Sunday, April 29, 2012

*** Weekend Finds ***

Found this sweet small chintz bowl today... which is 1/2 off day at most estate sales. You KNOW this sweetie is staying with me!

I think the pear drinking glasses are awesome. All going to one of the booths...

More 1/2 off goodies for the booths...

and MORE for the booth. The hankies are soaking to remove some of the spots. They many not come out as they were pinned to cardboard and it looks like little rust spots.
Pricing my "white" treasures today and tomorrow and I'll be sure to take some photos of the window. I'm pretty excited.

Yesterday was my duty day. Only sold 1 item from our booth. At least made the rent for the month. Auntie M's is having a sale May 3-6th. I'll be working on Saturday...come and visit. Discounts at most booths. Giving 10% over a 10.00 item at my booth. ( Maybe more if you visit me!) LOL!!

How was your treasure hunting weekend? It's the "Thrill of the Hunt"!!!

It's almost MAY DAY!



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Mantle & One Day Job

Loving my "faux" peonies on my spring mantle

Here is a full view of my mantle. Good news, I'm using the old format until they change it on me.

Remember my "new job" that I started last Tuesday??? I met my supervisor at a local grocery store for my training...and it involved a "little more" than I was told. We worked for 6 hours without a break or lunch. I would have brought something to eat in between the stores as we went to on the way home, feeling sick to my stomach, headache and ready to cry..decided it wasn't the job for me. Talked to hubby about it and later that day called my boss and said the job isn't for me. I'm sure she wasn't happy...however, MN is a "at will" employment on either side. I have NEVER started a job and quit the same day.

It's been busy around here with daughter and future SIL painting at their new house and then last weekend, moving. They are pretty settled in and loving their home. Grand daughter is very happy with her room. I bought her a hamster on Tuesday. It's pretty cute. One red eye and one brown eye. She named her " ruby"! Cute!

At Auntie M's, you can rent a front window. So, May is my month. I'm having a "white" theme and have been gathering lots of white treasures for the window. Looking forward to that and will take photos to show you.

I'm going to visit you guys as I've haven't been around in awhile..sorry about that!



Monday, April 23, 2012

B-Day Fun & Flat Kailee

This new format/blogger fun to work with...

Top photo is Granddaughter's school project. She went to visit Miss Pearl..."Flat" Kailee came home with a new look and she learned so much about that state.
Middle photo are gifts from Debbie. We share the same birthday month. Love the blue pin tray, hanky and all the treasures. Thank You Debbie!
The last photo are gifts I received from Sharon. She sent me the matching tea pot to the cup and saucers that she sent at Christmas. I Adore "chintz" and she blessed me with these keepsakes and a birthday angel! Thank You, Sharon!!!
I had Mom's famous chocolate,heath, angel food cake. We grilled kabobs yesterday and today my BFF, "J" brought over lunch and we went to a few thrift stores. Very nice day and Birthday.
I want to THANK YOU, ALL for the sweet Birthday Wishes! I appreciate each and every one of them! Your blogging friendship is AWESOME!.
Sorry this is a short post...working with the new format is frustrating...I'll post again soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Celebrating my BIRTHDAY these next couple days and I'm going to eat CAKE.....

LOTS of CAKE and blow out MANY candles...

and maybe twirl in a pretty party dress...One Never Knows what will happen on your Birthday!

I'll post again after the weekend. Lot's going on with daughter moving this weekend...

Enjoy your Weekend! I sure hope too!



Saturday, April 14, 2012

~ TIMING ~ Papers Signed

THANK YOU for All your PRAYERS. God's Timing is the Best. They closed on their house yesterday at 3 PM!!! Hubby received his commission check...all is Good!
I'll be painting most of today. Good thing I don't start my new job until Tuesday. I'll need Monday to recover and visit my chiropractor!
Sorry that I haven't been visiting like I want too..."Changes" are coming my way. The new job means a new routine for me.
Hope you all have a Great Weekend!
deb :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bachman House II

These peonies were at the Bachman Idea House that I visited. These photos are from that home, NOT MY HOUSE! I just wish it was! They are of the living room.

Lots of unique ideas.

These 2 photos are swap goodies I received from Pearl. THANK YOU, Miss Pearl! Easter and Spring time goodies, tag, Bingo card and mini matchbox.

