Friday, January 4, 2013

Living Room Reveal

BEFORE is above....after I cleared out most of the furniture and started painting. The color was a sage that worked for 7 years.

AFTER is above and below! It's now a fresh, light and pretty color called "SEA SALT" by Sherwin Williams. I LOVE IT and so does hubby. The sofa is under the large window, almost. This room has too many issues. The fireplace isn't centered on the wall and neither is the huge window. I'm making the most of what I'm blessed to have!

Moved most of the furniture to a new "spot" and took out a bookcase. Moved the TV and I'll show you that soon as I didn't take all the photos on the same day. I have two"focal" points now and it works for us. Had to keep hubby's huge chair. I'll be doing the mantle too. It will get a Valentine look soon. Anyway, you have a good idea on the new color.                                 

Thank You to Stacy for telling me how to add the photos while blogger is still having issues! I'm so happy that I have friends that can help me out!


Kim K. said...

Beautiful. What a fresh color. I'm feeling like I need to do some spring cleaning after seeing your lovely reveal!

ImagiMeri said...

It looks wonderful Deb, and the layout looks comfortable. I always hated those big husband chairs, but now that I'm older and such a wimp, I actually wouldn't mind one of those. Great job.


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

That made me tired thinking of all the work you did! It was worth it though it looks lovely! What a great way to start the new year!

Theresa said...

Love the color:) A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a room! Remember what you did to fix the pictures so if we have trouble, you can help us:) Have a blessed weekend dear Deb, HUGS!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your new color...sea salt! I even like the name! It's nice to clear out and then put back things in better order! I'm working on my house every day! lol

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the color and the name Sea Salt is perfect! I am still cleaning up Christmas, I'm so slow this year. I think I'll do some Valentine decor soon!

hugs, Linda

Cheryl said...

I redid my bathroom recently.. now I want to do my whole house! lol I think your paint color is fabulous. I tend to stick to the same colors... hmmmm maybe I'll try something new too :-)
big hugs,

Perfectly Printed said...

Love the color!! I think we all have a husband chair, and issues with our rooms...but you hit the nail on the head...we are all so blessed!!


Andy's Attic said...

Your new color is just lovely. It looks very fresh and soothing. I love rearraging furniture, but now we have a "great room" and there isn't much you can do with that!

Jocelyne said...

Love the color! Nothing in my living room is "centered" either.

Pendleton Primitives said...

I love the change and it's nice to have a different look to lift spirits.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great color, Deb! It's amazing what a difference just paint color can make.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Looks GREAT Deb!! I am dying to take down the wallpaper in my kitchen-it's been there 10 years-yikes! I still like it, but I'm tired of it. Time for something new and fresh!

Madde said...

really nice! Good work :-)

Andy's Attic said...

Hi Deb,
I am now having trouble with blogger not letting me add photos. Would you mind sharing what you learned to fix the problem??
Thank you,

JunkStuffTreasures said...

What a very pretty, soft color. It looks like it has blue undertones- does it?

Kim said...

Hi Deb,

Your living room make-over looks great and I love the paint color you chose. Being able to move furniture around like you did, gives the room a whole new and fresh look. Enjoy your weekend!!!


Susie said...

That is a nice color. My fireplace isn't centered either. Can't wait to see the rest. Yes, I have one of those husband chairs too.LOL. xoxo,Susie

Sandy said...

Love the new color, and those wood floors! You did a great job....always have to have the "man chair"

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Looks year, new look. Love it! Blessings to you in 2013 :) Laurel

Creative Breathing said...

Deb, This post couldn't have come at a better time for me. I will soon begin all of the rooms in my house, and I wondered if the new colors would go with wood trim which I also have. Your room turned out so fresh! I am definitely inspired! Thank you for this post! Elizabeth

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a fresh new look, Deb! I love how it's looking!

Lyneen said...

Thanks for stopping by!

craftyles said...

Deb, the color is great. It really shows off your beautiful antiques. You did a great job-having a fresh new room to start the year off. Glad you got the picture issue figured out. I hate when stuff like that happens.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Deb, I would love to swap Valentines. It's a tradition with you! Eliz

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh whooopeee! I love, love, love the color.. isn't it so soothing? Very, very nice. Is there anything to perk up a room like new paint? Everything looks just wonderful..

Happy New Year!


Doris said...

Stopping by to say thanks for the help! I was able to load my pictures. Truly grateful! Your blog looks interesting .... I'm sticking around to read some posts :)

Anonymous said...

Hubs and I have a favorite blue paint, too - it just makes us happy, and it's romantic, too. Your fireplace mantle is very pretty.

Fran. said...

Very sweet Deb!! Don't ya just love fresh new paint in rooms to have a change? Sometimes that's all ya need, with not alot of money spent. Can you believe this warm weather? It's Jan. Oh my goodness!! Hope you are staying healthy!! XOXO Love Fran.

SweetMarie said...

I saw your name mentioned somewhere and had to stop by! I love thrift stores and garage sales! Sea Salt is so pretty and crisp! Happy Saturday to you!

Marydon said...

Soooo love the color change & furniture rearranging, Deb. Fresh, warm & inviting ... love big cushy chairs.


Chanda said...

Love the new color, my kitchen is now that color ....well sorta. I am adding in lots of red accents in their now and have decided to try to drown it i gingham. Love what you did, you have a real knack for it, love the Valentimes mantel too, you inspired me to get out my Valentine box this year, my house seems so drab right now and add in the endless ice and snow, has me feeling down about the house. I could sure use a decor pick me up.

Lil said...

Your place looks lovely! I also have the same problem with my fireplace not being centered and it is so annoying! ;)

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