Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Mantle and Swap Spoolies

 Here is my fall mantle. The banner was from a swap last year that Shirley made for me/swap! The painted pumpkin is also from a swap from Lorena. Lassie is mine from my childhood and the new puppy wants to stay here :)
 The photo above and below are from my swap partner, Sandy. It's the Halloween/Fall Spoolie swap. I asked for Fall theme spoolie. She made the one with the little girl on a turkey! LOL! Too cute! The paper goodies are perfect for Christmas and the candy was SO GOOD! Lindor is one of my favorites! Thank you, Sandy!

My other partner for the Spoolie swap was, Hope. She lives in the UK. She made the cute little pumpkin spoolie and sent me some goodies from the UK, embellishments and some "UK" money/napkin! Thank you, Hope! It was s fun swap!

Helped at the sale today and "bought" more treasures! Naughty girl!!! LOL!!!

My 40th high school reunion is Oct 5th! Do you think I can lose 20 lbs before then??!!! LOL!! What to WEAR??? Help!! It is going to be very casual, so jeans and a fun top?!

I hope your weekend it great! The leaves are starting to turn! Love FALL!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fabulous Vintage Finds!!!

 These items are from the "dealers" home that we went to on Tuesday and Sunday! Isn't the RCA dog cute!
 I'm totally in love with this grate! I added the fall look. It will be so much fun to decorate with each season!
 All these finds! Look at the old tray! Antique!

 Isn't the old puppy sweet!? He is staying with me along with the very unique lamp! See the Samsonite, hubby looked on an auction site and one like it went for.....WAIT FOR IT........$950.00 last year! I only hope we close to that when we sell it!
Lots of Christmas that will be for wreaths that I'm making for my sisters and Mom for Christmas gifts.

I'm going to help her with her sale on Friday. MANY things have been sold.

I'm going to a Tea Party tomorrow. I'll take photos. I haven't been to this tea shop, so I don't have any information to share.

I did meet up with Tammy at the October Afternoon sale. I bought a FEW paper goodies! (bad girl!) We also went for a bite to eat and then to an occasional shop.

For the Swap Partner's....Don't forget to get your package in the mail ASAP! The sooner is better! I mailed mine last week.

It was a beautiful fall day! Hoping it lasts until Dec 1st!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Vintage Cottage Shop

I have been working for Julie at "The VINTAGE COTTAGE" this week and a couple days earlier in the month to get her shop ready for the September Show that starts, TOMORROW, Thursday the 19th-Saturday 21st!  I did the "Shabby Room", the silver vignette and most of the last photo! I work on Friday, 10-4!!! This shop as well as 5 others are in Carver, MN. Each shop is unique! There are a couple of "junk" shops in the mix Something for everyone! I hope you can visit me on Friday!

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday and I'm also going to the October Afternoon warehouse sale. I'm meeting up with Tammy (Tammy's In Love)! It's a great sale of their papers, embellishments, and more at great prices!

THANK YOU for your sweet comments about the arbor that my handsome son made! He said that he is going to have his friend use a  paint sprayer and paint it for me! That is extra nice!

Glad the garage sale is over! Now to get it cleared out so the cars can park in it!

I went to a "dealers home" last night and bought a couple of goodies! I'll show you soon! I wish I could have taken photo's of her home! It was AMAZING!!! A nice mix and match of antiques( real ones), shabby and junk! She has the touch!!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Arbor by my Son

I had a garage sale today and while I was having it, my son made an arbor for me! It's for my birthday and Mom's day! It's super strong and you could hang from it! I'll be painting it white after he sands it and tweaks it a bit! See the side, that is where I can hang a plant or wind chimes! COOL!

How's my grey hair looking??? I'm thinking about coloring it again! Such drama!!! Hubby took the photo and he never says, "ready" or "Smile"...he just takes it! UHG! I had it take one the long way and blogger won't let me upload it right side up! UHG!

Have a lovely weekend! I'm going to have my garage sale this Saturday from 9-12 if anyone wants to come. Email me! Still have LOTS of Treasures for sale!!!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Remembering Mary Ella

Didn't the year go by quickly??!! Yet, it seems like it didn't. The song, "I Can Only Image" goes thru my mind and I think of you in Heaven. Laughing, dancing, and being with Jesus... I can only image.

Missing you and so Happy for the Years of Friendship!
Your BFA,

Friday, September 6, 2013

Tweaked Dining room and Booth

 The "less is more" look wasn't working for me! So, I added a few more plates and now it's working for me! My "baby" sister made the "H" for me a couple years ago for my birthday!
 Yesterday I went Auntie M's and added the little Halloween that I'm willing to sell! A few mask, the child's clown costume, blow mold and a few paper pieces. Tomorrow is my duty day! I'm there from 10:30-4pm!
Halloween is harder to find and the prices seem to go up.  I also moved a few things around. Sales for August weren't very good :(  Hoping September will be much better!

No sales for me this weekend! That is fine. I'm still going thru tubs of stuff for the garage sale on Thursday, the 12th! Email me if you want to come by and don't have my address! Just come and say "HI"!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Painted the Dining Area & Misc...

 I decided to change up the small dining area in my home this weekend! I love my blue half wall, however it wasn't flowing with the entire area...SO...time to PAINT! Bye bye  blue, Hello, "cream/linen"! I wanted to keep the saying on the wall! I didn't have enough of the old color to paint the rest of the room. Hello, wonderful lady at Home Depot! She pretty much matched the old color!!! Above is BEFORE
 HELLO, After! I will probably add more wall art when I find something that I LOVE! Fresh and clean look! The door to the left goes to the breezeway/sun room.
 I painted the light yellow wall the new "cream/linen" color, remove the little bookcase and took down the plates.
AFTER....I will also be adding the chair rail on either side of the bow window.  I just need to stain it and hubby will put it up for me. We are also going to put up new baseboard! Need to buy that!  The old color is just a tad darker, but it's livable! I really want a new rug! This one is too small. Any suggestions for a color??? Looks like the puppies had to be in the photos!

Took Grand girl and her friend to Valley Fair on Wednesday! Rather HOT!! I went on one of the roller coasters with them and the cork screw! The guy that sat next to me on the cork screw asked it I was a "screamer"...NO, I just LAUGH the entire 90 second ride! LOL!

September is a busy month! Daughter and hubby's birthday. Duty day on Saturday at Auntie M's (come visit!), school for Grand tomorrow and we go to the DQ for first day of school treat!  Getting STUFF ready for another garage sale. Sept 12th!!! (come see). Bible Study Fellowships starts this month and I'm helping Julie at the Vintage Cottage get ready for her sale on the 19th-21th! I get paid to help! NICE!  The bluebirds let the nest. Didn't see them leave :( 

I feel FALL in the air tonight! Looking forward to cooler weather!
Take care!

p.s. Swap partner's: You should have emailed your partner and exchanged address! Thank you!