Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"CHANGE" in the Living Room & More

For a "FEW" years, hubby has said that the living room was a room that was only used at Christmas and/or when we had company. The TV was in a small bedroom that is now being "Change" into my craft room. Hallway leads to the bathroom and bedrooms.

This window is on the east side of the house. It's a HUGE window. A few years ago we replaced all the windows, ourselves!

The living room is very open. You can walk around it! Behind this wall is the stairs to the walk out level. On the left is the dining area with the blue wall. Sorry you can't see the pictures. are out of "order"... SO the TV is now in the living room!!! Hubby wasn't sure if this was the best "plan" and now we both enjoy it. He has is "recliner" and I have the couch. The door leads into the "sun room/3 season porch".

BEFORE... I needed something in this corner and found ...

this corner shelf that was stained brown and received it's makeover last week. I think it looks much better. I have a couple of pieces of furniture in the porch for now. No room for them and I don't want to get rid of them, yet! SO, that is the "Change" in the living room.

I received this Sweet Valentine Hankie pocket from Renee in the mail! She MAKES them!! I think her sewing is AWESOME! Thank you so MUCH, Renee! Love my Valentine pocket!

Know what this is??!!! I received it from my BFF as A Christmas's very OLD, Used by the "Lady" of the home...??????

You wear it on your pinkie with a hankie while "dancing"... Pretty Cool!!! Thank you Jeanne! Hey, who's hand is that...some OLD Lady "modeled" for me! LOL!!!
Happy Wednesday!!!


deb :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Peeks at Craft Room & Finds

I went 20 days without any sweets, chocolate, desserts and yesterday gave into THESE!! I am so weak! Back on the "wagon" tomorrow.

Sweet hubby put up this shelf for me :) I already had the brackets. Bought the wood shelf and painted it. Cost 12.00 Total cost so far, $30.00 I think! Doing great with my budget...not so great about getting the room in order. I get so distracted with myself. Starting working on more Valentine cards...

Put up some of my stamps. Had this white stamp shelf, was larger and sweet hubby cut in in half and it works perfect in this stop. He is so good to me!

I've also been very GOOD about not "treasure hunting"... however, found these at Auntie M's yesterday when I was stocking the booth. Only $3.50 for them :)

Stopped at How Quaint on Friday on my way to the Vintage Cottage to "work" and bought these 2 books. Paid 9.00 for both. Can't wait to look for ideas.
This weeks goals: more stuff to thrift store!!! Must Let GO!!! Hubby said that I'm just moving my "stuff" around the house. So there is More Stuff All Over...he is kind of right. LOL!!!

Nothing too exciting around it's time to catch up in blog land!


deb :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Red Lead Win & Winner & Cards

I had FUN making these Valentine cards on Saturday. I need to make a few more!

I "won" a giveaway that RED LEAD had and these are the goodies. They have Awesome stamps, embellishments, paper and more. It's a shop owned by 2 girlfriends, located in Webster Grove, MO. Check their website for hours and location.

THANK YOU Chris and Sharon! I'll be using the pretty stamp for Valentine cards!

The name drawn for my "I Want Stuff" giveaway is.... "Janet"!! I have enough "stuff" for everyone..just don't have the postage to send you all some...sorry...!!! Thank you for following my little blog! I sure appreciate You!

Busy week ahead...just like each of you. Grand daughter has Mon & Tues off from school. We'll be hanging out tomorrow. Tuesday "duty day" at one antique shop, Thursday BSF, and Friday work at Vintage Cottage and get paid there! That's my week! What's going on with you!?



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letting "Stuff" GO!! ~ Means Something for One of You

This red truck is some much FUN to use for vignettes! First for Christmas, now for Valentine's Day!

I won this last year from Melissa. It will be going in my new craft room, which I haven't done a thing in this week. I love what is says and the saying is helping me "let go"! It says" Keep what is worth keeping...and with the breath of kindness, Blow the rest away".

See these 2 photos...the can of worms since starting this project...I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed

this week. I have dropped off 5 boxes of stuff to the thrift store. Also some furniture to the local charity. Feeling good about that...and these photos only show you ONE area that needs help!

