Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letting "Stuff" GO!! ~ Means Something for One of You

This red truck is some much FUN to use for vignettes! First for Christmas, now for Valentine's Day!

I won this last year from Melissa. It will be going in my new craft room, which I haven't done a thing in this week. I love what is says and the saying is helping me "let go"! It says" Keep what is worth keeping...and with the breath of kindness, Blow the rest away".

See these 2 photos...the can of worms since starting this project...I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed

this week. I have dropped off 5 boxes of stuff to the thrift store. Also some furniture to the local charity. Feeling good about that...and these photos only show you ONE area that needs help!

So..I've decided to "share" a small box of "STUFF" with one of you! I did make the Valentine square block on the left side. It's a box of bits and bobs, Valentine candy and STUFF! Thank you for following my blog and that 500+ folks find my blog as one that they/you want to read!

Just leave a comment that says, "I WANT STUFF" and a name will be picked Sun/Mon!

I'm making Valentine cards on Saturday with a couple of friends! I think that will pick me up to get going next week on the craft room!

Have a Great Weekend! Winter is back in MN! LOL!




Mitzi said...

Wow, what a craft room! My desk often looks very similar. I want stuff.

Faye ~ Wild Rose Vintage said...

I LOVE that red truck! Now that is a really awesome old truck!!!! My husband would flip over that one!
I want stuff! :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You are doing such a good job of cleaning and purging. I'm so proud of you. I want stuff so I can get my crafting mojo on! hugs, Linda

Debby said...

I want stuff (hah)
I also love the red truck but I bet you are keeping that.
Oh how we can stack up the stuff.

Theresa said...

I want stuff:) Isn't it wonderful to see what needs to be done and do something about it! I am doing the same thing! Enjoy your project, I know the final product is going to be worth it all! HUGS!

My Vintage Mending said...

Now if you need help getting stuff off your hands I am sure that I can find the time to clear a number of things out of there....I can start with that sweet little red truck......Smiles...Reneee

Ruffles and Relics said...

Oh. I want stuff!! I am relatively new at crafting so I need all the "stuff" I can get lol.. Have a great weekend!!

Wendy said...

I love the red truck and whew, lots of treasures! I WANT STUFF!

Linda said...

I am glad to see that my craft area isn't the only one that is a MESS! I am working on it right now.....and shouldn't say it...but I will.......I want stuff! :-)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I want stuff...haha! What fun! You know what they bloggers stuff is another bloggers treasures...are something like that! Hugs! ♥♥♥

Joyce's Journey said...

I have enough of my own darn stuff, but I want more stuff because you have great stuff!!! Love this!!

rosechicfriends said...

Hey sweet friend!
I KNOW that overwhelmed you know what i did? Made lists...then started making piles to go through...once i had things broken down that way i was able to start putting things together and back in my room. It took me over a week working 4-5 hours. By breaking things down into smaller tasks helped me can do it!!! Cant wait to see it all done. I went in today and painted anpicture..havent done that in months!

Hmmm..ill put my name in your sweet giveaway.


Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

Oh you have so much stuff! Love the red truck! I love all of your awesome posts :) I wish I could do some cleaning and purging, but everytime I start, I stop because I don't want to get rid of anythign :) I want stuff


Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Deb,
Love you red truck. It is such a good display piece and perfect with valentines in it for valentines day. Good luck in your de-cluttering and organization. If one girls trash is another's treasure then I want in I would love to have more stuff to create with. Congrats on your followers.


Marilyn said...

I have stuff....I sometimes get rid of stuff....but I NEED some of your stuff. Because it is so cool. Keep working on that craft room.

Sandy said...

Good for you!!!! I have been here and done it, a few times...and thank you, but I don't want any more stuff! Great giveaway tho.....:) Sandy

Hanni said...

Yes, I want stuff also! I love that red truck, would be a good display piece for my bears I make. Thank you for the chance to win!

Lisa said...

Oh you will love it when it is all done. But I do get being overwhelmed. Where to start? You will do it.
I WANT STUFF lol don't need but WANT
Thanks for offering!
My blog was hacked so I have started a new one. Please stop by when you can.
Hugs, Lisa

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Deb,
Looks like I found you just in the nick of time, because I sure do want stuff!
What a fun blog!
New follower,
Come visit some time!

