Monday, October 27, 2014

New Booth & New Finds

 Here is our new booth at Antiques On Mainstreet in downtown Hopkins ! It's 10 X 7 1/2 ...and 1 and 1/2 duty days. Not sure where the 1/2 day came from...

 This shop is light and bright. Feels cleaner too. Many dealers and lots of variety....I know it looks a little empty...

 Putting up Christmas :)  November 7th-9th is the Holiday Stroll in downtown Hopkins with SALES at most shops along with Treats!!! So, for SURE, you want to come shopping!

Recent finds! The Halloween cat stickers were hidden in the bottom of a box and I didn't see them until I dug around! Nice surprise!  I wish there were more than the few that you see!

Thank you for your sweet and kind comments about my tea party! It would be great fun to have you all come to my home for a tea party! Maybe not everyone at once! LOL!

Still haven't decided what to "be" for a Halloween costume party on Friday night....

Taking a little day trip with a couple of dealer/friends! The rest of the week is pricing the treasures for the booths and getting all the Christmas out in the shops!!! I don't want to miss any sales!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tea Cup Swap and Tea Party

 I recently joined Stephanie's Tea Cup Swap. She has a swap for tea cups a couple times a year. It's a nice way to meet new people.  I received a beautiful package from Patti, not a blogger at this time.

 Inside was this pretty tea cup and lovely hand made card and a few more gifts....

 a tea bag holder, tea, hankie, doily, chocolate and a sweet book mark. THANK YOU, Patti! It was a great gift. I sent a package to Dolores, who doesn't have a blog, but you can see it at The Enchanting Rose's blog.

 Last Monday I had a few gals over from church for a little tea party. We are planning a Christmas Tea in December for the ladies/girl at church.

Here is the luncheon sandwich that I made. One layer is chicken, egg salad and ham salad. It was pretty good. It's covered with a cream cheese "frosting"!

We've been moving into the new shop since Monday. All moved in today...Now, let's hope for lots of sales!
We are at ANTIQUES ON MAINSTREET!  913 Main Street, Hopkins. Right next to Auntie M's! I will be there on Sunday from 12-5!!!  Booth is PAD... I have put up a little Christmas! More to come!

I'm helping a elderly lady from church with a sale. Tomorrow is pricing and the sale is Fri-Sat. That is my week!

I always appreciate your kind comments! Take care. I hope your week is a good one.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall, Finds and Gift

 I have 3 maple trees in my front yard and this year their colors are AMAZING! My pretty red maple

My pretty orange maple and the yellow maple is just turning color. It's a joy to see them and their bright colors. It's a treat from God!

 Bought these old sewing drawers recently along with the old tote and birdies. All for the shops.

 Do you remember these boards at your church?! I do!!! It's going in my living room and I'm going to add photos to it or maybe my Christmas cards! I love it and it has good memories for me! Since I'm keeping it, I'll tell you how much I paid for it...$25.00...I'm thinking that was a great price!

Sharon and I exchange little handmade treasures every now and then. She made this one for me and it's as cute as it can be! She is coming next month.Thank you, Sharon! You are a sweet friend.

Our hot water heater is leaking, so hubby is putting in a new one today! So thankful that he can do all the work. Bless his heart! (my grandma would say that!)

Monday we are moving into the other shop. That will take a few days.....

I'll show you my tea party table and some tweaking in the bathroom in my next post!

Autumn blessings my friends!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Craft Day with Blogging Friends

 Erica, Tammy and I had a great craft day on Friday! Between the 3 of us we had 2 huge tables with Christmas stuff to use, plus underneath the tables. It was crafting heaven!

First we made/altered Putz houses. Can't tell right now who made who, as one is going to someone and it's a surprise!

We altered pie tins. Fun! Erica made the elf, Tammy, the snow man and I made the angle. Very Fun. Tammy also altered the Santa mug.

Fun little shadow boxes made up for Christmas too! Tammy made the top one, Erica the hot cocoa one and I made Cookies for Santa! We really needed a whole weekend to make crafts. One day wasn't enough time!

Tomorrow I'm having a Tea Party. I made a sandwich loaf today. One layer is ham, then egg salad and then chicken with cream cheese frosting all over it...I sure hope it's good. I also make pumpkin kiss cookies, It's like peanut butter kiss cookies. I'll try to remember to take photos. Also serving fresh strawberries!

Off to iron a table cloth for tomorrow and then set the table...I like to be organized! LOL!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Recent finds & Fall Vignettes

 I "SO" copied this idea from somewhere! The truck is a gift from Sharon, who is coming in November for a visit!! I'm having a fun year with blogging friends coming to visit me :)

This is on a small table when you first walk into my home. I've had the ceramic pumpkin with the mouses for years and I LOVE IT!!!

 Recent finds! The canister set I bought at the flea market a week ago. The rest are from the 3 day sale.

The post cards, of which many are 100 years old, sweet girl wall pockets, head vase, and the rest are from the 3 day sale. We also bought a lawyers bookcase and that is at a shop. I have a small drop leaf table in the garage that will also go to a shop soon. We also bought lots of smalls, but I didn't take a photo of them.

I'm going to have a fun week. Lunch out 2 days. One is with Ginger, who's hubby, Mark went to heaven a few months ago. Thursday is the paper sale at October Afternoon. I'm going with Erica & Tammy and then on Friday they are coming here and we are going to Christmas/card craft!

I heard from daughter that "some" of the photos will be here this week!

My hair is short...hubby is keeping quiet about grows! I went to a new person and it takes awhile to "train" them. It seems they love to cut natural curly hair short!  LOL!!  Had to turn the furnace on! It's cold here!

The middle of the month, I'm moving out of Auntie M's and going to the shop next door. It's called Antiques on Mainstreet! I'll have a booth and 1 1/2 duty days. Sometimes you need to change shops. Of course I'll still shop there!

Off to make some cornbread to go with chili for dinner! It's that time of year!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Mantle & Wedding Photos

Here is my Fall Mantle! I just LOVE fall colors and this is when they come out at my home! The banner is from Shirley from the banner swap last year. The angel is from Sharon who came last year and stayed with me for a few days.  She isn't blogging right now. I think my new/old mirror is a great backdrop.  I made the white fabric pumpkin on the left last year, I think! Found the old picture at a sale and had to keep it!

Totally LOVE this PHOTO!!!! Again, this is from my little camera. I can't' wait to see the professional ones! Why does it take so long when it's all digital??! Hmmm...

These are my "kids" Godparents. I met them when I was in junior high school. Jeanne was a Sunday School teacher and I was her helper! They are awesome Christians...not perfect...but always praying for me and my family. Isn't my son just so Handsome!!! I'm so happy that I have a few photos to keep looking at!

The Honeymooners are home and everyone is back to their routine :)

Tomorrow I'm going to the "Gathering of Friends" sale and then visit the Bachman Ideas House with a couple of dealer friends and of course, out to lunch! Friday I'm going to a new hairstylist....I think the weekend will be outside chores and pricing some recent finds! We hit a pretty good sale last Friday. It was a 3 days sale and we went ALL THREE DAYS!! Of course, I'll be showing you the finds!