Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Finds & Winner

 Looky!!! I found these very pretty blue rose plates. They were in the garage! Weird! Some have nicks and some "stain" around the edges. However, there are enough for 2! I've already been using the square ones. I've decided that I'm going to USE the vintage plates. Duh...they do no good sitting in the china cabinet! The linens are from the same sale.

These are from a day 2 of a 4 day sale. 30% off on day 2. (oops, the Christmas cards are from the lst sale) The Santa is from the 40's and he is musical!  Very fun graphics in the books.

Grandgirl has fast pitch tourney all weekend. With the rain on one day, they just shorten the time to play. I went yesterday and haven't heard how she did today.

It's going to be a quick week. Having a family reunion up in the Brainerd area on Saturday. I'll have to check out the local antique shops. The reunion is my dad's side. My dad passed away 17 years ago. There were 11 siblings. I have only 1 uncle left on this side and 1 auntie on my mom's side.

OKAY, the person receiving the little package of treasures IS: ....MELISSA at Melissa's Antiques. Please email me your information at   THANK YOU!

Since I'm "cleaning" the house for the wedding...another giveaway will be coming up! I'm thinking it may be something "PINK" or maybe "BLUE"...LOL!!!

Have a wonderful 4th Of July!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

4th Of July Mantle & My Blog is 6 Years Old

 I'm not a huge red, white and blue girl..however I looked around the house and the gifts from Debbie, I came up with this mantle vignette. It works...

These sweet rain boot where heading to the trash and I saved them. A friend of mine was going to throw them out because they had mouse poop in them and were dirty! Not anymore! LOL!

SO, it is my blogs 6th Birthday as I like to call it! You are all very "berry" special blogging friends. As a little "Thank You" I put together this little gift for one of you. Blogging has opened up so many things for me. "WHO KNEW"!! I appreciate your prayers, support, friendship, decorating ideas, gifts and so much more!
I have included a vintage strawberry hankie, old cottage cheese container, "faux" strawberries, strawberry tea towel, cards and little strawberry Avon with box. Just leave a comment that says: "YES" to have your name in the drawing which will be on Friday! Sorry, I'll only be mailing in the US....

Warmly and with appreciation,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Too CUTE estate finds & Thank You's

 We went to this really good estate sale last Friday and I saw THESE darling little child canister set. WAY TOO MUCH!! It was a 3 day sale. I left a bid.

Hubby went Saturday for me as I was getting ready for the bridal shower and came home with them!

 TOO STINKIN CUTE!!!!!!! I just love them and they are a perfect addition to my collection!

I was also blessed with some 4th of July gifts from Debbie Kay. We send each other little gifts during the year. Some of these on are my 4th mantle that I will show you next time. THANK YOU, Debbie!

Erica sent me these darling little Christmas stickers. Aren't they just too sweet! THANK YOU, Erica!

Thank you for the sweet comments about daughter's bridal shower! Everything is going well and the BIG DAY will be here soon!

Hot & Humid this week...not complaining...just saying...LOL!!! Sweet Pea and Jackson Brown found a nest of baby bunnies last night...1 of the 4 survived. The dogs don't intend to"kill" them, they "play" with them...It's sad and it's nature.

I have my duty day at Auntie M's on Saturday 10:30-4:00 :)

Have a Sunny Day!
deb  :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bridal Shower

I made this card for daughter...she isn't "in to" vintage...I think she liked it...

We had a nice storm before the shower started and the power went OUT!!! I was busy getting candles out....and then the power came back on! Thankful!!! So, I forgot to take some before photos of the few decorations I put up...sometimes things don't go as planned!

 God mother, daughter, Grandgirl and me...this was taken after the shower...I didn't take many photos...Daughter's God mother help hostess the shower. Not as many showed up as expected, so lots of left overs, except for the chicken dip. Grandgirl is into making "funny" faces in all the photos...stinker!!!

Food: cake balls, cashews, M&M's, fresh fruit and watermelon, cucumber sandwiches and buffalo chicken dip. Food's she likes. The buffalo chicken dip: 1 large can chicken meat, 1~ 8 oz  cream cheese, combine and either melt in microwave or in oven 350 for 30 minutes and add  hot sauce or buffalo sauce to taste! A winner every time!!! I use about 1/2 of a small bottle! YUM!!!

My flowers took a "hit" with this long and cold winter. I only had a few flowers on my peonies bushes :(

We did go to a couple of estate sales this I'll "show N tell" soon! Just smalls :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Recent Estate Buy & Shower prep

 This is the 3rd or 4th vehicle that we have bought at an estate sale! It's a little " fancy" for me :) We got a SUPER DEAL on's a tad tough inside as "teenage" boys had been driving it! I drive it like an "grandma", for now! LOL!!  I was hoping to WAIT until next year for a different vehicle, but it was a SUPER DEAL....

Here are some of the decorations for daughter's bridal shower. I'm going to have fresh flowers. It looks like it will be inside as there is a 60% chance of rain. It looks like just under 20 are coming.

I've been doing some touch up painting, outside yard work, and more "cleaning up". Tomorrow I am getting a mannie/peddie with my daughter! A little girl time :) 

Grand girl's last day of 5th grade is tomorrow!!! we will go to the Dairy Queen for our "traditional" last day of school treat! She is changing so much. I'm feeling a little sad that "grandma" isn't so important anymore :(

Just wanted to do a quick post before the shower. See you after the shower!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

De-cluttering the Family Room & Flowers

 I picked these little flowers a couple weeks ago and don't they look so sweet in the blue pitcher on the mantle :)

 Mr Gnome lives in this planter just outside the breezeway. He has lived there for a couple of years and seems very happy :)

 CONFESSION: This is the family room in the walk-out level of our home. This photo was taken AFTER I put away a FEW's been a MESS far TOO LONG! Just ask hubby! I'm embarrassed to even show you this...

 This is the AFTER which I finished "de-cluttering" today! It's like a new room!

Another view. We price our re-sell items here and the table had been loaded with "stuff" FAR TOO LONG!

MUCH BETTER! I had to get it together before the bridal shower, just in case the shower needs to be in the family room.

I've also started working out! It's been a long time since I've worked out! DISCIPLINE...

Tomorrow is haircut and we are then visiting Mark, who has the cancer. Saturday is my Mom's birthday, taking her and my Auntie out for dinner. Grandgirl has fast pitch tourneys that we'll watch if they don't get rained out. A fun and fast weekend!

Thank you for your prayers for Mark. I know that God hears and answers :)