Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Couple of Projects

The old pretty blue shutters were fading, so a "new look" was needed...BEFORE Above

AFTER with the new Black shutters. Hubby put them up and I think it's a richer look...happy with the results...

I've finally painted my bed side tables and gray was the color choice. I see in the finished photo that I put the drawer pulls on upside down! LOL!! I painted both pieces.

I also added some pink in the room and it is finally feeling "right".

Worked my duty day today. It was busy! Tomorrow laundry mat with the rugs as it is 1/2 off machine washing. One washer for my rugs...saves time and $$ doing it there. Thursday is Bible Study Fellowship and the study is Revelation. Go here for a class in your area www.bsfinternational.org
I've never study the book of Revelation and looking forward to it.

The garage is all cleaned out and the SUV can park in it...speaking of the SUV, a golf ball hit my front windshield and I'll be getting a new one this week. First time any broken windows in the 11 years we have lived here!

Having a perfect weather week...almost time to rake the leaves.  They haven't all turned and looking forward to that.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Swap & Finds

 Amy from Bumble Bee Lane had a Fall Swap and my partner, Linda from Country Pickins sent me the above goodies, the prim pumpkins and scarecrow arrangement she made! The pecan tarts smell so good that I could eat them!! I always love seasonal kitchen towels and napkins...

Linda also sent along some fall crafting supplies that I will be using this Saturday, crafting with friends. Cute little turkey plate!  THANK YOU, Linda! It was a nice swap!!!

Just a few finds from an estate sale this weekend. Hubby and I haven't been going to many sales. Still working on getting our inventory reduced.  Isn't the doggie Christmas hankie sweet...I'll have to keep that one!

I'm painting my nightstand tables and had hubby put up new shutter on the house. I'll show you soon.

The leaves are slowly changing color...can't wait to see the beauty of fall.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quilt made for me by Sister

My baby sister made this for my 60th birthday...it is so beautiful! The colors are much prettier in real life...THANK YOU BABY SISTER!!!  She made is this summer. She is still having chemo! What a trouper she is!

Here it is on my new bedspread. While the other one was nice, this one is "prettier". The wrinkles will come out after awhile :)  It is tone on tone gray. I think a couple more shams in pink or a darker gray might be needed!

Garage sales done for the year. Made a couple trips to the thrift store and just need to put away a few things and then I can park in the garage, again! LOL!!!

We have wild coyotes coming in the neighborhood when the sun goes down. I've heard them howling and it is a little unsettling... We check the yard at night before we let our puppies outside and have a yard stick in our hand. There are a few "missing" dogs....signs on electric poles.

Enjoy these days...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Mantle & Finds

 Time to put up some fall decor and it looks like a squirrel and dog theme on the mantle!  I'm going to paint the living room soon. I have the paint...just need to be in the mood! I do it by myself, unless you want to come over and help!??

 My little stash of velvet pumpkins...they are very tiny and so sweet. I bought them last year from a blogger and I can't remember who...

When you walk in the front door there is also a little fall there. I don't have a foyer...so this will do :)

Birthday boy enjoying the baby back ribs that I made for his birthday...I have never made ribs before and they were SO GOOD!! Not a rib leftover!!! I even ate a few and I'm not a rib kinda girl. LOL!!!

These finds are from a couple of weeks ago..above and below. I haven't been to any sales this week...good girl... as I'm having my own sale tomorrow. 

Isn't that picture darling...snow bunny and snow baby!! I may have to keep that one...LOL!!!

Tomorrow is 3rd year anniversary that my, BFF, MaryElla went to heaven...

Having my garage sale tomorrow and  1/2 day on Friday. Daughter is helping me on Friday..it's her birthday and we are going to celebrate her birthday by going out to Happy Hour. Works for me, no cooking!

The weather is much cooler and I'm loving it! I hope it brings our many buyers for the garage sale! Enjoy the weekend ahead!

Hi Marge!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Pocket Letter Swap & Fall Booth

I had a Fall Pocket Letter Swap and I had 2 partners. The one above and below were made for me by
Judy from 20 North Ora ..each of these pockets had a little envelope that I believe Judy made, with little bits in them...The front is above

oops...this is the back side. She also sent a leaf stamp and acorn garland! THANK YOU, JUDY! It's a great one to add to my folder!

 The one above (2 photos) is from Cindy at Consider It All Joy. The GSG in blocks is my blog name! The top photo is the from and the one above is the back side. I'm loving this new "hobby" Cindy also did an awesome job! THANK YOU CINDY!!! I LOVE adding the pocket letters to my folder and getting to know blogging friends.

I hope that all my "swappers" have sent out the pocket letter!!! and Please post as soon as you receive them! Thank you!! Good manners, remember!!!

Went to the booth at Antiques On Mainstreet, on Monday and put out some fall decor and loaded the booth up! Sales are starting to pick up! Goodie!!! We sold 3 vintage tube radios and brought out 3 more!

Going to a wedding, my nephew is getting married...it is very HOT & HUMID today! I sure hope the church has A/C!! I know the reception venue has A/C! Not sure what to wear...decisions! LOL!!!

I'm spending my Labor Day weekend getting ready for my garage sale on the 10th and half day on the 11th! If you wanna come, email me and I'll send you my address!!!
keep cool,