Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun Friday Finds

 Aww...nothing like a "digger's sale" on a Friday morning! Mainly new-ish items, but fun to dig...

The basement had many room filled with totes/boxes to dig in!!! Maybe we'll go tomorrow when it's 1/2 off. Price were good today on most things

I don't know why I picked up the soaps.  You just never know what "calls" to you when you are "shopping".

Tomorrow another sale that looks like "pretty" things to buy.

I hope you have a FUN  weekend!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Little Decorating Changes

 I've changed up the corner's in the living room...bought this awesome pink window/door on Thursday while shopping with Linda and Robin, fellow bloggers. The window/door will probably have a new location at some point. For now, it's here! It has the old wavy glass!

 I don't have a "foyer" in my home.  Bought this little table a couple weeks ago. Traded it out for a blue table that didn't have a drawer. These are real bird nests that I have found on the ground and put in the freezer for a year to be sure that any mites that were on them have been killed. I sure don't need any mites in the house or on the dogs or myself! The old bottles on the bottom shelf are from my son. He sometimes finds cool old stuff when he is remolding homes! Can't remember here I found the heart rock.

My good old suite case corner with my old church sign makes my smile! The old clocks are set at the time my kids were born. Copied that idea a few years ago!

We didn't go to any estate sales this morning. Nothing "looked" that good! LOL!!  Yesterday I bought paint for the living room, hallway and bedroom. Not sure when I'll start painting. I had to buy it as it was on sale!

I'm thinking Spring...just wish the weather was! This is the last week of February...


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Recent Finds & Mantle for Now

 While we haven't gone to many estate sales, the picking have been poor and slim. Recent finds above for the shops...

 I LOVED watching the Benny & Cecil cartoons and have my own little collection. The Cecil doll has his own disguise kit to play with. The music box doesn't play music and the book is in tough shape, but I LOVE my collection!

 A couple of weeks ago we bought 2 stain glass windows. They are so pretty! One is at Antique Mn for sale if anyone wants one. The other one at home, if interested, you can email me...

The Valentine decor is put away...and these are on my mantle now. Very simple...with Easter around the corner, I thought this would work until I put up my Easter treasures. I do like my "girls". Do you like the cigar box that says, "dreams"...pretty cool!

This coming week is going to be FUN with Friends! Wednesday, lunch with Ginger, Thursday treasure shopping with 2 blogging friends, one I haven't met before, Friday lunch with church girls, along with favorite son in love's birthday!! Tuesday is a duty day. The week will fly by!!!

Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday was very good!  We brought home slices of cheese cake and had those for our "dinner"!! Thank you Marge for the gift certificate!!!

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

~ Valentine's Day Wishes ~

                              HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

May your day be SWEET and filled with LOVE. 

This is a Bible verse that I'm trying to live by:

Matthew 22: 37        "You shall love the Lord your God with All Your Heart, and with all Your Soul and with All Your Mind".

There is no greater Love than from the Heavenly Father...


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Crafting & Valentine Mail

 A couple of weeks ago, Erica & Tammy came over and we crafted. Erica had us try something new, and it was so much fun. The "new" crafting was on canvas and altering/adding things. Tammy made the "Beloved" one, Erica made the "There's always more" and I made the "House", which I have re-altered! LOL Didn't like the cupcake on the main was a good time. Cards, a tag, a valentine box, garland, were also made!

  A package of Valentine love was sent from Debbie to me this week. We send each other little somethings, every now and then!  She sent an " ME" book, vintage valentines, bits and bobs and mug from Mn...she lives in CA.. THANK YOU, Debbie! Who doesn't love gifts from friends!

Last week or so the grocery store had the best tasting strawberries!! YUM!

Plans for next week, duty day at Mainstreet, baby sister's 55th birthday, Bible study, and of course, Valentine's Day. We have a gift card for the "Cheesecake Factory" that we will use on Friday the 13th!! Too crowded on the 14th, plus that is our "treasure shopping day"! LOL!!

Thank you for your blogging friendships!!! I hope you all have a great week filled with many blessings!