So..I've decided to "share" a small box of "STUFF" with one of you! I did make the Valentine square block on the left side. It's a box of bits and bobs, Valentine candy and STUFF! Thank you for following my blog and that 500+ folks find my blog as one that they/you want to read!

Just leave a comment that says, "I WANT STUFF" and a name will be picked Sun/Mon!

I'm making Valentine cards on Saturday with a couple of friends! I think that will pick me up to get going next week on the craft room!

Have a Great Weekend! Winter is back in MN! LOL!



Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Craft Room Progress ~ Valentine Mantle

I really needed to get my Valentine Mantle up..this weekend I found some time to do it. I'm going with the "less is more" look.

I have my papers in their new spot. I've purchased one cubbie for this project. Total cost so far $18.00. Last week all storage items were 1/2 off at Michael's.

Thank you for all your input with my craft room. I'm using the cottage curtains for now and think the sheers will work for the spring and summer months. I love any helpful hints if anyone has any to share!
Since hubby is a real estate agent, dear daughter and future son in law and I went house hunting this afternoon. They would like to purchase a home as the market is a "buyer's market". She also mentioned that they want to honeymoon in Hawaii...that is why they want a long engagement. I certainly want her to have her "Cinderella" wedding...sometimes you just can't have it all!

I'm loving the winter so far! Feeling more like spring here than winter! Not complaining!

Have a great week! You know what I'll be doing all between the daily stuff! LOL


deb :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Peek and Opinion Needed

I need your opinion about the curtains...soft white sheer on the right or shabby, cottage one on the left. I guess I could trade off with the seasons! Which one do you prefer??? Both sets of curtains I've had tucked away! The bluebird banner was made by Sharon and the pink fabric one Connie made and I think it was a swap gift..Both are perfect in my room. It's nice to have them up! I have one more banner that will go up.

This small "kitchen" hutch was downstairs and is now happy to be in it's new "home"Purchased years ago at an estate sale. Can't remember how much I paid for it...

See this corner hutch...this is the story behind it! Had a phone call from a girlfriend and she said her cousin was cleaning out the neighbor's home and it all was going into the DUMPSTER...and would I like to "save" this piece was FREE! The funny thing is that hubby and I went to this house when there was an estate sale and this piece was marked $195.00 (right, crazy price!)

Cost so far $0.00 right on budget!!!

I must say that it's a BIGGER project than I was expecting. It's like I opened a can of "worms". Moving one thing leads to more projects. Lots of stuff that will need a new home...and maybe not here with me. I've taken 5 boxes to the thrift store. There will be MORE!

I just saw that I have 500 followers! WOW!!! Thank you and I'll be having a Giveaway Soon! I KNOW that I have a "treasure" or two around here! LOL!!!

Back to "work"!!!

I'll try to visit between "breaks". The computer is down in the family room and my new craft room is on the main level of our rambler.

P.S. Hubby has been very good! He is helping move some of the heavy stuff/furniture pieces. He is the BEST!


deb :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


After some "thinking" I've decided on my word for 2012...


I have "changes" that need to be made "within" myself, "within" my home and maybe other places or areas.

I'm starting with the CHANGE from a TV room in the first photo into my CRAFT ROOM!! I's a shocker! Hubby isn't real happy about it...however I've been waiting for 7 years for a craft room to be made in the lower the living room now has the TV in it...more on that later...One Change leads to other Changes!!! FYI!

I've given myself a budget of $100.00 or less. Trying to use what I already have and make due with what I can make. It's so exciting!!! It is also leading to cleaning, sorting, giving to thrift store or charity and moving stuff around! If anyone is willing to "help" just come on over! I'll have tea and treats! LOL!
We stayed home for New Year's Eve and had lobster tails, baked sweet potato fries and cheesecake! YUM!!! Didn't see the New Year in...sleeping!

Today we went to Antiques Minnesota and "Changed" around the booth. Cleaned and moved some display pieces. Looks nice. I forgot the camera.

Hmmmm ~ how do you "change" a forgetful mind!


deb :)