Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Garage Sale of the Season & More

 Yesterday hubby and I went to the first garage sale of the season and we SHOULD have went there right away! Scored the goodies above and below. Cool! Very fun cereal spoons!
 We also went to an estate sale and saw Tammy from Tammy's In Love there!
 A couple of weeks ago I turned the bluebird table cloth into a valance over my kitchen window. See the snow! I also made the pillow below from a dresser scarf and it's the perfect color for my living room.
Sooooo, it was a PERFECT SPRING day today! Worked out in the yard yesterday and today. Also had hubby clean out "his" garage for our garage sale that we'll be having on the 18th, if the weather is NICE.

I put up a bluebird house today and sure hope they make a nest in it. I also bought meal worms for them, dried ones!

Washed some bed linens today and hung them on the clothesline! OH the SMELL so GOOD!

It just feels so GREAT to have the sun shinning and perfect temperatures. Thankful!!!

Thank you for the Birthday wishes! Have a Blessed Sunday!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Best B-day Cake & Treasures

 I had to show you the Best Birthday Cake, EVER!  It is a "Chocolate Raspberry Diva" cake from the "Buttercream" Bakery!  Notice, I'm letting my hair go GRAY!  At least for now!

 My daughter's wedding cake will come from this bakery. I'm not sure which flavors they will decide on! It's just so YUMMY!!!! and a Real Treat! Hubby bought it for me.
 Birthday plans didn't go as originally planned. So, hubby and I went to a couple estate sales. Had happy hour with the family and then home for CAKE! Turned out to be a great day! Other than the SNOW and COLD!
Recent finds!!! I think hankies just follow me home!

THANK YOU ALL so very MUCH for the Birthday Wishes! Your wishes Made My Birthday!!! I feel the "LOVE"!!!

Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's...Come visit me! It's slow on Mondays!

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's My Birthday

                    I'll be enjoying some Birthday Cake today!     I'm  ~58~  !! 


Monday, April 15, 2013

My Spring Mantle & More Bachman's Idea House

 Even though it is  still COLD and there is still SNOW on the ground, it was time to bring some SPRING into my home. My mantle, above and below.

 This is the living room in the Bachman Ideas Home. More Yellow and gray. Notice the cute frogs inside the fireplace. There is a fountain in it too!
These 2 photos are the sides of the living room. Love the long table with the art work above it!

With the recent bombing in Boston today and all the other recent deadly and horrific events, friends, it's time to Believe in Jesus and have Him Lord of your Life!

Daughter and future SIL have decided to get married on a golf course and have set the date:
Sept 20, 2014!  They have found the venue. I haven't seen it, but daughter says it's nice AND it's not my wedding...I think I'll hear that A LOT in the next months!  (prayers appreciated!) It appears that I have little input! "It's not my wedding"...


Thursday, April 11, 2013

More "Ideas" & Recent Finds

 This is the dinning room which i would LOVE to have. It has a beautiful built in buffet! The table "cloth" is wallpaper, it's the white one under the runner. Yellow and gray are the "colors"!
 Love the gate on the wall!
 Another view. Notice all the little extras on the table. The bird cloches are very sweet. Birds are also in this theme.
Here are my few finds. The 2 linens are from the "Gathering" and today I made a pillow and valance with them and I'll show you them next time. The chintz creamer and sugar from the thrift store and the rest from an estate sale.

As you heard, it SNOWED today. REALLY!!! I'm moving! (I wish) It's depressing! Doesn't feel like spring or that my birthday is next week. I sure hope it's warm and sunny on my birthday!

I'm seeing LOTS of estate sales for the weekend!  I hope I don't run out of money! LOL!!! I have a budget and a wedding to keep in mind.

Happy Weekend my blogging friends!

p.s. "HI" to Connie, Marge, Jeanne, who read my blog and don't have their own blogs.

Monday, April 8, 2013

"A Gathering" & Bachman's Idea House ~ Porch

 On Thursday I went to "A Gathering of Friends" sale that is held inside one of Bachman's floral warehouses. It is a twice a year flea market event. Loved this "spring time" in old letters. SOLD...not to me! She also had a pair of lion statues and they sold for $400+ which I loved.
 See this AWESOME multipurpose drawer/cabinet...REALLY wanted it, $1,700+, so I didn't buy it! I only bought 2 linens! It's a very nice sale and the next one will be in the fall. Sorry that I didn't take more photos! It's a free event and LOADED with lots of goodies and ideas.  It's about 12 dealers that sell their treasures.
 After a nice lunch we toured the Bachman's Idea House. This is the porch on the front of the house. How refreshing and I'm liking the green theme.
 Another view! More of the house on my next post. The colors for this theme were yellow and gray. It's a very nice combination!

Worked my duty day at Auntie M's. Had folks in the store, but not buying..Only a few sales and one was me! LOL! I did learn something today. A customer asked if we had any "fairy lamps"... I had no idea what one was, so I found out today and she found one to purchase! They are sweet little candle holders with a "cover" on the top. Does that make sense? You can always google it!

We need SPRING here in Minnesota. It looks like snow this week...REALLY!!!

More photos of the Bachman Idea House next post!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tweaked Living Room

 I added the white shutter and birdcage in the corner behind the blue rocking chair. I don't think hubby has noticed it, yet! He doesn't "get" some of my decorating ideas!
 Added the aqua child chair and the cottage paint by number picture, which I couldn't get a good photo of because of the glare!
 Added a couple of things to the shelf.
Added the pretty cottage roses curtain panels! I think the are perfect in here. I may switch them out for the summer. I would LOVE to get a different sofa. This is isn't deep enough to sleep on. I bought it new about 6 years ago, so it may be around for a FEW years!

Loving the "sea salt" paint in the living room! It's so refreshing and pretty!

Had a Great FUN day today and will post photos of the Idea House on my next post! I bought 2 linens at "A Gathering" today. Treasures were just FLYING out the door of that sale!

Maybe going to estate sale this weekend. Have to see what's for sale. I'm going to have a garage sale in May, so I'm going thru some boxes, okay MANY boxes to thin out my treasures!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break & Fun to Come

 Last week was spring break and we took Grand Girl to the Como Zoo and Conservatory. It's just BEAUTIFUL in the conservatory!!
 It's very peaceful and pretty. Hubby and I married there 23 years ago this May! It was LOADED with spring flowers!
 The Zoo part is small. I think I have facial hairs like cute little monkey ! :) LOL We saw monkeys, polar bears, seals, wolfs, tigers, giraffes.Some exhibits aren't open until it's warmer. It was a nice time.
Easter dinner was a small gathering. Only 5 of us. My son was home sick. My Mom went to baby Lots of yummy leftovers for us. I made ham, cheesy potatoes, corn. Cupcakes and strawberries for dessert.

After dinner, daughter and future SIL worked on a "budget" for the wedding. After getting the cost written on paper, YIKES, I may have to get a JOB to help pay for this event! They are wanting to get married on a golf course and have the reception there too. Now we have a starting spot!

I LOVE the month of's always so fresh, the flowers start to bloom and it's my birthday month!!! I'm going to start celebrating this week! I'm going with a couple of dealer/friends to "A Gathering of Friends Antique Market" on Thursday. We will also have lunch out and then tour the "Bachman" Spring Idea House! FUN!!

I also "tweaked" the living room and will post those pics on the next post. It was a sunny day so I the photos turned out!

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter. Mine was! He Is RISEN!