Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby Bluebirds :) & Recent Finds

 Awww...5 tiny bluebird babies...kind of ugly right now...the mom & dad are busy bringing them little green inch worms to eat. We "look" when the parents are away from the nest box.

 While we on our day trip last week, there was a scrapbook store next to an antique I bought a few pieces of paper. I LOVE PAPER!!! The dog paper will be fun to use. PRETTY paper also calls to me!

 Recent finds between the day trip and flea market last weekend.

 More paper goodies, Lu Ray plates and little finds.

Wooden bluebirds and a sweet doggie planter...

We had our garage sale yesterday and it wasn't very good. Just over 300.00...last year it was over 1,000.00
WHAT HAPPENED! Well, we had it along with the city wide garage sales, not a good idea and last year it was before Memorial day! NOTE TO SELF for next year!!!

Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be helping at the estate sale. I hope that is successful for the family.

My yard is overgrown with weeds and the grass to tall. Anyone up for yard work next week???

My computer is acting I'm going to post before I lose the post! Enjoy the weekend.


NanaDiana said...

Sorry your computer is acting up-I hate when that happens. What fun little potholders there and I LOVE your header. Those little bluebirds are so sweet aren't they? Ours did not make it this year- something "got them" and Mom abandoned the nest.
Hope you have a great weekend-sorry the rummage sale was not a good one for you- xo Diana

Consider It All Joy said...

Getting ready to do a ton of weeding myself this weekend! I pulled up in the driveway the other day and noticed that I had weeds in the back yard that were sticking up over my 6' gate ... yep better take care of those before I get a nasty-gram from the HOA! Love all of your little finds! Enjoy a beautiful weekend! Blessings, Cindy

boopnut said...

I love your scrapbooking stuff! I enjoy anything that looks vintage.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Deb you found some really cute stuff! I love the pink poodle and the LuRay plates! Hope your computer keeps working, we are so addicted to them aren't we!

Linda said...

I'm working on weeds here, last year I ignored them and with the rain this year I now have a bumper crop :-( I thought of you when I spied a bunch of hankies at our thrift store yesterday.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

It's been raining so much here, that our grass is getting really tall too! I love your finds and the paper-I have a thing for paper too!! :)

Fran. said...

Aw the bluebird babies are so sweet. Looks like you found quite a few bluebird type items too. And garage sales are a lot of work!! They are crazy around here right now. We have been going to a lot auctions. Had a blast today at one. We are picking up a few farm things for around the funky farmhouse!! I really like the face pot holder too. Take care. XOXO Love Fran.

Debby said...

Those baby birds are brand new. Five seems like a lot.
I love paper too. It's probably a good thing that all our scrapbooks stores have closed. I miss browsing in them though.
You always find goodies.
I made $12 on our garage sale. We never do well. I can't imagine $3,000.
The grass and the weeds are taking over here.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Sorry your garage sale was not a huge success. Love your finds, I see a few old santa cards, so smart to buy them when you see them! I heard you have been having great weather


Deanies Stash said...

I love all your finds and the cute little baby bluebirds. Can't wait to see them when they are all colorful with feathers. I have that Cotton Picker can in pink! I use it to hold my pens and pencils.

Diane Mars said...

I just re-planted flower bed in from
t but the back yard is a mess!

Theresa said...

Beautiful papers and I always enjoy seeing what you buy:) Sweet little finds! Have a blessed day dear friend and I be right over to help with the yard work:) HEHE HUGS!

Sher Miller said...

I love the shot of the little bluebirds - I'm a bird gal, you know! :D

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Lots of fun finds! The garage sales were spread over such a large area...we never made it over to your area. But then again, shopping garage sales with a little one makes you go SLOW. But we spend less money lol. Maybe you can have it another weekend this summer!

Rose L said...

such cute goodies and so fun to watch the babies grow.

Musings from Kim K. said...

We've got loads of yard work awaiting at our house and the lake house. Best wishes running the estate sales. You sound super busy.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Eeek! The baby birds! I posted a pic of your Mama bird on my IG and people loved it! I also posted your Miss Kitty collection...they went nuts! lol
Sounds like you've been super busy. I would have thought that having your garage sale right along with the city wide would only help it! That's weird.
I've been buying up a storm! I hit those 2 estates in Edina this weekend (did you?) and bought tons and tons. Half for me, and half to fund the half that's for me! haha
Let's get together again soon!
Erica :)

Carol (Gingerbeary8) said...

That looks like some good stuff for a pocket I am working on a Paris themed tea party one right now. It is going to be hard for me to send it away, I just love it so much.
Bear Hugs,