Thank you for your prayers for the job interview. I'm going to be a "Working" girl starting next Tuesday. I'll be working 2/3 days a week and just a few hours in the mornings. It's merchandising "clip strips" at grocery stores. More details next week!

Still haven't heard about the loan approval for daughter & SIL's house! I'm hoping tomorrow for sure! I'm thinking positive!
Next week is going to be very busy! 2 days at the new job, my birthday on Thursday, work at the Vintage Cottage on Friday and than helping my friend clean a house on least my pocket book will have some change in it! :) Maybe I'll get to an estate sale or garage sale this weekend....



Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter,Weekend Finds & More

On Friday we went to an estate sale not far from our home and found this Beauty! Look at all the fine details! Original mirror. AWESOME! We think it's a small buffet and it was priced to sell and it just had to come home with me. What do you think we paid for it??!! Leave a guess! Right now it's in the guest bedroom as it is a tad too big for the space in the living room, where I wanted it to go.

Also picked up these smalls for the shop. I'm keeping the unique shaped basket and tin, for now!

My Easter table setting with little favors that Grand girl helped me make. It was a nice time together and my future SIL baked the ham and it was delicious. ( I don't eat ham) hubby said so and that is that!

Tweaked my plate collection. Perfect!
My daughter and future SIL loan paperwork is at the "underwriters" and they are being beyond fussy. Their closing was March 30th ... the "underwriter" still hasn't given FINAL Approval.

If you have any time, would you consider praying that the Final Approval would be given Wednesday. The "sellers" aren't happy. It's taking much too long for the approval and the Underwriter" keeps asking for more info...Thanks! The closing needs to happen this Friday or next Monday or else the sellers may cancel the purchase agreement and that would leave the "buyers" aka, my D & SIL in limbo, boxes packed, apartment given up...etc...

THANK YOU so Much. I KNOW God is in control...extra prayers are appreciated!

I worked a "duty day" today. Folks were buying and that is a good sign.

Wednesday I have a job's very part time for a merchandising company putting up clip-strips at grocery stores. I haven't "interviewed" in a few years. I've had 2 phone interviews and on Wednesday is the final interview. I feel this job would be nice and the money will go to daughter's wedding fund.

I'll be posting more of the Bachman Idea house in the next post.


Friday, April 6, 2012






No comments necessary...just enjoy this Easter Holiday!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fairy Garden and Rose Bunny arrived

Yesterday, Grand daughter and I made "fairy gardens"... Hers is the one above and mine below. We had so much fun. Bought the bowls and a few small critters at the thrift store and the plants at Bachman's. I think they turned out pretty good. After she moves into their home, hoping next week, her fairy garden will be at her house.

Celestina Marie had a lovey Easter/Spring hand painted, rose bunny giveaway and I WON! Bunny Rose arrived along with a few other treasures. 2 lovely rose painted eggs and the pretty spoon in the pink basket. It's so lovely! The photos just don't show how lovely they are!

THANK YOU SO MUCH,'s a lovely addition to my home and Easter decor.
I'm still deleting old posts and then can upload new photos. Not what I want to do, however, it works for now.

I'm having Easter dinner at 4 PM. Ham, turkey breast, cheese potatoes, salad, baked beans and strawberry dessert. Maybe a truffle! YUM! What are your plan??!!

Yesterday was little Sweet Pea's 2nd Birthday..Her "golden" one! She has a new squeaky toy and I'm looking for a new pretty collar for her. She also had some chicken.

My last post about the Bachman house, "It is NOT my home". It's a home that is decorated seasonally that you can pay to visit. I just "wish" it was my home! I have nothing to do with it's awesome decorating! I only "copy" their ideas!




Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bachman Idea House 1

Welcome...oops, I should have posted the porch pictures first..anyway..Welcome...

Notice the door plates on the wall as you walk in...(I have them in on my bathroom wall!)

This is the dining room wall and now has these wood bowls as display pieces. Cool!

Table setting. Very light, pretty and ready for spring!

As I was trying to upload more photos, blogger told me that I've reached my limit...or the Picasa was full...SO, I had to go back and delete some old post with photos to make room for new posts!

Unless, I wanted to pay for "storage/space". Hubby said NO...I also made the photos medium size instead of large. I hope when you click on the photo they will enlarge for your viewing pleasure.

Off to delete more old posts...