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

I WANT STUFF! I NEED THAT STUFF !! lol. Great Craftroom!
-Kim :)

My Vintage Studio said...

I WANT YOUR STUFF...great collection of goodies!
Love your new banner.
Happy Friday ~ have a wonderful weekend!
OX. Sharon

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I want stuff!!! Girl you have your work cut out for you, but you will get there!!


Andy's Attic said...

Good luck with the purg seems to start off easy and get harder. I Want Stuff!

Pixie said...

I want stuff! apparently, I don't have enough of my own...

Lynn said...

Hi Debbie,
Oh my goodness, I Want Stuff!! I just love your stuff!! Have fun making valentine cards. I would love to trade valentines with you if you would email me your address to
Have a wonderful fun weekend, take the mess a little at a time and you will have it sorted, put away, or taken away in no time at all:O Wish I lived closer so I could help or at least offer to take some of your stuff off your hands LOL

debb said...

Love your messy desk, it is covered with goodies! I want stuff! lol- don't we all!
The red truck is fab- I can see it would be very useful for you!
Here's to garage sale season- can not wait until it starts!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Have fun making Valentines!


Ms. C said...

I would love some of your stuff! Yikes on the craft room...I've been there.

old@heart! said...

I want stuff. I want all your stuff :)

Lori Lynn said...

Oh, goodness Deb!!! Go check out my new blog post and LOL with me!!!

I don't need 'stuff', but your stuff is better than mine, so I'd take it!!!

LOVE your new header!!!!!

Lori Lynn

kay said...

Hi Debbie!
I love your blog. Yours is one of the first I started reading. If we lived close I know we would be buds. I love the same stuff you do!

Anonymous said...

I want stuff. Love your dog pictures.

Anonymous said...

I want stuff! Love your dog pictures.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Deb! Wow, you have a lot of stuff! I am currently cleaning out my crafts too, and organizing. I don't need anymore! lol I wish I lived closer so I could help you. It does get overwhelming sometimes. Be sure to share the progress with us!


Debbie Kay said...

Oh Deb yes yes I WANT STUFF!!!

Thank you & hugs,


WW said...

My "craft room" is actually a closet that spills over into my hallway when I create, but it does look a lot like that. I have cleaned stuff out of it, but things just keep accumulating.
What a great bunch of stuff. Thanks for the chance.

Janet, said...

Wow, it is good to see someone with a craft room that reminds me of mine. I want stuff!

boopnut said...

Oh Deb, Now I don't feel so bad about my craft room....sorry!

I want STUFF!

Deb W

JoAnne said...

Hi Deb! You are doing an amazing job of letting go. I really should be doing the same but you know what my problem is? I WANT STUFF!!!!
Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Shirl said...

Hello Deb, I hope your doing well and had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.I love that red truck. How cute. I've been going through boxes and closets too. Trying to get things thinned out around here.
I think of you often! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Stacy said...

Hi Deb! Wow, you do have lots of stuff, but from what I've seen, your stuff is the best! I have several of the owl items you sent me on display in a case in the entry hall and always think of you when I look at them.


Sue said...

I would love your stuff! I too am going through my own stuff, but seem to always love other people's stuff. Love your word for the year, I still haven't picked mine.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

In this world where we want everything to be perfect, it's so courageous to show our flaws. I'd love to come over and organize with you!!! When I see that my mind gets going one what to do with everything!!! That's nice of you to gather a little stash to give away!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

You are doing a great job to clear things out! I want stuff!
Love your new banner!

Kristen said...

I want stuff!! Love your blog :)

atticvintagetreasures said...

Once again, you've inspired "let go", clear out, "change"!. But still have plenty room for any left overs you may want to send my way!!LOL Wrote a post about you, check it out! How's that for bribery...just kidding!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

How sweet you are to share the wealth.... I WANT, not that I really NEED stuff, but I like your STUFF bettah than mine. :-)


Lyneen said...

Don't feel too overwhelmed... or at least know you aren't alone. Mine is like that also!!!!

thanks for stopping by and seeing Lilly!