Monday, March 25, 2013



Some Easter memories: Mom made us a new dress,think we also got new shoes, hat and gloves and we would go to church.  Don't remember much about Easter baskets or coloring eggs. I'm sure we did!

One of my favorite Easter songs is: "Jesus Christ is Risen Today", which I still love to sing.

I hope you all have a BLESSED EASTER!

I'm going to take a small break and post after Easter. Have the Grandgirl a couple of days and then preparing for Easter: cleaning, shopping and baking! Turning the comments off so that you have more time in your day. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tea Time with Hubby

 My cute hubby...he doesn't like to smile!!! He is my little "superman"...he loves to wear t-shirts.

On Saturday I asked hubby if he would be my "girlfriend" for the know, go to antique shops and maybe have tea.... he is very sweet and said , "SURE"...

SO, off we headed to Anoka to look at the shops and have Tea. There is a darling Tea shop there, called the Mad Hatter! It's in an old post office building and is awesome. Lot's of old woodwork, oak trim, wood floors and huge windows! We had a light lunch and I had some great tea.  My tea was, White Pearl and it had a light fruit taste! Thanks, hubby for a special day with me!

Other than it's FREEZING here for the first day of Spring....not much going on! Snow and Cold seem to be the theme here in Minnesota and I'm pretty tired of it! Of course, when summer comes it will probably be too HOT & HUMID!  LOL!!!

Friday is my "work day" at the Vintage Cottage in Carver, MN if anyone wants to visit me and find some great treasures! I'll be there 10-4!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Spoolie Swap goodies

Look at all these fun, sweet, too cute treasures I received from Viv!!! I just love peanut butter and chocolate! I ate them right after I took the photo! LOL!!!

Sandy had an Easter Spoolie Swap and Viv was my partner! Viv makes AWESOME felted treasures and I was honored with one with this swap!

Isn't the little pink birdie too cute! She also made the sweet bunny!  My photo just doesn't due these treasures justice! It was a cloudy day when I took the photos.

Thank you so much, Viv!!! I LOVE my Easter treasures! If you don't know , Viv, go visit her blog and see her creations!

Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Girl & Easter picks

Had the Grand girl's birthday on Saturday. 10 years old this week! The years are flying by.

Last week on my "duty day", it was pretty s-l-o-w....and that meant that I HAD to shop the shop!!! LOL! Look what I found, awesome Easter cupcake picks. I was going to use them on some Easter cards, but I'm not ready to take them off this display board. I'm thinking they are from the 60's???

Now that daylight savings time is here, I really want the SNOW to be GONE! I think the puppies do to! They would love to go for a walk.

Waiting for Spring!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Mantle

Here is the Easter mantle. This is the year for "less" on the mantle. I have 2 tubs of Easter treasures and just used these. The bow window in the dining area is also decorated, however no good pictures, yet!

Grand girl had a snow day yesterday and tomorrow and Friday are "teachers workshop" days...not much school this week. The end of the month is Easter break.

With ALL THE SNOW we have, it isn't feeling like spring at all  :(   Hoping it all melts this weekend!

Not much going on...


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Silly Puppies & Thinking Easter

 Grand girl wears "pretend" glasses to school....and decided to try them on the puppies. Cute! Jackson Brown looks very distinguished in them! LOL!

Made some Easter cards on Friday with Jeanne. We met at Archivers for the day. I made a total of 11 cards. Beside the Easter cards, I made some for birthdays.

Here is a "peek" of my Easter mantle. Was digging in the totes today and that is always fun to seek how much I have...

Son is in Hawaii for 10 days and will come home on Monday! I called him and he has seen the whales and some dolphins.

Daughter's wedding dress is in and now hanging here so future SIL doesn't peek!

No sales today. Instead we went to see new homes on the Parade of Homes. I fell in LOVE with 2 homes. W-A-Y out of my price range! It's fun to "dream"...the colors in the homes were dark, chocolate/browns. Interesting! Stainless steel appliance in all of them, and personally, I Don't Like! To me they are dark and dreary...just my opinion!

Monday is another duty day at Auntie M's! SO happy that it's March! Grand girl will be 10 this month! Where does the time go???

May your Sunday be Blessed!