Friday, January 31, 2014

"love" mail


I received a couple of packages of "love" mail. The one on the top photo is felt garland and very yummy treats from my friend, Sharon, My Vintage Studio. Of course, the candy is long gone and the garland looks so pretty on the mantle.  THANK YOU, Sharon!!!  I DID share the candy with hubby and my son who LOVED the chocolate one :)

These "love" mail gifts are from another blogging friend, Debbie Kay from My Vintage Daydreams. Once again, the candy is long gone! I have a thing for kitchen towels :) and look at the darling Jack Russell Valentine tag :). I think I can set a table for Valentine's day with the cloth and candles and bake something for my sweetie.  LOVE IT! THANK YOU, Debbie!  ( I did save the sweet tarts for grandgirl :)

How blessed to receive these gifts. Thank You so MUCH!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to a "class" at the church I go to. It's about membership. I'm thinking it is time to join.

Tuesday my Mom is having her eyelids lifted. She squints to see. So, finally the eye doctor said she could have the surgery. She should have had it a couple years ago...anyway...she will see better :)  I cleaned out my linen closet. It really just need to be organized.

I'm SO looking forward to SPRING! I think there is at least 3 feet of snow in our yard. We make paths for the doggies to go outside and do their business :) 

No estate sales this weekend. So, if you go out, find some treasures for me!


Friday, January 24, 2014

China Cabinet De-cluttered & Grandgirl

 Before is above and After is below. I went thru this built in china cabinet and took out a few things. Some are going to the booths.

 After with contact paper on the back wall to lighten it up and a couple dollar store mirrors to reflect the china. Much better. My "goal" is to go thru all the closets and de-clutter before the wedding. Along with a LIST of other things to do :)

Grandgirl didn't have school she came over and made the menu, place mat, and flower for her doll to have "lunch" at the table. She also helped me clean up my craft room! I'm glad that she enjoys creating and playing with her doll :)

It's SNOWING right now and it's so pretty!!! I just hope spring comes on time and no snow after March!

I'm being pretty good about not going treasure hunting! Almost stopped today at a thrift store, but held strong. LOL! I keep thinking WEDDING ~ $$$$$!

Happy weekend friends!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Valetine cards & Quilted Table Runners

 Here are a few of the Valentine cards that I recently made. I'm now working on a valentine heart box for a swap. Isn't "love" grand!

 I bought this barbed wire heart at Antiques Mn. I'm reselling it at Auntie M's. Fun for valentines day and beyond.

My baby sister has taken up quilting and made these table runners for me for Christmas. She picked out such pretty fabric for the blues and fun fabric for the valentine runner.

Friday I was working at the Vintage Cottage in Carver and today was my duty day at Auntie M's. Could have been busier at both shops.

Lots of pretty snow last night made the roads this morning slippery. Happy to be home and catching up with my blogging friends.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Valentine Mantle

 The "freezing" weather has left, for now! It's time to put up some "love" on the mantle.

I had this little step ladder in the garage and decided to use it for some Valentine display. Doesn't the truck look so cute on it!

Here is a compete view. It's not a "busy" as past years. Going for the less look as long as I can.

Thank you all so much for all the comments on the booth move! I was out there on Thursday with some Valentine cards. Monday I'm heading out to Auntie M's to work that booth. I've haven't been "working" the booths like I need to!

Count down to the wedding: Haven't decided on the cake, flowers or invitation...thinking the end of February to do cake tasting...yum...I'm not in charge of the invitations and I think she has a card for a florist.

I DO have my Dress for the wedding! I bought it at a consignment shop. Can't remember if I told you. LOL!
It's long with a slit on the side. It is sleeveless with a jacket. The top of the dress has a "glitter" pattern on it along with the jacket. It's black with the "glitter" on top. NOW, I have to get rid of the arm jiggles...or wear the jacket the entire time!

Hope you are all doing well. Hubby has the bad cold, grand girl has strep throat...and I'm taking "air borne" and washing my hands so much they are dried out...

May your weekend be filled some FUN!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Booth Move

Hubby and I spent a couple of days last week moving into our new and closer to the front of the store space at Antiques Mn. Those glass display cases are HUGE, HEAVY and had to be taken apart to move! It's all fresh and clean with a little "different" look. 

 You can see just some of the old toys that we have for sale. Today I dug around for Valentine goodies. I have the vintage cards. I thought I had more things...oh well! Our booth is 10 X 15. I can't believe that we still have that AWESOME china cabinet for sale! It will not be painted by us! I only paint small tables and such. Not vintage pieces with such detail and charm.

 You have probably heard that the weather in MN is BEYOND FREEZING! It may get to -52 with the wind chill on Monday! So, I'm going to stay inside and make some Valentines:)Maybe I'll cuddle up the the puppies! I know that we aren't the only state that has COLD weather.

Sad news, Archiver's, is closing it's doors. It's a MN scrapbook company that has stores in some states. I went there today and bought some papers and embellishments with Christmas money. I will sure miss them. I LOVE to buy paper that I can touch and see.   :(

Keep warm and safe these next few days!