Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Heart Box Swap & Cards Made

 Yesterday was crafting day with Jeanne. We talked A LOT!!! before we got started on our crafts. I made the cards above using the image from a vintage card. Isn't she too cute! Thanks, Jeanne for "playing" with me!

I joined Erica's Valentine Heart Box swap and my partner was Erica from Pyrex thrift Sisters. She made the darling heart box above using blue and pink, my favorite colors! Very sweet cards she put on the front along with old buttons, flowers and such!
She had LOTS of great goodies for me. Dresser scarf, vintage cookbook, CHOCOLATE from a local shop where she lives, bits and bobs....
THANK YOU, Erica, for being such a great partner!

Thank you blogging friends for all your loving comments about the DRESS! The wedding isn't until Sept I was very surprised that she found the DRESS on our first outing!

Hoping that you all have a AWESOME day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wedding Dresses

 She thought this style was what she wanted...not so much
 Then the consultant brought out this one, pretty, but no....

This one is pretty, but not enough "BLING" on it....

It was an AWESOME day yesterday with my dear daughter. She tired on 12 dresses. I won't show all of them and I can't show you the ONE!! YES, she found her dress yesterday and I thought we were only going to try some on to get a "feel" for what she wanted!

When she found the DRESS, the shop has you "make a wish and RING the BELL". The bell ringing means the Bride found her DRESS. I heard it ring many times while we were there. I cried, tears of much Happiness for my girl!

Also happy that I saved a few dollars on the dress. SALE time there!  She isn't sure if she wants a veil and there is plenty of time to decide.

I can tell you that her DRESS has BLING across the bust line, is strapless and is perfect!


Busy week ahead! Tomorrow is duty day, Tuesday is craft day with Jeanne, Wednesday is Dr appt for my skin, Thursday is Bible study and work night at Auntie M's and Friday is FEBRUARY!!! WOW!!

Next post is about the Valentine Heart swap!

One "Happy" MOB (mother of bride) and feeling so BLESSED!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Blues...

This sweet angel was a gift from MaryElla....I sure miss her :(   I am thankful that I have a few treasures from her.

This week it has been too COLD for me....don't like it...I just want to stay inside, wrapped up in a soft and cozy blanket, but NO, that isn't how it works!

Tomorrow daughter decided it's time to LOOK and TRY on Wedding Dresses! That will be FUN and lift my spirits :) I'll take some photos and show them to you! 

Haven't been to sales for awhile. Trying very hard to sell the stuff that is packed away here! Plus, with this bitter cold I Am NOT going to stand outside and wait to get into an estate sale.

Have a nice weekend and KEEP WARM!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shutter Shelf, Hearts & Valentines

Just a couple of hearts around the house. Bought the heart rock this summer at a sale.

My collection of "Black American" valentines has grown!

After moving the furniture around a couple weeks ago and with the TV in a new spot, I made a shelf with a small shutter and it looks pretty good over the TV. The sofa was in this place before the rearranging happened. I painted the edge the same "sea salt" green that the other walls are painted to make it pop. Love the old and chippy brackets.

"Worked" at the Vintage Cottage yesterday. Folks were buying furniture this month. Just never know what they will buy each month.

 I forgot to say "Thank You" for all the kind comments about the new color in the living room. Where are my manners?!!

Happy Weekend! Guess the Bitter Cold weather is coming this week. BRRRR!!!
Keep Warm,
Deb  :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Soft and Pretty Valentine Mantle

Here is my Valentine Mantle. Keeping it simple. I have a small collection of vintage Valentine candy boxes and here are just a "few". The one in the middle is from Laura as we did a heart box swap a couple years ago. The small one on the left is one I made for myself about the same time. I have samller ones that stayed in the packed.

The nasty cold bug had me under the covers for most the of week! Finally feeling better today. Not 100% to say the least, but up and make up on! LOL! So, that is why I haven't been around visiting. This week I 'll  be back to visiting and seeing what's new with you.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Valentine Cards

Blogger is still being a "booger"!!!

Yesterday was card making day with BFF, Jeanne! Here are some of  the ones I made and I totally forgot my camera to take photos of Jeanne's! The little girl is a stamp that I bought from RedLead. They have darling stamps and lots of great embellishements!  I joined a Valentine heart box swap and can't wait to work on that. Put up my Valentine mantle today and will take photos soon.

Tonight is Downton Abby. I LOVE that show!



Friday, January 4, 2013

Living Room Reveal

BEFORE is above....after I cleared out most of the furniture and started painting. The color was a sage that worked for 7 years.

AFTER is above and below! It's now a fresh, light and pretty color called "SEA SALT" by Sherwin Williams. I LOVE IT and so does hubby. The sofa is under the large window, almost. This room has too many issues. The fireplace isn't centered on the wall and neither is the huge window. I'm making the most of what I'm blessed to have!

Moved most of the furniture to a new "spot" and took out a bookcase. Moved the TV and I'll show you that soon as I didn't take all the photos on the same day. I have two"focal" points now and it works for us. Had to keep hubby's huge chair. I'll be doing the mantle too. It will get a Valentine look soon. Anyway, you have a good idea on the new color.                                 

Thank You to Stacy for telling me how to add the photos while blogger is still having issues! I'm so happy that I have friends that can help me out!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Turn for Uploading Photos problems...

LOL...and Yuck! Blogger won't let me upload any photos. It doesn't say I'm "full" or at my limit. It won't let me get the photos from "other places"...

So, I can't show you the new color in the living room :(  or how I changed the living room furniture around :(

I'm very computer "stupid" so if you can help I would SO APPRECIATE IT!

Happy New Year!