Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slim Pickings at recent Estate Sales

Bought this darling little wind up Easter toy yesterday at 1/2 off :) SCORE! I thought , "for sure" that it would have sold the first day! It's going to stay with me. A nice addition to my Easter collection!

Also found this darling little April birthday girl in perfection condition! She even has her little tag with her! What a sweet little saying! Of course, she is staying too because that is my birthday month!

It's been very "SLIM" pickin's at the few estate sales in the past couple of months. I have plenty of inventory at home, so it's not a real hardship to stay home and dig thru my stuff!!!

Thank You, Carol, for having me be a Guest on your blog!  A "side" note, I personally don't or try not to sell anything that is chipped. That is just ME! I see and know many dealers who do and that is perfect for them. I always appreciate if a chipped item is marked, "chipped" or "as".

Thank you all for your kind comments about my booth. Each dealer also has their "own" way of merchandising treasures. My hubby isn't a "shabby" guy, so I don't have a "shabby" look, which I think would be "fun"!

Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's if anyone is out and about, I'll be there 10:30-5:30!

Back to watching the Daytona 500  ~  HUGE NASCAR fan!!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"What Sells and What Doesn't Sell" series

Carol, from The Polka Dot Closet has asked me to be her "Guest" on her series,  "What Sells" with you today.  Go to her blog, above to see what goes on. She will post this on Thursday!

Thanks for asking!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mantle Makeover and Spoolies

I took down the Valentine decor on the mantle, I'm going to super simply until I put up my Easter decor..liking the simple and white look!

I joined Sandy's Easter Spoolie swap and "HAD" to make some! I can't show the entire spoolies as one is for the swap and the others for friends! I think I may make a couple more!

Saturday there was a "Tickled Pink" gathering for the church ladies. It was at a AWESOME home of a follower blogger...."?who knew?".... and I should have brought my camera. Her name is Kate and her blog is Auntie Cake's. I'm hoping that she will post the photos she took. She had the best desserts! I wanted to try them all, however I had some self know, meeting new ladies and not wanting to give into my "sugar bug".... LOL!!! She lives in the "country" and has chickens! Her home is sunny and filled with treasures that I LOVE!

Tomorrow Grand girl doesn't have school, so we'll hang out together. Tuesday is eye Dr appt for yearly checkup and a church meeting for greeters and usher. Wednesday I'm helping the gal with her craft room, $$, Wednesday is also future SIL birthday, Thursday is BSF and Friday is Vintage Cottage job! Oh, I'm going to be a "Guest Blogger" on Thursday at Carol's, The Polka Dot Closet blog.

I'm hooked on "Downton Abbey" and glad it's on Sunday and also Wednesday, in case I miss a show!

Have  a Great Week! See you Thursday at Carol's blog!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY & More Valentine Love

Grand girl and I made these today! YUM!!! A little something for Valentine's Day

A sweet Valentine from Viv. Thank You!

Elizabeth and I swapped Valentine Tags and she sent a few extra treasures! I have one of Elizabeth's BLUEBIRDS! I was taken back when I saw this darling little Bluebird! She is one AMAZING woman! The details are amazing! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, dear Elizabeth! A keepsake!

                                        WISHING YOU ALL A VERY

            HAPPY  VALENTINE'S  DAY!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

~~ Valentine Mail & Giveaway Win ~~

This has been a great week with LOTS of Valentine mail.  Linda and I did a Valentine swap. Above are the tags she made and goodies she sent. She has finally decided to start crafting! Thank You, Linda! You did "GOOD"!!!

 Sandy and I also did a Valentine tag swap and she included this vintage hankie with the written note still attached! Aww..and the cupcake! Thank you Sandy!
 Sharon and I have been sending packages of "love" for a couple of years and she made the sweet Valentine card, tags, cards and sent the sweet angle picture and rings! Thank you, Sharon!!! You always spoil me!
 The goodies above arrived today and they are from Debbie. We also exchange little gifts every now and then! The pink creamer(?) is child size!  Cute! Thank you, Debbie!
Last and not the least...I won a giveaway that Heidi at Embellished Dreams had! LOTS of goodies for making lovely paper crafts! Heidi lives in MN. She is a Paper Craftier and one day I'm hoping to meet her! Thank you, Heidi! I'm pretty sure I'll be using some for Easter!

I have been very Blessed with week and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was feeling a bit down and now I'm feeling the LOVE! I know it's been said many times, however it is the TRUTH, Blogging Friends ROCK! YOU, are generous, kind and a blessing to me!