Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Blog winner and Swap gifts

Sharon made the darling boxes and the 4Th of July Bingo card.

Sharon and I do a one on one swap every now and then. We did a "Summer Fun" one and the 2 photos above are the treasures sent to me. The darling little pin keep! Pretty blue necklace and earrings! Sea shells in the unique glass box are on the mantle! THANK YOU, Sharon! You know that they are special to me! I forgot to take photos of the gifts I sent her..oops.

The Blog Birthday package is going to Linda from A La Carte! I appreciate all of you gals! Thank You!!! Linda, please email me with your address.

It's been a "tad" hot and humid here. When I was house cleaning yesterday, one of the houses didn't have A/C and boy was the sweat pouring down my face and other places! LOL!

Have a Great Weekend!



Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Finds & Life

This dragonfly was hanging around my iris plants and I was able to take a few photos! Nice!

These are just a few of the weekend finds. The little doll bed was a "project" today for Grand girl and myself. We painted it and added some embellishments.The bed is for her American Girl doll. Forgot to take the after photo.

One of our blogging friends, Viv, was recently blessed with a Grandson, Jacob. He was born with MANY medical problems. He passed away yesterday after 15 days. Please pray for Viv, her Son and DIL as they grieve for Jacob.

Treasures don't mean so much sometimes.
Thank you for ALL the Blog Birthday Wishes. A name will be picked before the weekend!



Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's My Blog Birthday!! I'm 4 !!!

Today my blog is 4 years old!!! WOW!! My first post wasn't interesting and yet 4 Lovely gals left me comments. For them I am Thankful!

Since then I have posted over 500 posts. I have "real" friends. I have LEARNED so MUCH from this community! I have "CHANGED"!!! I "Create" more! I've learned a "few" decorating ideas. LOL!!! I have "swapped" with you and have Lovely treasures! I have received "gifts", just "because"! I have laughed, cried and prayed for You! I have even met a couple of you! It's been an AWESOME 4 years.


So, I have a small "birthday" gift for one of you! A pretty strawberry apron, strawberry linen, "handmade" pin keep by ME, cherry notepad and I'll be "throwing" in a few more goodies.

No strings, no "telling others", just leave a comment and a name will be picked this week.


deb :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday's Finds & Fence

Grand girl and I stopped at an estate sale today and found some little treasures. The little critters are for our fairy gardens as the plants didn't "grow".

Our neighbor's old fence...Sweet Pea has escaped too many times into their yard as their fence was in need of repair. They have a swimming pool and Sweet Pea did fall into it. Our neighbor's are very nice! They decided to replace it with...

this beautiful white fence!!! Of course we need to take care of the weeds and brush now that we look at this fence. Sure wish we had the money to put this fence around our yard. We have a chain link fence.

My hydrangea plant is doing well this year! Love it! With all the rain and storms this week we did have a little water in the well room and a few small branches down. Power went out for an hour or so on Tuesday night. The folks "up north" had it bad! Cooler and wonderful day today!

Working tomorrow at The Vintage Cottage in Carver if anyone wants to visit :)

Happy Treasures hunting this weekend!


deb :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Simple Cards & Finds & Gift

The sweet little "salt" holder and book came in the mail from Debbie. We surprise each other once in awhile with little gifts. THANK YOU, Debbie! Blogging gals are super sweet!

I TRY and TRY and TRY to add more embellishments, ribbon, pretties, etc to my cards and I don't have the hang of it. I think it's not "me"... guess my "style" is like the cards above. Simple!

Sweet, Sun Bonnet Babies pictures from the garage sale where we bought the lawyer bookcase for hubby's toys.

Some one hand made blue bowl which I just LOVE! Pottery like this really appeals to me. The sea shell ball was a gift from the gal that I'm helping to get her craft room organized!

More finds. I think the little piggy will hang out here for awhile.

Remember the Kitchen Prayer Lady tea pot???I looked on EBay and have been watching one that is for sale and it's over 150.00!! WHO KNEW!!! I just might try to sell mine on EBay in a couple of weeks! That's a LOT of money!

Worked my duty day today and it was pretty quiet at the shop until 4:10 and then it was busy! We close at 5 PM and had folks shopping until 5:20! One item sold from my booth!

Thanks for all the nice comments about my shell mantle! I do appreciate all your kind words.

Hubby got a new grill today from my kids. He really needed a new one! Cooked up the meat nicely tonight.


deb :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Sea Shell Mantle

Here is the mantle all ready for summer! Coral and sea shells. You can't go wrong decorating with them.

It's been raining ALL DAY. Went to a FABULOUS garage sale and bought "lawyer's" bookcase for hubby's toys. It's in the garage until we make room for it..( image that!) The sweet older lady is moving into a smaller place and she has Antiques! I may stop back tomorrow.

I also have been making cards and will "share" those next post. With the cloudy day, photo's don't turn out the best.

Hubby has a nice closing tomorrow! Very Thankful!!! God's timing is always perfect!

Happy Treasure Hunting!


deb :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Sew" Nice and Recent Finds

These fabric bags/boxes were made by Renee at My Vintage Mending. She is a wonderful "sewer" and I just had to buy them for my craft room. I just love the colors she used. You'll see where I will use them when I post in July for "Where Bloggers Create". LOVE THEM!!

Found this Kitchen Prayer lady "Tea Pot" at a garage sale on Thursday! I haven't ever seen one. She is a keeper for now. She isn't very big. A single pot of tea I'm thinking.

Estate finds..all these little stickers. They were in a small box that I'm going's fun to see all of the different types.

This is my First Heart Rock...and it's from the estate sale. A dollar! I'm pretty happy at that and it's staying here too.

It's been a HOT and busy weekend. Friday evening over to Mom's for her birthday dinner. Saturday duty day at the shop and it was S-L-O-W! Saturday night out for dinner and we ate outside in the 90 degree heat..not so fun...

Today helped a friend with her son's graduation party. When I got home from that, learned that Mom is in the hospital with we went to see her. Hoping she'll go home tomorrow. She seems to get it every other year...

Grandgirl is on summer vacation and we will be spending Monday's and Thursday together. We are thinking a lemonade stand tomorrow would be fun! We are making a "list" of summer fun to do.
Seems like summer months are so busy for all of us.


deb :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Patio Set, Pretty Toes and Books!

It's time for the local HUGE book sale that last for 2 weeks with books added the first week. Not as many decorating books this year...sad face :( Books are priced, hardcover $2 softcover $1.00 small books 50 cents. Bought these above. I'll be going back a couple more times!

He he... treated myself/toes to a pedicure. My toes are so HAPPY!

Bought this patio set for $25.00 at a Garage Sale!!! It needs a new coat of spray paint, maybe white. I'll also look for an outside round table cloth. My patio area is boring and not very inviting.
On Thursday had garage sale, part 2. Packed up all the kids clothes, adult clothes, kids games, toys and small nic-nacs and took it to the thrift store. That felt Good!

I'm thinking hubby and I will go to the Flea Market tomorrow early AM...folks start setting up around 5 AM! We haven't been for a couple of years, so it will be fun to check it out.

It was a beautiful spring day!

Have a Blessed Sunday!


Deb :)