Thursday, March 29, 2012

Booth "Fluffed", Good Mail

I went to the Bachman Idea house today and these tulips were blooming outside and just wanted to have their photo taken. I'll show more of the house in the next post. It was awesome as ever.

I've already changed/re-fluffed the booth since these photos were taken..

Anyone want an OLD RADIO??!! We still have a "few" to sell!

Yesterday was "good mail" day. An Easter and birthday package from Sharon arrived. I'm just showing the Easter treats and will share the birthday goodies next month when it's closer to my birthday. THANK YOU, SHARON! Pretty card and Yummy candy!

As I mentioned at the top of the was a good day. Went to "The Gathering of Friends" sale at Bachman's in Richfield and after enjoying the "eye candy" and a small purchase I went to the Idea House and ENJOYED it all. I keep seeing a pretty green that I may paint my living room. It's much lighter than the sage that I have on my walls now.

Daughter and future SIL are still waiting to hear about their mortgage/loan. The closing for tomorrow will be next week, God willing.

I'm hoping to hit an estate sale or garage sale this weekend. I hope your weekend is GREAT!



Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Tweaked the Living Room" & winner

I can't find the "before" picture that showed the ICART print over the sofa. Here is the "after" with the cool old wood pieces and old frame on the print. Needed a little change in the living room.

Found this little flower yesterday. Notice the dandelion weed in the photo too. UGH!

Joyce sent this to me. She makes lovely paper treasures. Thank you, Joyce! I want to be playing with the Easter Bunny.

I had a huge response for the giveaway and Thank You for being my "friend"! The little package will be going to: Linda at Chocolate, One Of My Many Addictions! Linda, I need your addy.

Last night while watching a TV with Sweet Pea on my lap, I noticed a small, tiny black dot and then it was a tiny Deer Tick! Eeeeeek...I HATE TICKS...I HATE DEER TICKS, MORE! So thankful that it hadn't latched on her and now she has a "natural" repellent on her coat. Jackson Brown too! It's way too early for ticks...

Thank you all also for the sweet comments about my cards. It is good therapy!

Have a great week.



Friday, March 23, 2012


I've been feeling a "tad" down this week...can't figure out why ... so today I made some cards in my craft room ... aka ... My Happy Place. Creating is good for the soul! This is what I made as a few birthdays are coming up in April.
Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

*** SPRING ***

Bought this cute "SPRING" at How Quaint on Friday. Perfect and cute!

Today the golf course opened and here is the very first golf ball of the season in our front yard. Maybe this year I'll keep count as to how many end up in our yard. "FORE"!!!

Since it's Spring and I have over 500 posts and followers... AND I've been digging thru my totes I thought a little giveaway was in order. Nothing too exciting. Just leave a comment and I'll pick a name this weekend. Only rule: Do Not "spread" the word. It's just for a "blogging friend". Thanks.

The weather is awesome! My tulips are coming up and the trees are budding. Lilacs too! I even had to get out my flip-flops this week with the temps in the high 70's! Record setting days!

I did some SPRING cleaning yesterday. The living room is looking fresher. It's a nice "quiet" week and I'm enjoying that.



Friday, March 16, 2012

Decal Bottles and Easter Post Cards

Carol, gave a recent post about making/altering bottles with water slide decals and I bought

some decals from her and "made" some tonight. " Before "

~~~ AFTER ~~~
Easy, peasy! Mine aren't as "fancy" as Carol's. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Carol! If you haven't been to Carol's are missing some great ideas! She shares A LOT! I'm going to see if they will sell at the shops, "crossing fingers" !!!

Sweet Pea this morning. She continues to bring us much Joy and Smiles. (Hubby's legs)

Cute postcard from my computer file.

Not sure what this one says. I thought it's pretty and looks "Easter" like to me.

I'm sure you have heard that the weather in Minnesota is setting records from 100 years ago. It is totally like early summer instead of the end of winter. It doesn't feel like March at all! I want to start working in the yard. Can't!!! It still could "snow" and the ground isn't ready.

Worked today at the Vintage Cottage and Laurel from Chipping with Charm visited the store and recognized me! Laurel also shares many great ideas on her blog.

Tomorrow I'm working a duty day for another person. He needed to trade because of a bad ankle. No estate sales for me :( Hubby is going to one with LOTS of Toys! Maybe I'll go Sunday when it's discount day.

Have a Great Weekend. I hope you find a treasure or two!



Sunday, March 11, 2012

500 Post, Casey Jones & B-day

WOW...this is my 500 post! Where does the time go??! I really have that much to say!? LOL! I'm digging thru my "stashes" and will have a giveaway soon. One of our old clocks. It's now at one of the shops. Can't keep everything!

I think I may have showed this picture before. My sister's and I loved to watch Casey Jones. We were even more excited to have our picture taken with him, even thou it doesn't look like it! I'm maybe, 10 years old.

With the temps in the 60's it is "Spray" painting time! Frames, totes and little shelf for display pieces.

My "little" Grand will be 9 years old this week and today we celebrated her birthday! Aww..she is growing up so fast. Almost as tall as me and can where my shoes!

This is our gift to her...on the card it told her what the gift is.."teddy bear hamster" that she can pick out after they move.

One HAPPY and Excited birthday girl!

This week's agenda so far: cleaning 2 houses with the gal that has her own business on Tuesday, aka: making money, BSF Thursday and Friday working at The Vintage Cottage, aka, Fun and making $$$. Throw in a couple days working out, laundry, groceries, etc... and there is my "week". What's on your schedule?



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goodies, Easter Cards & Vignettes

Vignette on the hearth. Loving my bird nests.

On Monday I was able to make some cards with "J". We went to Archivers for the day and used their work room.We had a nice big table to spread out our papers and things. It's free! Of course I did make a small purchase.

A gal from church wanted to know if we "buy" antiques and things. Sure, if the price is right and it's something we are interested in. Sooooo I bought somethings from her to resell. The Southern Belle pillowcases are in great condition!

Another set...near perfect condition...with lovely lace on them. Yes, they are for sale if anyone is interested. Email me!

Vignette on top of my bookcase. Love the old wood pieces! (not for sale, LOL!)

Found these little bunnies while digging in the Easter totes. Awww...

Haven't seen these types of planters before and YES, they are for sale. Email me! I'm shameless!
Motorcycle and airplane are just so sweet!

Remember my friend, Sharon, who now lives in a nursing home and recently had the feeding tube put in...WELL...and Praise The Lord...she can now have 2 small meals a day! Let me tell you I'm beyond happy for her! Her birthday is this weekend and I'm going to visit her on Friday. Thank you if you have been praying for her! God is Awesome!

I have a duty day on Saturday. Sunday is Grand girl's birthday party. She really wants a hamster. I have a glass "cage" and the necessary stuff in the garage. She will get one or two, but not until they move into their home in April.

This is my 499 post! Who Knew I had so much to say...

Don't forget set your clock ahead 1 hour if you have daylight savings on Saturday before bed! I don't like losing my hour of sleep!

Nothing too exciting happening around here. Just waiting for Spring!


deb :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Easter Decor

Easter Candy!

These little chicks are on a side table.

This bow window is on the front of the house and is in the dining area. It's very hard to get a good photo. Pretty soon there will be golfers across the street. We are just a few houses down from the 5th hole!

Thank you for all the kind comments about the "hopping mantle"! Since the computer is in the lower level/family room and my craft room is now on the main level, I find that I'm on the computer less. Maybe that is a "good thing"?!

Have a Blessed Sunday!


deb :)