Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Favor and Weekend Finds

Grandgirl made this paper outfit for Sweet Pea on Thursday. I love it when Grandgirl creates!

Saw these dishes on Friday at an estate sale and today they were still at the sale and 1/2 off. Place setting for 4! LOVE IT!!! I've been looking for a set with blue trim and a white center.

Fun finds from yesterday above and below. Found some vintage pink kitchen towels in perfect shape! It was a cute house and she loved the same things as me.

Now, my "FAVOR" is: MaryElla has a blog. She doesn't blog very often. I'm hoping that some of you will go over and visit her and maybe leave a comment of encouragement. Thank you to those who do!!! I deeply appreciate it. I also deeply appreciate all your prayers for her, her family and for me. May God Bless You All. Tomorrow is her first chemo treatment...



deb :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012


MaryElla has Stage 4 cancer. It is in her liver, left lung, lady organs and pancreas. Her Dr. said 2-3 months. Maybe 2 more months with chemo treatments....she has decided to "try" chemo and Monday she will have her first treatment. Her daughter will come home in August and be there for the month. I will go see her around August 8th...she is taking pain pills.
Your prayers are appreciated and I feel that her hubby, kids and Grandkids could use some prayer too.
THANK YOU...I just thought I would update you...
deb :(

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Small finds, My Tag & Grandgirl

I've mailed out the tags I made and this is how they look. Now my Grandgirl and I are making ones to swap with each other. She is loving to create with me!

We went to a sale and she put this hat on. I bought her this American Girl Doll after the kidney stone issue. The rest of THAT STORY is: Grandgirl and I were out shopping and when it happened and an off duty officer, who came to my aid, thought that I was having a "heart attack"... so ... an ambulance was called. Grandgirl was given the option of waiting for my Mom (GG) or riding with me to the hospital in the ambulance. She decided to wait with a real police officer until GG arrived. What a day that was! I felt she was very brave and deserved it. Plus I was going to buy her this one, just later, like Christmas!

Just a few finds from this weekend. We went on Sunday, so it was 1/2 off day. Except for the rose mold angel girl and small round holder. I bought those at The Vintage Cottage when I worked on Friday.

Christmas finds seem to be around. You never know when you'll need some for a swap. Fun vintage calling cards.
You guys have no idea how AWESOME you are to prayer for my BFF! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I did mention to "ME" that I posted about her cancer. I'll keep you updated.

Our central air just went OUT!! Yikes!!! Guess we'll be looking for a new unit...great! Oh well, heard it's going to "cool off" on Friday! Timing is important and I hope we can find one that isn't going to "break the bank"!! UPDATE ~ 7-26 ~ hubby fixed the A/C!! He is amazing and I'm very Thankful!!

Trying to Keep Cool,


Saturday, July 21, 2012


My BFF, MaryElla, ("ME") called me Saturday and gave me news that has sadden my heart and is not good news. She has liver cancer. She may also have lung cancer. This coming week will tell all.

PLEASE, pray for her. She lives about 4 hours from me. "ME" has deep faith in the Lord. I'm praying for the Dr's too. They need wisdom to treat this cancer. She could use all the prayers anyone can pray. Peace, courage, wisdom, and that she FEELS God's arms wrapped around her would be Very Much Appreciated. THANK YOU blogging friends. This means so much to me. This is a "journey" that neither one us thought we would be on.



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey ~ Minnesota Bloggers ~ Let's Get Together

This is a peek of the tag I'm exchanging with some blogging friends. Don't want to show the entire tag as I haven't mailed it, yet!
I would like to "host" a gathering of Minnesota Bloggers in September!! I know it's a couple of months away..however time flies and calendars fill up quickly!
I'm thinking of either Saturday Sept 22nd or Saturday the 29th...
WHAT DO YOU THINK!!! WHO would like to get together???
We could either meet at my home or ??? We could have a "potluck" or ???? I'm very open to your suggestions. Majority will decide the date once I get feedback.

The Dr visit went well. They kept the kidney stone to see what type it is. The Dr said to drink about 3000 ml daily of water! No "colas"...aka diet coke, watch the salt intake, no nuts. Of course I don't want another I'm drinking as much as I can. Thank you again for all your prayers and well wishes.
Friday is my work day at The Vintage Cottage in Carver...come visit me!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hat Box Swap, Kidney stone & Finds

I signed up for the Hat Box Swap, that Michele had. The one above is what I made for my partner, Kathy.

This is the hat box Kathy made for me and all the goodies inside. This was a FUN swap and had me thinking outside of the "box"..THANK YOU, Kathy for being my partner and for all the goodies.

