Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Mantle & Card, Tag Swap

Here is my 2013 Christmas Mantle. 

 I'm trying to go "simple" this year or less is more! I'm putting up my tree this weekend.

I rec'd the good mail today. I joined "A Swap For All Seasons" and the Card, Tag and green destash arrived. Susie, from South City Hues sent me the sweetest tag with little jingle bells on it and the Christmas tree card. I'm thinking I'll keep them!  Below are the goodies she sent. It's a fun swap!  THANK YOU< Susie! I'm loving them!

Daughter and I went Christmas shopping today. I think I am DONE! I don't buy for many. Daughter, son, grandgirl, future SIL and my Mom. Hubby and I just fill our stockings! I also buy for a couple of friends. Now to wrap them up. I do give my 2 sister's a little something and I have that too! Surprised myself! I'm going to make a few more Christmas cards.

Tomorrow I'm working at Auntie M's in Hopkins. Hope you can come. I'll be wearing a Christmas sweater! Have to get into the holiday spirit! Small business Saturday!

Next week will fly by! Monday I'll be at the Vintage Cottage, getting it ready for the sale. On Tuesday I'll be dropping off my treasures for the AUNTIE CAKE AND FRIENDS POP UP CHRISTMAS SHOP that will be on Thursday- Sat. (SEE SIDE BAR FOR DETAILS!!) Friday is Vintage Cottage work day and Saturday is a "church" Ladies Christmas gathering, cookies and treats! I LOVE Christmas FUN!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Praise GOD from whom all BLESSINGS flow...

I am so Very THANKFUL for all the Blessing that God Blesses me with. I am also Thankful for Blogging Friends. Thank YOU!



Saturday, November 23, 2013

"JOY" Project & Bridemaids Dress Found

SO, I found some "JOY" and decided that it would work in this old frame...

and it DOES! It will go on the mantle. JOY is my favorite word!

Here are 4 of the 5 girls in the style of dress that they will wear for daughter's wedding. The color is the black one. It's so pretty on them. One more thing crossed off the list! My Grand is in the blue one and she looks much older than her 10 years!

Thank you all so much for the sweet and kind comments about my cards. You are my biggest cheerleaders!

Quick note: I'm going to be a vendor at:


go here:        for all the details.

I'll post on Sunday evening with a photo of things that I will be selling there. It's a nice variety of vendors at an AWESOME home!  I sure hope some of you gals can come!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Making Christmas Cards

I've started making my Christmas cards and here are the ones I've finished. I make about 4-6 of each one. Looks like I'm into a Dog Theme this year. I love the vintage images.

Has anyone made Stuffing in a Crock Pot??? I'm looking for a recipe for one as I'm having 10-13 people for Thanksgiving. I wish I had 2 ovens!!! Having a recipe for stuffing will help.

Saturday we are looking for "Bridesmaids" dresses. Daughter wants her "girls" to wear long black dresses. I'll take photos and share them with you! I'm sure enjoying all of this! My 2 weddings were simple! Did I tell you she has 5 bridesmaids!  Anyway.... it's all good!

I'm "thinking" I might put up some Christmas on my mantle this weekend. I'll put up the tree after Thanksgiving. It's coming up quickly! How's your decorating coming along??

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Running In the RAIN & Christmas Booth

 The booth at Auntie M's is ready for Christmas. More will be added.. Cool Christmas sweater, anyone?! LOL!

SO, I was coming in the front door of the house and little Sweet Pea, DASHED out the door before I could stop her! The RACE was ON!. Of course it was POURING rain outside and she RUNS much faster than me! LOL! I finally "caught" her in a neighbors garage! Thankful! NAUGHTY, Naughty DOG! She got a nice bath after this photo! I'm thinking Santa will be leaving a Lump Of Coal in her stocking!!!

I was "thinking" about putting up some Christmas decor on the mantle today. Didn't happen. Feels too early and I was overwhelmed at the amount to Christmas decor to go thru. Daughter did put her tree up today. It's pretty with blue & white lights.

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

CHRISTMAS at the Bachman Idea House

 I REALLY wanted this sweet reindeer, however, he is over $200.00, so he is staying at the store! He is so soft and sweet!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. The lighting was bad for my little camera, so that is all. Have a great weekend! This is a no comment post so just enjoy.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today's Estate Finds

 Have you EVER seen a GNOME Christmas blow mold?! I did today and he just had to come home with me. Not sure if I'll sell him or keep him. I also found some Christmas wrapping paper in the colors I'm going to decorate with this year: RED & WHITE with silver. It was only 50 cents for all 3 rolls! It was a digger sale!
They also had hankies. We went to TWO digger's sales today. Hankies from both sales! I've already washed them!

Very cool and big bread bowl is just perfect for some fall decor.  We only went to 2 sales. I went back to the first one and my daughter went with me. It was her FIRST TIME at an estate sale! She said it felt a little "creepy", but loved saving money.

Having a fun week ahead! Monday, helping at the Vintage Cottage, Tuesday, Doctor apt and then dealer work night at Auntie M's. Getting ready for the SALE that starts on Friday! Store wide sale!!!Wednesday I'm taking Mom to the Bachman Christmas Idea house! FUN and I'll take some photos to show you! Friday I'm working at the Vintage Cottage in Carver for their monthly sale! Come VISIT! I think a haircut is in order next Saturday!

On Friday I started making my Christmas cards. Photo to come.

Daughter and I also went shopping and I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. I've started, how about YOU? Feels good.

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksgiving mantle

 The pretty days of fall are winding down! Since our spring was "late" the leaves are staying on the trees longer and I'm loving it! I took this photo a couple of weeks ago coming home from the pumpkin patch. Yesterday I raked a bit and today you can't tell! LOL!!

Just a easy-peasy Thanksgiving mantle. I'm wanting to get out my Christmas decor, but I will WAIT until after Thanksgiving day .

Thank you for the sweet comments about the wreath! I hope to make a couple more. I did go to a thrift store yesterday and bought more Christmas balls at great prices!  It was crazy there! I usually don't shop on the weekend at retail stores because it's too crazy!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that this week you'll find a blessing or two!