Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slim Pickings at recent Estate Sales

Bought this darling little wind up Easter toy yesterday at 1/2 off :) SCORE! I thought , "for sure" that it would have sold the first day! It's going to stay with me. A nice addition to my Easter collection!

Also found this darling little April birthday girl in perfection condition! She even has her little tag with her! What a sweet little saying! Of course, she is staying too because that is my birthday month!

It's been very "SLIM" pickin's at the few estate sales in the past couple of months. I have plenty of inventory at home, so it's not a real hardship to stay home and dig thru my stuff!!!

Thank You, Carol, for having me be a Guest on your blog!  A "side" note, I personally don't or try not to sell anything that is chipped. That is just ME! I see and know many dealers who do and that is perfect for them. I always appreciate if a chipped item is marked, "chipped" or "as".

Thank you all for your kind comments about my booth. Each dealer also has their "own" way of merchandising treasures. My hubby isn't a "shabby" guy, so I don't have a "shabby" look, which I think would be "fun"!

Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's if anyone is out and about, I'll be there 10:30-5:30!

Back to watching the Daytona 500  ~  HUGE NASCAR fan!!!



NanaDiana said...

Looks like you have some good things there, Deb. MyHero is not a ruffled guy either (darn it). I really don't like it when I find something and only discover a chip after I get it home. Good for your for noting if there is something wrong with it- xo Diana

Kim said...

Hi Deb...

Nice finds.. I really like the birthday figurines. I once saw a photo in a decorating magazine years ago where a lady collected all of the differnt birthday months and she displayed them all on her mantel. It was so pretty with all the soft pastel colored figurines.

Sorry to hear you've had such slim pickings at the estate sales. That's how the antique stores seem to me sometimes. One time I can go and find lots of cute affordable things and then I will go months without finding anything. Oh well, the thrill of the hunt will always keep me going.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend..


Theresa said...

I just finished watching the 500 too:) Awesome race! I have one of those little girl figurines for my Birthday month! A couple of Christmases ago, I ordered my Nieces and my Daughter their Birthday month also off of Ebay! They loved them! Have a blessed week dear friend, BIG HUGS!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

NASCAR...I'm surprised, I am watching the Oscar preshow. I don't as a rule sell chipped stuff, but our mall has a rule that it has to be marked "As is". YOur little Easter wind up toy is adorable, isn't it surprising how no one picks up stuff that we treasure!


Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Thrifting and sales are really slow here to up in Northern Minnesota. I think we just have too much snow and people aren't moving anywhere.

Sandy said...

Oh Deb,
If you got nothing else....that Easter goodie was worth it, don't you think???? I am trying to get the last of the Valentine and Christmas stuff put away in my craft room...I have too much stuff!!!!:)


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

oooo! Fun! Seeing what others find while out antiquing are some of my favorite posts!

Protector of Vintage said...

I was hoping Danica would win!

Kim K. said...

Love your Easter toy. I'm glad it was still waiting for you. I never ever find Easter stuff at estate sales. I hit a great sale on Friday, but not a single bit of Easter or Halloween was out.

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

I'm always amazed to find something after like a hundred people have gone through before me. I remember finding a gorgeous teapot for $5 still sitting there after the sale was well underway. Woohoo! Anyway, great finds here. That little girl is so sweet. Have a great week! ; )

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I love the things you found! Your April birthday figurine and Easter toy are both so sweet. I am so bad about noticing chips, etc right away. I have ended up with so many things I won't sell on Etsy because I come home AND then notice a chip, etc. I wish I could stop by tomorrow!!

Lynn said...

Hi Deb, Love your finds! The April girl is just wonderful. My daughter has an April birthday,too!
I didn't know you enjoyed Nascar! You know I live about30 minutes from Mooresville, where lots of the team shops are at. My neice also works for Nascar. May I ask who your favorite driver is? I don't really have a favorite, just anybody except the Bush brothers!!
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I've been to your blog before, but missed the pic of CHOPPER on the right of your blog.


We have a pit & it's the only one in the area & everyone from 4 year olds to 80 year old women with walkers come over to play with him. They are banned here.

Faye said...

Hi Deb! Gotta love that little wind up bunny cart! I have to catch up on your guest blog. I think we all appreciate when a tag reads 'as is'so we can find the flaw.
I hope the estate finds pick up!

Faye said...

I just checked out your guest post, I HAVE to visit both of your booths! I saw way too many things that could some home with me! You booths look great!

✿Carol✿ said...

It's slim pickings over here in the vintage department, so I'm enjoying your finds. LOVE that wind-up Easter decoration and your April girl!

vivian said...

that wind up toy is just freaken adorable Deb, you do need to keep that for sure.
hubby watches nascar.. the sound of it annoys me to be honest. but I was rooting for Danica. I'd like to see all those good ol boys get whipped by a pretty girl! LOL!
been very sick this weekend but feeling well enough to sit at the computer for a little bit this morning, thank god.. but heading back to the couch in a few minutes. have a nice week!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Whoo Hoo Nascar! I watched the race with my SIL and Daughter! It was a pretty good one after Sat's crash(scary). Love your Birthday girl, sweet! That Easter toy is also adorable. Sending you hugs!

TammysVintage Finds said...

Deb, I love all of your usual! The birthday girl is just adorable. I still have the one I received when I was 12 years old, during which we went on a family vacation to California. That was many years ago (36 to be exact). It's a Josef Original, and I still love it after all of these years.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

You're Kidding! I almost went to that sale just for that Easter Toy! lol Can't believe it was still there! I'm so happy that you got it! And even better, it was 1/2off!
Erica :)

Perfectly Printed said...

Your Easter toy is too cute! Loved your guest post about your shop!


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Deb, Love your sweet treasures you found. The birthday girl figure is precious. I have one similar wearing a pink dress. It was my mother's. No card with it, so not sure if it really is a birthday type.
Yes, I like it too when dealers let you know there is a problem with the piece.

Wish I was near by to stop in while you are on duty in your mall.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

craftyles said...

The little wind up is darling and perfect for Easter. So neat that you found the April Birthday girl. She's adorable. Hope fully things in the junking department will pick up soon for you.

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Deb, I love that you were born in April, my favorite month. I would keep that little Easter toy, too! What a treasure! It's always fun to vicariously go to Estate Sales with you. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth