Saturday, May 31, 2014

$10.00 Bag & Finds & Garage Sale

 Above is my recent $10.00 bag from an estate sale! I really stuffed my bag! LOL!

 We went to the Trader's Market last Saturday and I only found these goodies. I'm Loving the towel on the left. Too cute and perfect colors!

I had a garage sale on the 21st and then again on the 28th and 29th...and I'm TIRED!!! There were 3 families/friends that were selling with me. It was a pretty good sale and I've already made a trip to the thrift store with a few more trips to go. With the Bridal Shower on the 14th, I'm in SERIOUS cleaning mode!

My neighbor gave us her 3 year old refrigerator today, so hubby & future SIL took care of moving it over here and we gave SIL our old one. We have 2 now, one in the kitchen and one in the walkout level! Poor guys, it's very HUMID today and they were very HOT!

Now to finish up the plans on the Bridal Shower...30 people were invited...where am I going to put them???Hoping for a perfect day so that I can have it in the garage! Colors are fuchsia, white and silver!

Grandgirl goes to school until the 11th. Not sure what we will be doing this summer. For sure, vacation Bible school (which they don't call it that anymore) and she is taking a baby-sitting course. She is already playing fast pitch and they have tourneys lined up for the summer!

Just learned at a friend of mine hubby has terminal cancer...his name is Mark if anyone would like to pray for him...Thanks!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Craft Day with Blogging Friends, Sandy, Tammy & Erica

 Here  we are, all ready to create! Lots of fun images to use, embellishments, and "chocolate"! Left to right, Erica, Tammy, me and Sandy! It was a great day of laughing, eating and enjoying the day.

 Erica and Tammy, who is looking a little "glue gun happy"! LOL!

Lunch was served in the sun room. YUM! This is dessert! Cupcakes from a new shop! Chocolate raspberry for each and then some other flavors.

Here are Sandy's finished cards. I forgot to get every one's creations in a photo. Time ran out. You get the idea.

On Saturday, I wore Sandy out by taking her to a few fun places! Haupt market, Tammy's garage sale, Michael's, Tuesday Morning which now has a nice selection of paper/crafting things, Auntie M's and a couple thrift stores!

So, now I'm pricing things for a GARAGE SALE at my home. Email me for my address if you would like to come. It will be Thursday, May 22nd from 9-5...and then AGAIN, May 29th & 30th!!! I'm doing some MAJOR house cleaning..remember, WEDDING coming up in 4 months!!!

For those of you who guessed the First Tea table that I set, you were right! Thank you for all your kind comments!

I hope to get around to visiting you, but I'm guessing it will be after long weekend!


Monday, May 12, 2014

TEA Party Tables

The theme for the Tea Party on Saturday was: LOVED BEYOND MEASURE. God's love can't be measured and of course, He loves us beyond measure!

We played a fun game, talked around the tables and a speaker. Sorry, no photos of the food. The men served us our food and tea! Nice! We had 5 savories, fresh, homemade scones and 5 desserts for the tea party! YUM! 

Each table showed that persons personality. Each one unique. There were 23 tables set for tea. I didn't take photos of every table. I was busy helping where needed! The weather was perfect!
So, a little guessing game...which table did I set of these shown???

I'll have to show you what we bought at an estate sale this weekend in another post. I'm going to get ready for Sandy's visit, so I don't think I'll be posting until she leaves. I hope you all had a nice Mom's day. My mom was/is sick. :(  She still came to the tea party, but stayed home in bed all day yesterday.

I sure hope we have nice weather when Sandy comes. She has RA and the rain and cold isn't good for her! It's raining...I'm thinking spring isn't coming this year.


Saturday, May 10, 2014



I hope you all have a Blessed Mother's Day!

The Tea party went well and I'll show you my table and a few others in the next post!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Mantle & Tweaking

 I finally changed out the mantle with a little "spring"....I'm sure it will change, but not before Sandy comes next week to visit!!!

 Rearranged my chicken collection and "cleaned" the top of the Hoosier, which looks crooked, but isn't LOL!

I "HAD" to keep the canister set and put it above the refrigerator, in a cabinet that I took the doors off...hubby isn't "thrilled" with this !!!

This Saturday is the annual TEA party at church. This year I am hostessing a table. I will take photos.

Sweet Pea had a wood TICK on her today...ICK!!!They now have a "natural" tick repellent on that smells like cloves, which it is...

Bought some flowers today the outside and a new welcome mat. The bluebirds are back. However, the little sparrows are trying to take over the nesting box...I'm hoping the bluebirds win!

Off to enjoy this nice day as it's going to rain for the next 3/4 days...REALLY!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Vintage Shop in Town

 I thought you might like to visit a New Shop! That is Linda and this is her shop. She is just the sweetest person. This shop has a nice variety of treasures. You can shop the main floor and then go downstairs for more goodies.
It's a nice size shop. The photos don't show the real size of the shop. She would love to have you stop in and say "HI"!!!