Monday, July 28, 2014

Awesome Mantle Mirror and Finds

The totally AWESOME mirror will be going over the mantle!!! I love the patina and beveled edges.

It has a little Art Deco look going on along with the etching. I have to get some heavy duty hangers/hooks and then it will go over the mantle.

Fun finds from Friday.

Isn't that Santa sign fun. It's a keeper. I haven't found vintage cards in ages until this sale. The pyrex bowls will be going to the booths. Most of the finds are going to the booths.

The next couple of days, getting ready for the garage sale. Grand girl is my helper. I'm not sure how well the sale will go. I feel that spring and fall are the best times.

The "undergarment" fitting was too FUNNY! I was laughing while trying on the corsets...WOW, they are TIGHT! Daughter has hers and mine will arrive in a couple of weeks. It does make my dress look better.

Only SEVEN WEEKS before the Wedding! I better check my "do to" list...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peek at Centerpiece for wedding & Plate wall

 These are the "faux" calla lily flowers that will be the center pieces on the tables for daughter's wedding. Just a peek for's getting closer!!!  Each table will have a combination of white and the hot pink/fuchsia with black, white and clear marbles in the bottom of the vase that will have "Bling" wrapped around it.

I wasn't quite happy with my plate wall, so I added more little plates...maybe 2 more are needed! LOL!

Looks better for now!

Grandgirl has the last tourney for fast pitch that starts tomorrow and goes thru Sunday. Friday daughter and I will go to a specialty shop for "undergarments" for the wedding. That will be interesting! We are bringing our dresses to see what will work to "thin" us down a bit.

Looks like the garage sale might be next Thursday.  There may be some "time" to go treasure hunting this weekend...there are MANY listed!

I painted the wall leading to the family room today. It's the only area that hasn't been painted since we bought the house. Looks much better and of course much cleaner! Slowly the projects are getting done. Not sure about the new bathroom floor, vanity and bead board before the wedding!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seashell Summer Mantle & Catching Up

Here is my "seashell" mantle for the summer. The white shell shaped vase is from Sandy. She found it when we were out shopping. It's perfect for my vignette!

Let's catch up...Monday-Wednesday, I was helping at summer Bible camp at church. I helped with snack time for 96 kids! That was interesting! Grand girl helped too. Tomorrow we will be finalizing the menu for daughter's wedding!!!  It's just 2 months away! We want to have another garage sale within the next couple of that means going through more boxes...I rearranged the living room...not sure how well I like it. The TV is in the way! LOL!! I asked hubby if we could have just 1 TV and he laughed!!! We don't like too many of the same shows. We have one in the living room and one in the family room.  Got my haircut and it's not quite the way I want it....not dropping the weight as I want to....and today was Mark's funeral. His 2 boys talked about their dad and how Mark's christian life was a blessing to them! The song "I Can Only Image" was song and that brought tears to my eyes. SO, really life is GREAT! and I am so BLESSED!

It is a perfect summer day and the doggies will enjoy their walk tonight!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Card & Tag swap and Mark Is in Heaven

 There is a monthly Card, Tag & Destash swap at A SWAP FOR ALL SEASONS, by Linda. The theme for July was "Share A Smile" I sent the card and tag above to Elizabeth, Tales from the Pond, as well as the destash below.  The color purple was for the destash. However you can use that color for the cards too.

(Have NO idea why the photos are sideways, SORRY) I received the above card, tag and destash below from Marie, Spun By Me.  She even sent a hankie in the colors for the destash, purple! THANK YOU, Marie! The card and tag sure made me SMILE!

My girlfriend's hubby, Mark passed on to Heaven on Sunday. Funeral is next week. Prayers for her and the family would be appreciated. They were married for 32 years :)  have 2 sons, a DIL and 3 grandboys.

It was a lovely summer day! Sunshine, blue skies, just a perfect day!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Got Me A Goat, Reunion & Fairy Garden

Hubby and I went to the Trader's Flea market on the 4th...first thing in the morning. I've wanted one of these darling metal goats and I now have one. His name is "Billy" of course! Most of the time he is in the porch so no one steals him. Once in awhile he goes outside to "graze"! LOL!!!

 Here I am with my last living Uncle, Denny! He has Parkinson's disease. His head bobs around, his hands don't work as they should and he needs help to walk. His mind is fine :)  He should be wearing his glasses! He doesn't have many teeth left. He is pretty happy and enjoyed seeing us. We also had birthday cake for him. He is 9 years older than me! He is the last born of 11 children that my Grandparents had. It was bitter sweet....It appears that this disease runs in the family and seems to affect the men.

On a happier note, made myself a little fairy garden. Grand girl isn't into making them anymore :(  but I am!!

While up in the Brainerd area we stopped a a few antique shops and didn't buy anything! WEIRD!!! It's always fun to look. It was a little disappointing too! A couple of shops didn't have much to sell and weren't very "fresh"...Plus it was rather HUMID yesterday and temps in the 80's. Most of the shops didn't have central air!

Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's! You know it would be fun to visit me there!!!