Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Mantle and The Visit

It might be a "tad" early to put up my fall mantle...however, the leaves are starting to turn and it feels like fall in the air. I'll "talk" about the fall banner at a later date as I didn't make it. Swap gift! I'll be tweaking it when it's closer to Halloween. I just needed a change!

My visit with MaryElla was a gift! I gave her a mannie/peddie and a facial! I massaged her feet, read to her and just sat by her side. I also read to her all of YOUR comments on her blog and cried as I read them to her. Thank you for doing that for me...One of her sisters is there and I talked to her sister yesterday. MaryElla is very weak. Not getting out of bed. I'm very thankful for the time I had with her. MaryElla said that she would miss me...I said I'll miss you more as you will be in Heaven.
This week is busy with taking Grandgirl and her friend to Valley Fair tomorrow. Guess they don't want to ride the "Wild Thing" roller no fun for me! LOL!!! Haircut and lunch out with 2 other antique dealers, clean up the booth night on Wednesday with a potluck, Thursday is my son's 33rd Birthday...(where did those years go?) and than it's the weekend..and Labor Day weekend at that!
Off to catch up with my blogging friends...



Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finds & Friendship Banners

I exchanged a few "Friendship" garland tags and decided to show the ones that I have received..starting upper left, blue one is mine, next one with the chick on it my Grandgirl made for me as she wanted to make one, I know, awww..she is the best! The one on upper right with pink is from Elizabeth, red checkered one is from Renee, Yellow checkered on is Sandy, the one with girl and typewriter is from Chris and the one with the little puppet boy is from Meri! I must say, there is SO MUCH TALENT among these gals! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. I thought this would be the best way to show them to you. They will be hanging up after my trip to BFF.

Just a couple of photos of the finds from yesterday and this I don't want to bore you with ALL the finds... LOL !

Cute little flower frogs, little wood ornaments..too cute.

THANK YOU ALL for all the kind comments about the tray for MaryElla...the visit will be bittersweet...Thank you for your continued support and prayers...I leave Monday morning and will return Thursday...I hope to read to her the comments you left on her blog as well as mine

Because I'll be gone for awhile, No Comments, please, as I won't be able to respond until I get home. I have a few things to do before I go..pack..etc... Thank you for understanding!




Monday, August 13, 2012

Treasures & Before/After Tray

It was a great weekend for estate sales!!! 13 on one day! We didn't go to 13...just a couple of Friday and Saturday and these are "some" of our finds!

I want to give MaryElla a bed tray when I visit her. Found the one above and knew it would work. Below is the after, made just for her.

My visit is postponed again! It's now the 20th...she is getting weaker. I'm praying that she hangs in there!

The end of the month is busy with birthdays! We hope to go to the State Fair too! Maybe we'll bring Grandgirl this year.

Hard to believe that August is almost half over. Had the best month, Ever, at Auntie M's for July sales! Hooray!!!

Okay, not much going on and I'm always thinking about ME...



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Visit to ME postponed :( Giveaway WIN :)

Had my "duty day" today at Auntie M's and during the day found this darling Doll Scale. I just had to buy it! It's so small and sweet. A silly purchase! I'm thinking it will be cute in my craft room!

Kim, from Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker had a giveaway and I WON!! The package arrived today and these 3 photos are all the treasures that she sent! WOW!!! It was like Christmas!

Hankies, doilies, tablecloth that has my Favorite colors, sweet aqua dish, clothes pins, old feed sack, vintage greeting card box...

vintage glass birds, Christmas sequins and trim...Loads of Treasures! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, KIM!

It was perfect timing as my visit to MaryElla is postponed as her Son and his family are there. She is seeing her Grands!! She doesn't see them as much as she would like to as they live a few states away! So, maybe next week or the week after I'll have my time with her. I was a little sad for myself, however Very Happy for MaryElla. Her blood count wasn't where is should be, so no chemo this week, but then she won't be sick from the chemo, so the visit with her son and grands will be a good one!

The Fall Banner Swap is closed and I'll get the partner's names out this weekend! I also changed the mailing date to Sept 11th...

I just can't say THANK YOU, enough, for all your prayers for MaryElla and her family. Time is short! It means the World to me!!! Consider yourselves HUGGED !!!!



Friday, August 3, 2012

FALL SWAP~Anyone? Cards & More

I need to create! LOL!!! I'm going to host a FALL BANNER SWAP. Here are the details:
Make a F-A-L-L banner for your partner. It can be made from paper, fabric or??? Also include in the swap package 5 related FALL items! New, vintage or more handmade. Treasures that you would LOVE to receive and wrapped in pretty FALL colors! Please EMAIL me that you want to be in the SWAP. I'll be away for a few days to visit with MaryElla and will have "partners" assigned after the 13th of August. Mailing date for the swap is Sept. 11th! Please do not sign up if you can not follow thru! I want only gals who LOVE to SWAP! You must have an active BLOG!
Questions: email me at THANK YOU!!

Sweet hubby gave me roses yesterday. I talked with MaryElla for a few mintues on Wednesday. She sounds very weak and tired. I would appreciate prayers that our time together next week will be good and that I can somehow be a blessing to her!
THANK YOU from the Bottom of my Heart for all your prayers for her, her family and me!!!You have no idea how grateful I am!!! X O

Pardon my bad manners! I recently WON all these paper and embellishments from a giveaway that Lindsey, from Two Crazy Crafters had!!! THANK YOU, Lindsey! Lindsey is a fabulous paper artist!!! She and her Mom, Twyla have a great blog.

Made some cards yesterday with Grandgirl. Creating takes my mind of BFF...

SO, I'll be in Iowa next Wednesday for a few days to cheer up and love up "ME"...

I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting my blogland friends...and will try to visit you before my trip. It's been a road that has many bumps in it...

I hope you all have a Wonderful weekend! May you Laugh, Love and find a treasure or 2. Tell those you Love that you Love them!



Wednesday, August 1, 2012


COME ONE .... COME ALL!!! I'm inviting Minnesota Blogger's to my home on Saturday, September 29th for a gathering! I HOPE to see you here and would LOVE to meet YOU!
email me if you are coming and I'll email you in Sept with my address. THANK YOU!
I'll also put this on my sidebar and do another quick post in Sept!
BIG SALE at Auntie M's starting Friday August 3rd!!! Store wide and nice discounts! I have my duty day on Tuesday the 7th and the sale will still be on. did the print change...?