Sunday, December 29, 2013

Treasure Hunting and More

 Hubby and I went "treasure hunting" yesterday. We went to 4 antique shops and had lunch out. It was a nice day. He had put in MANY hours at UPS, so a "fun day" was in order. I have wanted this little State fair treasure since I was in grade school. She was even on the cane and in pretty good condition. She is now in my craft room!

Most of these are for the booths. The fan blade I may make into a picture frame. It's the "gold" piece in the middle with a compact on it. I didn't have a silver compact, now I do! A little addition to my collection.

 Hubby replaced the kitchen light as it kept burning out light bulbs. This one is a few inches away from the ceiling. I painted the gray plastic decorative ring. I think it gives it a little "charm" :)

Being silly on Christmas morning at my Mom's!

We had a very nice Christmas and hope that you did too! I missed my son, but had Chopper, his dog, over and that was nice.

Tomorrow hubby and I are moving to a better spot at Antiques MN. It's closer to the front of the store. We have 4 LARGE glass show cases to move...and all the goodies! It may take 2 days!!

Hoping that 2014 will be a WONDERFUL, HAPPY and filled with Many BLESSINGS for each one of YOU, NEW YEAR!!!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Glory to God in the highest"...

...And on earth peace among men.... Luke 2:14


May PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS, GOOD HEALTH and JOY be your Christmas gifts.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Crafting at Erica's & Thank You's

 Here we are at Erica's a couple weeks ago to make some Christmas crafts. (L-R) Erica, Harriette, Tammy and Erica's twin sister, who's name I totally forgot, bad me, I'm sorry!) Can you see the sweet aluminum tree behind them?!!! Go to Erica's blog to see just how AWESOME her Christmas decorating is. Beware, you might "covet" it! I also met Harriette for the first time. She is a dealer at the shop next to Auntie M's. Please visit her blog too!  Puppies are Willie and Tucker. ( I hope that is right!) Tammy has a blog, Tammy's In Love, however, she isn't blogging at this time. She and I went to the October Afternoon sale this fall.

On the table were these little boxes loaded with vintage Christmas to use for our projects. I totally spaced out taking a photo at Erica's of the finished projects. She is going to post about it sometime.

So, when I got home I was so into crafting that the next morning I embellished the church and the putz house. What we made at Erica's was the Santa in the chimney, the tart and the Santa bell!  It was a very FUN day! Thank you, Erica! I LOVED IT!

 Judy, from 20 North Ora had a giveaway this fall and she was kind enough to make me this sweet Candy Cane pillow and Table Runner!!! The fabric is so pretty. The photo doesn't do them justice. Please pray for her hubby as he has health issues. THANK YOU, Judy!!!  You can see in the photo above that the runner looks pretty on my table.

The mailman has been dropping off a few packages. This pretty mug, tea and nice Christian CD is from Jocelyn, who I met this summer! A blogger from Florida!  THANK YOU, Jocelyn! I loved meeting her and spending a few hours showing her around.

 These gifts are from Debbie. We haven't met, yet! She lives in CA. We enjoy exchanged little gifts and she sent me these! I have a small collection of pitchers. Isn't the mini copper strainer to cute! Bluebird of happiness is sitting on my window sill. Pretty Salt & Pepper, fun stamps, snowman and CHOCOLATE!
THANK YOU, Debbie.

Isn't that the cutest "vintage" truck! Sharon, another blogger that came to MN this summer and stayed with me, sent this to me!  I NEVER thought that when I started blogging that I would ever meet bloggers and then have Friendships, because of blogging! What a blessing! The chocolates my hubby decided to "help himself"...he is now on the naught list!!! Sharon makes the best tags! THANK YOU, Sharon!

SO many Blessings from Blogging FRIENDS!!!  THANK YOU!!!

Off to clean the house and I'm thinking about making cookies. Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's if anyone is out and about in Hopkins!!! I'll be there from 10:30-4:00!!!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread House, Cocoa Bar & Recent finds

 This year my Grandgirl decorated the gingerbread house all by herself. Growing up too fast! Do you see Jackson Brown, he thought it was something for him to eat!

 Okay, I just had to "copy" the cocoa/tea bar that I've seen around blog land! My Grandgirl LOVES it!

A few weeks ago we went to a couple of estate sales and this is all I purchased. I'm still trying to buy less. With the wedding next year, ($$$),  this house MUST be free of bins in the family room!!!

I wrapped the gifts yesterday after church and before we went to a local church that puts on a Christmas concert which was very nice.  It was a busy weekend. Went to a friend's home for dinner of Saturday and Friday I went to Erica's for some crafting fun. I'll post about that next. Also rec'd some good mail :)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Little More Christmas Decor

 This is the bow window on the front of the house. Very simple this year...this photo was taken before all the snow came :)  I bought the angel wings last year after Christmas, on sale!
 My mini white ceramic tree, "putz" house I made last year, "D" from a blogging friend, Sharon. This little cabinet is in the "dining area".
 Here is that AWESOME register vent that I recently bought all decked out for Christmas! I LOVE this piece
My hoosier with a "putz" house made last year from a swap with Shirley, the NOEL from Sharon and the deer antlers I recently bought. It doesn't look "finished", but it is! LOL!

Thank you for all your very sweet and kind comments about my Christmas tree & sled. Since my hubby isn't into the Christmas spirit, it's so NICE to have my "friends" letting me know that they enjoy/like my Christmas decor. Maybe it's a "girl" thing!? LOL!!!

As you all KNOW, it's FREEZING HERE!! Actually, BELOW FREEZING!!! Too early for this. I don't mind the snow but the cold must go!

My son leaves for Hawaii on Friday for 3 weeks, (no fair!), so he will be on the beach for Christmas! I know he will have the best time. This is his 2nd trip there this year!

  The Pop-Up Shop went well, considering it was Freezing outside! Thank you, Tammy for coming!!! I sold many smalls. Good to have treasures go to new homes!



Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh...Christmas Tree...

                                  I decided to decorate the tree this year with my vintage ornies...

                   Remember the rusty sled that I recently bought ... here she is all pretty for Christmas. Aren't the little child skates too cute! I've had them for years. They make me smile.

                                                        Here is my 2013 Christmas.