOOK at all the details! She used some vintage items too when she made the house. It has a little light in it too! The back is also finished! "WOW" is all I can say and a Huge THANK YOU, Shirley! She included a gingerbread tree, a cupcake in a cloche, paper box with candy in it and already eaten...(bad girl), sweet Santa tag and a vintage Christmas card. I think I'll be decorating within the week and these will go on my bow window!

Looks like just hubby and I for Thanksgiving as the "kids" are going to the other Mom's. Not sure if I'm cooking a turkey or not. Maybe soup and bread for our meal. I did that a couple years ago and it was so relaxing!

Tomorrow starts the sale at Auntie M's in Hopkins. There are 4 or 5 shops that are all having a discount at their shops unless the item is firm! I'll be at The Vintage Cottage in Chaska if you want to visit those shops! Lots of Christmas items!

Have a great weekend! Our weather is awesome for November! Thankful!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Putz Houses I "made" & Thanksgiving Mantle

 My simple Thanksgiving mantle! I am very Thankful for all that God has graciously given to me. I just wanted it to be very easy and simple this year. BUT, lookout for my Christmas Mantle!!!
I joined Erica's Putz House Swap. It was a challenge to find the houses. My partner, Shirley, just received hers today. The one she made will arrive anytime...I'll post about the swap soon...

BUT, here are the houses I made. My partner received the one in the middle! The blue one I am keeping for myself and the other one may go to my Mom...The roof tops come off. I should have taken more pics...I made them simple like the vintage ones.

So...not sure about Thanksgiving...hubby mentioned going out to a restaurant that day! HMM...I mentioned working at a shelter serving meals...he said no...we don't always agree!

Looks like we are going to a couple estate sales in the morning! One is another "PACKED & Digger sale" and it sure looks like it in the photos. I spied a wood organizer that would hold  card stock. I'm hoping to score that!

Next week will fly by...Monday my Mom and I are going to the Bachman Idea house and out for lunch! FUN!! Tuesday is my duty day at Auntie M's. Wednesday is my " paid work" day job. Thursday is BSF,  Grandgirl after school, plus haircut and color. I WAS going to let my hair go grey...guess not!! Friday is my monthly "work" paid job at the Vintage Cottage. Saturday I'm helping out at Auntie M's because it's the store wide sale, which starts on Friday! I also must bring LOTS of stuff to the booth before Friday! LOL, I'm tired already!

I also want to make some Thanksgiving cards....maybe I can do those this weekend...guess I better get going!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas at the Booth

 Went to the booth today and loaded up with some Christmas goodies and will go again later this week. The shop owner said the customers are looking for Christmas things! GOOD! I must admit that it is Hard to "let go" of the Christmas goodies, even though I have A LOT!

I'm loving my one day a week job! I almost feel guilty accepting money! That's a great job!

Had a craft day last week with my girlfriend. She made a wreath and I finished my PUTZ house for a swap. I had to make a couple "extra" ones! I'll show them soon as I don't want to "spoil" it for my partner. I'm mailing it later this week.

Thank you so MUCH for your kinds words about my wreath.  If you have wanted to make one, do it! Start with the inside of the wreath, then the outside and fill inside after that!

Can't believe that Thanksgiving is 18 days away. Not sure on the plans here! I must get going on my Christmas cards. ..busy like the rest of you guys! Take Care!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Christmas Wreath ~ I made One

This is Sweet Pea, cuddling on my lap when I'm on the computer! Aww!

SO, today was the Day I decided to make one of those Awesome, Vintage Christmas Wreaths that I have seen in stores, (expensive) and in blogland. I was given some helpful hints from, Sandy and away I went!

It didn't take too long to make it and I'm pretty Happy with the results! I ended up adding more garland. I had to cut it up into little pieces and "tuck" it into the "bald" spots. I think I may make 1 more for my Mom for Christmas. If you think you might want to make one, GO FOR IT! It wasn't that "hard"!!

I also made homemade Potato Soup, YUM! It was a great day. I didn't leave the house or put any make up on!

Tomorrow I'm "working" at the Vintage Cottage. The owner asked me if I would like to "work" for her one day a week for MONEY! YES!!! so, I get to help her change/decorate the shop for the next sale! I'm pretty happy about that!! Feeling very Blessed!
Take Care. Warmly,

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Bit of Pink Heaven Art/Craft Creations

I was able to take part in Eleanor's Arts and Crafts challenge. The very top photo is of the supplies she sent to me to create with. It seemed to call to me to make something related to children. So, I made a frame for a child's photo. Thank you, Eleanor for the opportunity to create with the goodies you sent. Her blog is called,

Plus, a "guest" supplier, Eleni sent papers from Greece in the photo above this one. I created a hanging tag with the goodies she sent. I decided a photo of MaryElla at my tea party would be perfect to use. Eleni has an etsy shop for you to visit. Thank you, Eleni for your generous donation.

It was good for me to use what was sent, with a couple of my own items. I sure had FUN and THANK YOU Ladies for the opportunity to create with your generous donations!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Finds & Halloween Matchbox Swap

 Bought this pretty ceramic tree and I am going to keep it! I also bought a green one which is going to the booth.

Most of these are from a second day estate sale and 1/2 off!  We went to 5 estate sales yesterday. Two were 1/2 off. Since Christmas is around the "corner", it's time to Load Up the Booths!

I did the Halloween Match Box swap that JoAnne had. My partner was Oliva and she sent MANY Halloween goodies. It was more like a Christmas box!

She made the "wicked" banner, all these Halloween cards and the very creative matchbox below!!!

You MUST go to her blog and see her pictures of this matchbox. It is an easel and under neath is another Halloween design. Isn't this little pumpkin darling!

It was a busy week! Aren't the weeks just flying by! I made a "Memory Book" about MaryElla and finished it this week. I'll share it with you soon. I'm glad I made one!

Hubby bought us each a "smart" phone! LOL!! Yes, my phone is smarter than ME!! LOL!! Oh, My! It does so much! Grandgirl said she can help me with my phone! Yes, it takes a 9 year old to help this gal! I must say I'm feeling a little sassy with it! I had one that was so old it didn't text, or have a camera and was fat! This one is so narrow! I think I might lose it!

It was a wonderful fall day today! The sun was shinning and it was warm! The puppies loved their walk! So Thankful for these days!