THANK YOU for all your Prayers!! This wicked little kidney stone was passed last night before bed! Feeling like my Old Self!! God is so good!!! I am going to the Dr tomorrow and will find out what kind of stone it is and see how to prevent this from happening again! Thank you for being such good friends! WHO knew about the kindness in computer land! XO

SO...hubby and I went to the flea market this morning and these are the treasures I found. The peacock feathers are so pretty. The lady has them for pets and collects the feathers when the birds molt...pretty cool! I bought 5 and have them in the living room.

Also stopped at a 2nd day estate sale and picked up these for the shops.

Thank You to all the nice gals that visited my "studio/craft room". I appreciate all the kind comments and visits.

Guess it's going to be ANOTHER hot & humid week. I'll try not to melt!!! You keep Cool Too!

Deb :)

Friday, July 13, 2012


WELCOME to my humble little craft room and Grand Girls too!!! She made the sign just for the party.

When you first walk into my studio this is what you see. On the right side are 2 closets that hubby uses, for now!

It's been fun to finally have my own room. Of course it's still a work in progress. My favorite projects are card making, tags, swap gifts and altered things! Because of blog land I've learned so much and have gathered many ideas.

Paper, suitcases loaded with stamping supplies. Old sewing drawers with seam binding, lace and such.

Some of my stamps and my "inspiration" board. Lace tablecloths hid storage drawers!

My FREE corner hutch that may get painted white this year. I have a nice big window to lookout when I create. I stand when I create! Does anyone else??!

Oops. the fan got into the photo...old needle hook rug and lots of little stuff on my work table to help me "create".

On top of the white birdhouse is my dad's OLD leather pilot hat! He made an single sitter airplane when I was in grade school. He passed away 15 years ago. Fun gifts, treasures and goodies from blogging friends and swaps. Some of the themed gifts come out on that holiday.

The shelf over the window that hubby made for me!!! That's the 5 cent tour! Thank you for stopping by.

Please visit Karen at My Desert Cottage to see other Where Bloggers Create studios. Thank you Karen for hosting this event. I'm so HAPPY that I could finally join in the fun!



I almost didn't make this post. I was in the ER yesterday and today with Kidney stone issues. I have one that hasn't passed...hoping and praying it will so that I don't need surgery. I'm on GOOD pain meds. Prayers appreciate...Thank you!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Treasures from Flea Market & More

Cards from today's flea market!

Yesterday hubby and I went to the Trader's Flea Market and saw this GOAT! I really want one! He is so CUTE!!! I think he would get along with Sweet Pea and JB!!! However, he isn't in my price range..darn :( They had one in a smaller size too, which was a little better price...however he still didn't come home with me :(

These are from a garage sale on Thursday. A dealer is selling her stuff and will have another garage sale this fall. I'll be going to hers again!

Hankies and child's glove from both days flea markets. I copied Renee's way of displaying them!
LOL! I can copy pretty good! LOL!!

Sweet little table from yesterday's flea market. I'm looking for a small dresser for this spot. However this is perfect for now. I need drawers for my linens!
Hubby is going out of town for a few days....sooo...hmmm....what kind of trouble can I get into???I was thinking about painting the living room..too hot...painting some small furniture pieces...too!!! I also have a craft day on Wednesday and a girlfriend lunch date on Friday...Have Grandgirl 2 days too. Guess hubby should be gone for a few days longer! LOL! Nah, I'll miss him.
It finally cooled off yesterday!!! That is why we went to the flea market. Turn the A/C off but it's back on today. Gave the puppies baths as they weren't smelling too good and they do sleep with us. Getting my craft room already for the Where Bloggers Create on Saturday. I'm having a hard time taking good photos as the light is very bright in the AM and then too dark in the PM...

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I feel your pain if the heatwave is your way! LOL, that rhymed!


deb :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meeting a Blogging Gal & Finds

This morning, Faye , from the Wild Rose Vintage blog, came over and purchased the gargoyle sign that she saw on a recent post for her hubby. We chatted like old friends! It was so nice. I even "let" her see the family room and she didn't blink an eye! That is the sisterhood of "collectors"!!! Thank you Faye! It was great meeting you and I'm sure we'll be talking soon.

The big score this weekend was...YES, vintage greeting cards. I went the first day of the sale and they were 1.00 each...that is WAY TOO MUCH!! Went back the 2nd day and they were 5 for 1.00...That is what I'm talking about! So, I bought a FEW!!!

Grandgirl had a fast pitch State Tournie today and her team took 2nd place. Let me tell you it was Hot & Humid! Watched for 4 hours...that is what Grandmas do!

The computer is very slow and won't spell check for me. Guess the weather is affecting machines too. It's going to be in the mid plus 90's ALL this week. I AM MELT!!!

Trying to keep cool...

deb :)