Monday, May 28, 2012

Pyrex, Pretties and The Party

Peony from my bush...they are HUGE this year! Heavy rains last night have them drooping..

There was only ONE garage sale on Thursday in the neighborhood. I also made a drop-off at the thrift store and Of Course, I went in and found the Pyrex bowls, cake plate, oval stoneware plate, flower frog and darling little violet bowl with lid. The ME boxes were from the garage sale. Could you pyrex gals left me know the name of these bowls, Please??!

More peonies from the garden. I have this peony print in the porch/sun room. While I don't have "pink" in the house, it looks great in here. I just LOVE this picture.

Daughter & future SIL party went like this:

HER WAY !!!! I'm glad my tongue grows back! LOL!

It was STINKIN HOT & HUMID yesterday and she had us all OUTSIDE. SIL put up a tent so the sun didn't "cook" us. ( He is thoughtful!) We didn't eat until started at 4 ish and I had to "beg" for snacks around 5 ish! Went home around 8 because heavy rains were coming.
That is That!

Hubby and I worked in the garden today..Weeding it! Have to make room for the tomato and cuke plants. Bye-bye weeds!! Also planted 2 peony plants in the front yard and moved a HUGE hosta plant in the backyard by the garage.

Visited my friend, Sharon, who lives in the nursing home, my age and my friend since 7th grade. She was pretty talkative today. However, she whispers when she talks if any words come out and I didn't understand much. I seem to leave there near tears each visit. I know she was very happy to see me :) I really must visit more often...that's what a friend would do!

Tomorrow I'm decluttering/organizing a craft room for money! Wednesday is the monthly housecleaning job, more money! Wednesday evening Grand's fast pitch game. Thursday garage sale, Part 2 if it doesn't rain. I also must go to Auntie M's and remove the goodies from the front window that I rented for the month of May. Yikes...this week will fly by!

Have a lovely week! I'm off to see what you have been up to!


deb :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hummer, Flowers and Bathroom Tweak

We put up the hummingbird feeder last Thursday and they found it. We make the sugar water syrup for them. No red dye as that is very bad for them. It's so awesome to see them!

The white roses above are from a 4th generation rose bush. This is their year. It's just LOADED with roses. Thankful and so enjoying them!

My peonies are blooming and they are AWESOME too! Of course they are my favorite and I'm enjoying them so much!

Tweaking the bathroom shelf and such. I love my lilac colored bathroom. Don't you just LOVE the "fairy" picture. I can't find any information about in on the Internet...This shelf is over the toilet. I have a small bathroom. I would like to add beadboard in the future and take down the shelf. The bathroom also NEEDS a new floor.

These sit on top of the toilet lid in a white wicker tray.

Added to my collection are the lilac colored drape "holders". Aren't they pretty?!

Daughter "INFORMED" me that "they" are having an Open House and Engagement" party on Sunday. I thought the "parents" were to have the engagement party. I'm "holding" my tongue and "going with it". It's also a "potluck". Everyone will bring a dish to share! WHAT!! (Holding my tongue, again!)

Also, if her Dad and his wife come...that will be a story to tell. Her Dad has come alone to other gatherings. "SHE" doesn't like me...and I have said some regretful things that I did apologize for. We'll see! I may need prayers for Sunday! (Holding my tongue, AGAIN!) LOL!!!

That's the plans for the weekend, unless we find an estate sale that we MUST go to. Heard it's going to rain tomorrow so I WON'T have garage sale, part 2 .


deb :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting ready for my Garage Sale...

The Bluebirds are BACK!!! I had to take the photo thru the kitchen window...Pretty bird!

Having my garage sale on you KNOW what I'm up to! If any of you local gals want to come, email me and I'll email you my address! Thanks...

After the garage sale it's my monthly day at The Vintage Cottage in Carver...Friday I'll be there.

Saturday is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary...WOW!!!

SO....I'll be away from blogland until next week! Happy Treasure Hunting!


deb :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty Birdies and $5.00 estate bag

This pretty little guy is hanging around my bird feeder and bird bath. Makes me happy when they hang around long enough so I can take a photo. I did a one on one "Bird" swap with Victoria and here are the goodies she sent. I had to show you both side of the tags she made. Just lovely. THANKS for swapping with me! I LOVE my goodies!

We went to a couple of sales this weekend. All of the above is from yesterday as they were doing the $5.00 bag sale. All these things and a few more is what I loaded into my bag. So, they were basically "free"!! LOL! You just never know on the last day and an hour before closing what goodies you will find.

Granddaughter starts her Fast-Pitch softball games on Wednesday and will be playing on Mon & Wed evenings. Tues & Thursday evenings, future SIL plays on a coed team. I'll try to go once a week to support him. WOW, my evenings will fly by!

I'm getting more crap/good stuff ready for my garage sale next Thursday!

Going to a church Tea Party on Saturday. I'll take some photos of the tables. Can you believe it's almost Mom's day! WOW, the month is going by too quickly.



p.s. My peonies are budding!!! Can't wait for them to flower!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

*** Window Display *** Turtle Alert ***

Outside of the store looking in. Sorry for the glare...

One side and below the other side.

My window at Auntie M's in Hopkins! I'll be working on Saturday from 12 to closing. I hope I'll have a visitor! I'll be adding goodies all month in the window.

Saved this little guy yesterday as he was trying to cross the busy street by my house. The past couple of years I haven't seen any to "rescue".

I'm gearing up for my own garage sale on the 17th of this month...send help! I have a feeling that this month is going to fly by...

Happy Treasure hunting this weekend. We are going to a sale tomorrow and Saturday AM before I start my shift...Lots of Sales this weekend!


deb :)