Thursday, February 27, 2014

Puppy Brother & Giveaway Win

 This darling little guy is an "Blue" American Staffordshire Terrier, aka Pit bull puppy! He has the pretties blue eyes and his fur is a blue/gray. I took these pictures when he arrived at 5 weeks old. Rather young to leave his Mommy. He belongs to Grandgirls daddy. I haven't seen him for a few weeks and image is have GROWN!

 I just want to give him SO many puppy kisses :)

I won Linda's February giveaway. It was a Sunny, fun and Yellow theme giveaway :) Little goodies to brighten these cold winter days! Linda has a monthly swap that I enjoy. Her blog is: A Swap For All Seasons! Come join her swap. It's monthly and fun to do! Plus she has a giveaway!

See the pretty Spring card with a darling bunny and the cute little tag! :) Also the papers on the left are so PERFECT to make Easter cards! THANK YOU, LINDA! I'm loving these goodies! Who knows when I'll be able to plant the daisy seeds! LOL!!!

It was so nice to read all the comments about my consignment dress for the wedding! Thank you!  XO

Off to get the Grandgirl from school. Tomorrow is cake tasting and Saturday is the florist!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mother of the Bride Dress

 I KNOW that you are all Excited to see my Mother of the Bride here it is!!! The photos don't show the "glitterness" on it...(photos from cell phone). I need to have the straps shorten, image that...I'm only 5'3", but look taller because I wear my hair "puffy".... or is it "big"...LOL!!!

There is slit on the side. I'm pretty sure that I will have to have it shorten too. I'm not a skinny as the dress looks on this hanger! LOL!!!  I will need wear a spanx thing LOL!!! and as I have mentioned before, get my arms in shape, other than "wing like"...  LOL!!! Laughing is good :)  It's a one piece with jacket. I bought it at an consignment shop, tags still on for...........$35.00.........Score, Right!!! I think I'll look for sandals this summer. Black, probably. The Bride is wearing white flip-flops!  Mother of the Bride is not :)

I LOVE saying, Mother of the Bride!!!  Next Friday is the cake testing. The date kept getting changed as the Bride wants the Top Baker to make her cake! I'll take photos! I do know that she wants a "square" cake, with bling around each layer.

I've been under the weather this week. COLD....started Monday and went to a "minute clinic" today and got a RX for the cough. Not a "spring chicken" any more! Glad that it is just a cold.

Grandgirl has a NEW PUPPY BROTHER and I'll show him off on the next post! He is darling! She doesn't like me to call him, her puppy brother! She is at that age where she isn't the "sweet" little girl...trying to grow up and friends are more important than family....anyway...

Guess what??? Its snowing! Might just be home bound tomorrow. It is a pretty snowfall! Huge, fat flakes.
 Has anyone, I mean, Anyone, Seen SPRING!!!???


Thursday, February 13, 2014


 It's all about LOVE!!! These flowers are from my hubby. He gave them to me for my baptism and they work for Valentines Day too! :)
 I recently WON a giveaway! Doni from Faith, Grace and Crafts had a "lace" giveaway and this is what she sent me. Aren't the lace flowers pretty! THANK YOU so, MUCH, Doni! It will be great fun to use them when crafting!
                                           PUPPY LOVE

Hubby and I went out for Valentine's day tonight. We had gift cards for Red Lobster :) YUM!! We wanted to avoid the "crowds".

THANK YOU, ALL so much for your very kind comments about my baptism.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I hope you have a Sweet day!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Baptism

 It was an AWESOME Sunday morning! The church I am going to has immersion baptism and today I decided to be baptized. After meeting with one of the pastors and going to a "class" was the day.
Here I am making my statement of faith and why I want to be baptized.

I thought for sure I would cry while reading my faith statement...didn't. (My daughter took the photos with her cell phone)

Here is my statement of faith that I read:
I want to be baptized today because I Love Jesus.
I have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.
I believe that he died on the cross for me and my sins.
I believe that God the Father created Heaven and Earth.
I believe that the Holy Spirit lives in me as a believer and helps me in my Christian walk.
I want to be baptized today because Jesus was. I want to show Him my love and commitment to Him and to the body of believer, my family and friends.

I just wanted to share with you my faith and my day!

I need to clarify that baptism doesn't "save" you..."For it is by Grace you have been is the Gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.  Eph 2: 8 & 9   A "gift" that you must accept!

Monday, February 3, 2014

One More Valentine Swap

Linda, from A Swap For All Seasons has a monthly swap. We make one card, one tag in the colors/theme for that month and send along a little "destash" goodies. Marti, from Artful Curiosities made and send me the above beautiful card and tag! Lots of lace and pretty details are in the card and tag. It seems each time I'm in this swap and receive my card and tag, I don't want to use them.

Thank you, Marti!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine Swap package!!! WOW!!!

Late last night the mail carrier delivered a package from Paintin Patti. We were swap partners for the Valentine Swap that Sandy from 521 Lake Street had. WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say!
 It came in a pretty box and was LOADED with Valentine Love!
 Sweet bluebird tag :) Candy, bits and bobs, fun things!!!

and she made, by hand, this heart with my name in it !!Plus the pink felt heart with button flowers and then the separate button flowers. I am just AMAZED on the kindness of Patti! I just L-O-V-E these handmade gifts!

But wait, there is MORE! This sweet little Valentine cloche made with a plastic wine glass...AWWW.. see the little valentine mouse in the photo above this one! Darling! Fun kitchen towels, which I adore! 
AND this "Berry" Special candy box heart with puppies on it:)   THANK YOU, Patti, doesn't cover the generous, thoughtful and AWESOME gifts you made and sent to me!!!  (even my hubby commented on the handmade gifts:, I know!)   :)   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..You can see what I sent to Patti on her blog! I really felt the "Love" for this swap!!!