Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Christmas Wreath ~ I made One

This is Sweet Pea, cuddling on my lap when I'm on the computer! Aww!

SO, today was the Day I decided to make one of those Awesome, Vintage Christmas Wreaths that I have seen in stores, (expensive) and in blogland. I was given some helpful hints from, Sandy and away I went!

It didn't take too long to make it and I'm pretty Happy with the results! I ended up adding more garland. I had to cut it up into little pieces and "tuck" it into the "bald" spots. I think I may make 1 more for my Mom for Christmas. If you think you might want to make one, GO FOR IT! It wasn't that "hard"!!

I also made homemade Potato Soup, YUM! It was a great day. I didn't leave the house or put any make up on!

Tomorrow I'm "working" at the Vintage Cottage. The owner asked me if I would like to "work" for her one day a week for MONEY! YES!!! so, I get to help her change/decorate the shop for the next sale! I'm pretty happy about that!! Feeling very Blessed!
Take Care. Warmly,

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Bit of Pink Heaven Art/Craft Creations

I was able to take part in Eleanor's Arts and Crafts challenge. The very top photo is of the supplies she sent to me to create with. It seemed to call to me to make something related to children. So, I made a frame for a child's photo. Thank you, Eleanor for the opportunity to create with the goodies you sent. Her blog is called,

Plus, a "guest" supplier, Eleni sent papers from Greece in the photo above this one. I created a hanging tag with the goodies she sent. I decided a photo of MaryElla at my tea party would be perfect to use. Eleni has an etsy shop for you to visit. Thank you, Eleni for your generous donation.

It was good for me to use what was sent, with a couple of my own items. I sure had FUN and THANK YOU Ladies for the opportunity to create with your generous donations!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Finds & Halloween Matchbox Swap

 Bought this pretty ceramic tree and I am going to keep it! I also bought a green one which is going to the booth.

Most of these are from a second day estate sale and 1/2 off!  We went to 5 estate sales yesterday. Two were 1/2 off. Since Christmas is around the "corner", it's time to Load Up the Booths!

I did the Halloween Match Box swap that JoAnne had. My partner was Oliva and she sent MANY Halloween goodies. It was more like a Christmas box!

She made the "wicked" banner, all these Halloween cards and the very creative matchbox below!!!

You MUST go to her blog and see her pictures of this matchbox. It is an easel and under neath is another Halloween design. Isn't this little pumpkin darling!

It was a busy week! Aren't the weeks just flying by! I made a "Memory Book" about MaryElla and finished it this week. I'll share it with you soon. I'm glad I made one!

Hubby bought us each a "smart" phone! LOL!! Yes, my phone is smarter than ME!! LOL!! Oh, My! It does so much! Grandgirl said she can help me with my phone! Yes, it takes a 9 year old to help this gal! I must say I'm feeling a little sassy with it! I had one that was so old it didn't text, or have a camera and was fat! This one is so narrow! I think I might lose it!

It was a wonderful fall day today! The sun was shinning and it was warm! The puppies loved their walk! So Thankful for these days!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meeting Sandy, 521 Lake Street & Finds

This cute little velvet pumpkin I purchased on Friday and I shaped it into a heart!

Sandy is the gal in the dark jacket and brown hair. Her cousin, Linda has on the peach top. Linda drove Sandy, almost a 2 hour drive to meet Tammy and me! Wasn't that very nice! These two gals are the sweetest and we had the BEST day, SHOPPING!!! This is at a thrift store. Many bargains were found and Bought!

These are a few of my purchases. Isn't the mail holder sweet!

 We had TEA at Tammy's. She set a pretty fall table and made yummy pumpkin scones. The tea was delicious! Thank You Tammy.

So, we meet them by the Mall Of America around 10 AM and went directly to an occasional sale. It was there first time at one. Went to a thrift store after that. Then we went to Touch Home in Burnsville, then to Tammy's. After Tammy's we went to another thrift store....WOW....then Sandy, Linda and I went for dinner. I dropped them off at the MOA and they were going to go to DWS shoe store and Archivers. Then drive home! WOW!!!

It was so great to meet Sandy!  I just wish we could have had another day to "create"!!!!

Hubby and I went to a very cool estate sale yesterday and this young gal came up to me and said, "are you, Garage Sale Gal, Deb?" YES!!! and I met Erica, another blogger!! SMALL world indeed. She is recovering from foot surgery!

Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's. Wednesday is craft day with "J"! Thursday is BSF, Friday is "fun work day" at Vintage Cottage where I get paid to "work"...another fun week that will go by quickly!

Still getting used to this new blogger format, etc....it's a tad frustrating! Of course the more I "blog", the easier it will become.

Have a HAPPY Week!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Silly Sweater Pumpkins

 At the local grocery store is this HUGE Pumpkin made from pop cases! They did a ghost too!

I've seen so MANY darling sweater pumpkins and thought...DO IT! So, I "did it". Not quite as cute as the ones I've seen!

But, I made them and they are good for this year! Maybe I'll tweak them next year!

Yesterday, Tammy and I met Sandy, from 521 Lake Street and her cousin, Linda. FUN day and I'll post about it later this weekend.
Have a Happy Weekend!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Recent Finds & Halloween Swap & Cards

 Hubby and I went to 2 estate sales today! Above is what I picked up from one of the sales. The little Wade has it's own box with the rabbit. Cute!
 The white Roseville vase and linen I bought at "The Gathering of Friends" on Thursday. Didn't find much there and it seemed like there wasn't much to buy. Maybe I'm just getting more "select" in my purchases. The chnitz dish was from an antique shop next to Auntie M's and it was half off... I'm BAD!!
 I did the Halloween Swap that Heidi had and my partner was Val. Val doesn't have a blog. She made the cute hat and sent along MANY Halloween treasures as you can see above and below. THANK YOU, Val! It was a Great Swap! And I forgot to take photos of what I made and sent her...oops..

I made a few Halloween cards this week. I have some from last year so I didn't need to make that many. You never know who will get a card in the mail!

The leaves are at peek here in Minnesota. Very pretty. It's also very COLD! I had to turn the furnace on...

Next week is going to be busy with some FUN stuff! Tuesday is a craft day with "J". Wednesday I'm meeting another blogger, Sandy from 521 Lake Street and her cousin. We are meeting up with Tammy, from Tammy's In Love. Fun Day shopping!

Thank you for being my blogging Friends! Have a Blessed Sunday.