Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th of July Vignette, Finds and Cards

 My little 4th of July vignette on my dining table. I recently purchased the old glory postcard. The pinkeep was a gift last year from Sharon and who doesn't love the old red truck!
 Some recent finds. Love the wire egg baskets. Looked on ebay, under "sold" and was surprised to see their selling price! May have to keep one.(No wonder I don't make any money!!!)  LOL
Last week I had a girlfriend day with Jeanne and we made cards. We used our "ME" papers and such. It was a great day with her! I know I had fun!

Question: I'm thinking about selling my cards on my blog. Would anyone want to buy them and what price should I charge? Just thinking, for now!  Thanks!

No plans, yet, for the 4th! Thinking the yard needs A LOT of work. Stuff always needs to be priced, etc....How about you?

Grand girl's team won the weekend tourney! They are so cute when they play! It's great to watch them.

I did the "bloglovin" thingy...I have no idea how I read my blogs...LOL! Better safe than sorry! LOL! I just want to blog! Nothing fancy, just easy peasy! PLEASE!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Christmas In July Swap Goodies & Winner of Giveaway

 Sweet Erica from Golden Vintage Egg  had another FUN swap! Christmas in July! FUN Thank You, Erica!
 My partner, Pam from, Virginia Retro gave me all these Christmas goodies! I'll be using some for the Christmas wreaths that I plan on making for my Mom and sisters for Christmas this year!
Pam sent me treasures that I love! Hankie, apron, ELF, old Christmas books, stickers, glass figurines and more! We enjoy the same treasures!  What FUN!

THANK YOU, Pam! You are a Great partner!

The name picked for my giveaway is: Andy's Vintage Attic! I'll email you to get your address! THANK YOU all my blogging Friends for all your kind comments and support in the last 5 years!

Grand girl has tourney's this weekend. Hoping it doesn't rain tonight! Can you believe that the 4th of July is next week!!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 Years of Blogging

WOW, where has the time gone! It's been 5 years since I started this world of blogging! It's just amazing what I have learned from you, my blogging friends. I've been able to meet a few of you and hope to meet a few more!

I've learned many decorating ideas, paper crafting ideas, swapped many treasures, had a few giveaways and won a few "giveaways".

I've prayed for some of you. I've cried with some of you. You have prayed for me and you may have cried too! We have shared so many things, just like girlfriends do!

You have encouraged me and I hope that I have encouraged you.

I will be giving one of you the little gifts above to celebrate FIVE YEARS of blogging! Just leave a comment that you WANT it and your name will go into the "hat" and a name will be picked later this week!

THANK YOU! You have no idea how special YOU are!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Roses, dresser and finds

 This rose bush is a 4th generation from my Great-Grandma and this year has 100's of blooms on it! Maybe all the rain helped! It's never been this pretty and smells DIVINE!

 Went to a AWESOME estate sale on Friday and bought this dresser for 95.00. I've been waiting to find a new! Grand girl has my old one as she needed a "new" one too!
Bought most of these goodies at that sale. I also bought a small table and lots of  used vintage cards. We went back the 2nd day and bought more. It was a 3 day sale, but didn't go on the 3rd day as we spent more than we should have.

Grand girl had tourney's this weekend. Came in 2nd place. Hubby's folks had their 60th wedding anniversary party on Saturday. Full weekend. Grilled yesterday for Father's day. My daughter gave Pat (stepdad) the best card. Had tears in my eyes. She said "you are more like my dad, than my real dad". WOW.... she is having both "dads" walk her down the aisle on her wedding day! That says A LOT!

Today, Grand girl and I went on a bike ride! I haven't ridden a bike in MANY YEARS!!! LOL! Not sure I like the bike, but we'll be doing more this summer! We will be hanging out on most Mondays and every Wednesday this summer.

This Friday is the ocasional sales in Carver! I'll be at the Vintage Cottage on Friday! Maybe I'll see you!

NEWS: Hubby decided not to take the driving job. He'll go back to the 3:00AM shift that is Tuesday-Friday at UPS which is part time. He felt he wasn't "getting" it with the computer that they use for deliveries. Praying that real estate takes off for him....


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blogger Visit :)

 As I mentioned in the last post, Sharon was coming for a visit. She came on Monday and we met Linda at the Mall Of America for lunch! Sharon on left, Linda on right. We TALKED, shopped and walked! It was a nice time and a great visit.
Sharon  and I today before driving her to the airport.

Sharon and I have been "friends" for a few years because of blogging. It was so much fun to finally meet her!

We did LOTS of shopping! I took her to Auntie M's, General Store, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and a few shops at the MOA! I'm pretty sure she'll need to rest up when she gets home!

We EAT A LOT! Dinner out a couple of nights and sweet treats as needed.  LOL!

Thank You Sharon for coming to visit little old me! I hope I didn't wear you out!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quick Cupboard Makeover, Ready for Company & Finds

 I've seen SO many bloggers taking the cabinet doors off in their kitchen. So, I took these off over the refrig and what do you think?!  Before above....
                                        After...maybe more "greens"needed???? At least you can see my fun canister set, it's not old, but sweet! I'm adding a touch of red to my kitchen, thanks to all the pretty kitchens I see in blogland!
 The guest room is already for Sharon's visit on Monday!
Finds from last week.I did go out today to a couple estate sales. CUTE pink bench!

Grandgirl has a weekend fastpitch tourney. Started Friday night and will end tomorrow afternoon.

SO, next week I'll be showing Sharon a good time ( I hope!)...have a LIST of things to do. I hope we have enough time and I don't wear her out!

Have a GREAT week and "see you" next weekend!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bird bath, buttons and finds

Went to a estate sale down the block and they had this birdbath for sale. It's pretty big and HEAVY! 3 pieces to it! MINE for the price of $30.00 and now sits in front of my home waiting for the birds to enjoy!
 Hubby and I went to a nice PACKED sale on Thursday! Found me some buttons :)  I haven't seen any for awhile, so this was a good find. A lady found a laundry basket of them! Lots of people "digging" for treasures! It was a pretty good sale!
Rained on and off today :(  Tired of it! Shouldn't complain! My bridal bushes are getting ready to bloom as well as my irises and peonies!

Still can't find the spell check on the dashboard of blogger....weird! So, forgive my spelling errors!

Next week is going to be BUSY! Monday is my duty day at Auntie M's, Tuesday making a post type card for the In-Laws big anniversary later this month, laundry mat to wash some rugs and bed linens, Grandgirls last day of school is Thursday! My Mom's birthday on Friday, Plus, it's hubby's first full week of working full time. He has "school" this week and then starts driving the 10th...and speaking of the 10th, that is when Sharon of My Vintage Studio is coming for a visit! I'm hoping that the weather will be perfect for her visit! No rain, just sunshine and blues skies, please!

Hoping all is well with you my freinds!