Friday, August 30, 2013


Here is the list for the Fall/Halloween Spoolie Swap. PLEASE contact your partner ASAP to exchanged address and if they want a Fall Spoolie or Halloween Spoolie! Thank You!

Debby,Cozy Blanket and Linda , Lutka and Co

Viv, Viv's Whimsy and Oliva, Olivas's Creative Quest

Chris, Perfectly Printed and Judi, My Charming Simplicity

Kim,Musings from Kim K and Wendy, Ravenwood Whimzies

Shirley,Zettas Aprons and Sandy, 521 Lake Street

Joyce, Scrap for Joy and Erica, Golden Egg Vintage

Chris, A Little Creations and Laura, That is so Vintage Oh My (aka: Vintage Betty's)

Kimberly, A Vintage Fairy and Pam, Virginia Retro

Dorothy, Hens Rule and Judy, 20 North Ora

Deb, Garage Sale Gal and Sandy, Sandy's Show n Tell

Deb and Hope, Pixies Ponderings

Please contact your partner ASAP!!!! Ask them if they want a Fall or Halloween Spoolie and what little treat you can include with their paper goodies!Of course you can wrap it up all pretty and fun! Please, no extras!!!!  Please email ME when you have mailed your package THANK YOU!  Mailing date is October 1st!!! There is PLENTY of time to get this in the mail!  After you receive your Spoolie, you must be kind and POST! We all LOVE to see each others creations!!!

Questions, email ME! Concerns, email ME!

Have a Great Weekend!
Keeping Cool,

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Finds

 Hubby and I went to 2 estate sales today. These are my finds! Isn't the Cinderella apron paper pattern awesome! Wood blocks always sell. Found hankies and button cards.

Hubby and I went to the State fair yesterday. We walked for hours. Our treats were: sweet potato fries,shared corn dog and gyro, didn't share chocolate cream puffs and cinnamon almonds. The parade had the Budweiser horses that are beautiful!!! The matching bands were very good too!

I applied for a JOB!!! I KNOW!!! While she would LOVE to have me, she isn't sure that the hours I can work will work for them. It's in God's hands.

Going to be record heat next week! YUCK! Sept is around the corner. Son and BFF birthday is next week. Busy week ahead!

Happy Weekend!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bluebird babies, cards and finds

 My little bluebirds are almost ready to leave the nest! I REALLY want to HOLD THEM!
 Finds from a couple of weeks ago and Friday finds. We only went to o sale this weekend. Worked my duty day on Saturday.  Lots of hankies! See the sweet apple wall pocket in the photo below! The red and white quilt has a hole in it...not too big. It's my first quilt. I'm thinking it may look good for Christmas. The brown cardboard drawer will get a makeover!

On Thursday I went to Archivers with my BFF and we made cards! I had the "fall" theme going on! Fun day!

Isn't August going by quickly!!! This was a perfect summer week! Just so nice! The heat & humidity is coming because the State Fair starts on Thursday! SUMMER!


Friday, August 16, 2013

***Halloween/Fall Spoolie Swap***

                                         It's time for a "HALLOWEEN/FALL" Spoolie SWAP!!!
                                                             SWAP CLOSED
Sandy and I are co-hostessing this Fun Swap! Sign up on THIS POST ONLY! You have until August27th  to sign up. Partners will be assigned Sept 1st The Spoolie must be in the mail SEPT 30th! That is plenty of time! Please sign up only if you can follow thru!   SWAP CLOSED ****

Here are the "RULES"                            

1. You must have an active blog.This is a ONE on ONE Swap.

2. You will "post" your spoolie when it arrives. We all love to see each others creations.

3. PLEASE, the only "extras" to be included are:
    A.   A sweet treat, candy, tea, coffee, see what your partner likes!
    B.  A few pieces of ephemera papers, buttons, the like....for any holiday. THAT IS ALL!!! PLEASE! We are aware that many gals send LOTS of goodies, which is great, however, not everyone can. THANK YOU!

4. You can do either a Halloween or Fall spoolie. Just let me know.

5. Please leave your email on the comment so that I can contact you! Thank you! Anyone interested in a UK partner??? Please let me know! Thanks!

6. You MUST email your partner to get her address and to see what "treat" she likes.

7. If something comes up, let me know ASAP! I want everyone who signs up for the swap to receive a spoolie!

8. Email me if you have any questions

Thank you! Let's have some FUN!

Happy weekend too!
                 SWAP CLOSED                                                                          

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wedding Photos and a Win

 It was the PERFECT day for this wedding! Here is the "schedule". They had many outside games to play, giant Jinga, giant chess, bean bag toss, hay rides and a fire pit where you could make s'mores.
 Hubby and I had the food from this food truck! I had pulled pork sandwich! YUM! There was a taco truck and a sandwich truck.
 Cup cake truck! Darling! The cupcakes were good, just small! I had the raspberry! YUM!!! There was a hotdog vender just before dusk. However, we were FULL!
 The sweet couple in the apple orchard! May their marriage be Blessed!
Sharon, from, Corgis in my Garden, had a giveaway and I won! She gave these treasures! I do LOVE my linens, darling potholders and I hope to find a few makeovers from the book! THANK YOU, Sharon!

I do go to a couple estate sales and will show you those goodies later this week.

Some of the Maple tress are turning colors! They said it's because of the drought last year. I'm watering them as they said we should! Poor trees!

Time to take the doggies for their walk! It's a win for them and us!


Friday, August 9, 2013

FOUR Baby Bluebirds & Cards

 The four eggs hatched!
 FOUR little baby Bluebirds! We think they were born last weekend. We'll "peek" again this weekend! They couldn't even "chirp" when we looked at them.
On Tuesday my BFF, came over and we made cards. The sweet girl images are from a giveaway that I won earlier this year. They are from an very old Sears catalog! They were very fun to use and love the hats!

Tomorrow is the wedding in an Apple Orchard. The schedule of events for this wedding are as follows:

4PM HAPPY HOUR  (before the wedding!!!very different!)
5PM Wedding
6PM  3 Food wagons
7PM Lawn games and hay wagon rides
7:30 PM Cupcake food truck
8PM Dance
8:30PM bonfire, hot dogs and s'mores....

Isn't that a very unique venue!!! I'll take lots of photos and share what I can! The weather is going to be nice!

I'm wearing Jeans to the wedding! It's very casual!!!

Have a great weekend! It's feeling like "fall" and Michael's craft store is set for Halloween! I'm hanging on to summer as l-o-n-g as I can!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meeting a Blogger & Coffee Table Makeover

A few days ago, I received an email mail from "Jocelyn" and she said she would be in MN and could we meet! YES! So, we had lunch and talked like old friends! Then I took her to my favorite candy shop, Abdallah's in Burnsville and then to Antique's Minnesota and showed her my booth. It was a fun few hours together. Jocelyn has 2 blogs! Just a Little Southern Hospitality and Happy Cottage Quilter! It's GREAT to meet bloggers! I'm so HAPPY that she emailed me!

I bought this coffee table for TWO dollars at a garage sale. I was looking for one with more "space" to hold more "treasures" LOL!

I painted her a linen color and she is in the living room with just a few "treasures" on her! Just wait until the holidays! LOL!

Grand girl played 7 games in Kansas. They won 3 and they came home today. They had a fun time. The hotel had 2 pools!

I'm Loving this weather! I hope it last until December 1st!