Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Shabby" Sunroom & Chit-chat

 Before the party, the "sun room" (aka breezeway) had to get cleaned up and de-cluttered from it being a winter storage room...Top photo with the table & chairs is the  wall against the dining room with a door next to it.  The photo with the sofa against the wall, that door goes to the garage. I have little white lights wrapped in fabric. It is soft and romantic in the evening with the lights on. 

 This view faces west. The door in the middle isn't used and ONE day will be replaced as I want to make the sun room into a huge dining room!!! The golf course is across the street.

This view is east and faces the back yard. "When" the room is transformed, this will have a sliding patio door. I have No idea when the transformation will happen. Until then, it is a sun room to relax and people watch.

I added the white sheers to make cozy and more private.

Tomorrow I'm having a day with baby sister. I can't remember it I told you: the doctor removed all the cancer and will reattach her rectum probably in May. She will have 4 months of chemo and then should be totally cancer free. She had rectal cancer...I know that I didn't mention it before as I wasn't sure if she was okay with me telling you.

Thursday is Bible Study Fellowship. This fall the study will be the Book Of Revelation. I am so looking forward to that study. For information go here:  www.bsfinternational.org  This study is for everyone. Won't hurt to check it out !

Friday I am helping a friend get a home ready for an estate sale. It is an 100 year old home with the "creepy" basement. We will be working in the basement with the cob webs and lots of stuff!!!  I'll try to remember to take photos. It is a grand old home!!


The flowers are still looking good :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Recent finds & Bedroom additions

My daughter, SIL & grandgirl gave me "60" flowers for my birthday! It's like a flower shop at my home :)

Recent finds for the shops. I can't STOP myself from buying linens! The above goodies are from Sunday and it was "bag" time... it was 2 bags at 10.00 a bag and I have 2 more luncheon sets...

Went to a thrift store today and bought these goodies...and one of them went on my bedroom wall...

 Looks pretty good on the wall...don't you think!!

The photo of my son when he was 4 years old, I think and in a wedding :) Too cute! The rose drawing he did for one of my birthdays. He is very talented that way...the other photo is daughter's wedding bouquet. So pretty and looks so good in the new bedroom!

Happy "Hump" day!!!

Giveaway Winner

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all the 60th Birthday comments/wishes!!! I truly wish that I could give each and everyone of you a gift.... You all are so special to me! This tea cup goes to Celestina Marie...please email me with your address! Thank you.
p.s. comments are turned off...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

OH ~ No~ The Big 60th Birthday

 Today is my 60th Birthday...WHAT!! I KNOW!!! How FAST the years on gone by!!! Last night there was a little gathering to celebrate....

 The BEST cake ever..."Raspberry Diva" buttercream cake....YUMMY!!!

 some "bubbly", friends and family....it was a good evening!

So to celebrate, here is my giveaway to one of you!!! A pretty "Pinky" teacup, Lindt candy, a tea stamp and a party favor, "celebrate",  that I made for my guests.

Just let me know that you want to have your name in the giveaway...US friends only...so sorry...


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Giveaway win & "new wheels"!!

I recently won a giveaway that Linda from A Swap For All Seasons had featuring a "spring theme"...Thank you, Linda! I've already made a card from a couple of the items above! It came in an green egg! What fun!

 A recent find was the "new little red wheels" above! It's a darling little bike that I bought at an estate sale. I just need to find a basket and it will go in the front garden...too cute...

Another recent find were these vintage iron patio furniture. There is also a bench that needs to have it's leg screwed back on! I just love the old iron pieces and hope they are comfortable :)

Update on sister:  she was in the hospital for 3 days, not the 4-6 as originally thought! Yup...more answers to prayers. She is at home and will have a health nurse visiting her! THANK You and PRAISE the LORD!

I've also "tweaked" the bedroom. Found a mirror and shelf. I'm also getting the house ready for a birthday party on Saturday...I'll show you what I did in the sun room to make it look "pretty"...(sad face from hubby!)

Okay, I'll post again soon...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bedroom Makeover & Sister Update

 I have to laugh at the before...I was in a hurry to start getting the bedroom ready to paint  that I forgot to take a "real" before...so Bye-Bye Mauve walls.....and always kiss me goodnight....however, you get the idea!  LOL!!

 Hello my New Bedroom!! The walls are "Spatial White" by Sherwin Williams. Very light "grey" that sometimes look lavender. New bedspread from Home Goods along with the lamps. Rugs from Target.

Window sheers from Kohl's and the black & white pillow from thrift store! I'm looking for things to put on the walls. Tomorrow I'm going to a couple occasional sales and the Bachman Idea House!!! FUN DAY!!

Sister had the surgery yesterday. I went up today and she is doing pretty good. Of course, tired and a little out of it...she didn't want anyone there yesterday, except her hubby & boys...Her doctor was "pleased" on how well the surgery went!! Of course, MANY people were praying for her!!! From the bottom of my heart,
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all your Prayers! God is AWESOME and the great Healer! Continued prayers for a complete recovery also appreciated. XO XO XO

A BIG Birthday is coming up...be on the lookout for a giveaway to celebrate!!! It's always nice to have something to look forward to! RIGHT!!! Can you guess how old I'll be very soon???
deb  :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

~~~ HE IS RISEN ~~~

He Is Risen Indeed.....Thank You, Jesus, for dying on the cross for me.

Easter Blessings to You and your family...

My daughter & SIL are having Easter lunch this year.   I'm bringing a strawberry dessert.

Sister's surgery is on Tuesday, the 7th, if anyone would like to pray for her and the doctors on that day for a complete and successful surgery and no complications, you know that I would deeply appreciate it!! THANK YOU very much!  I'll be posting later next week. God Bless You.