Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mini Road Trip & Recent Finds

Last Sunday hubby and I went to the Largest Candy Store....and bought a few goodies for Christmas stockings and the BEST Carmel Apple pies!! YUM and beyond!!! The store closes for the season November.

Here are my latest finds..a little Christmas and some vintage stickers...

Aren't the stickers just too cute!

Also these few goodies. As I have mentioned, we are "reducing" the inventory at home and buying less.

Living room is painted and need to take some photos when the sun comes out.The new roof looks great!

Tonight is the singing for the "seniors"... I missed last week as I smashed my right thumb the day of that concert...OUCH!! Thankful that my thumb nail won't be falling off.

Don't eat too much "trick or treat" candy!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Thank You's & Project for the week!

I did a Pocket Letter Swap with Linda. She made this pretty pink one for me! Front above and back side below. I love that she used playing cards for the back side of the pocket letter! Thank You, Linda!! This new hobby is very FUN!!! The colors are much brighter in real life.

On the same day that the pocket letter arrived, so did a package from Pam with this sweet little fall craft that she made. Sure brighten my day and Thank You, Pam. It looks cute on my window ledge.

The next day I received this Awesome magazine that I won from a giveaway that Kris had! I haven't won a giveaway in a very long time. She also sent along some pretty note cards. Kris's blog is featured in this magazine!!! Thank you, Kris!!!   It was a great week for mail from some very sweet blogging friends!!

This is my project for the week! Getting the rest of the living room painted. I'm filling holes, putting tape around the trim and then paint away! Daughter said"how many times do you paint?" every 6 months?"  LOL!! NO...I said, about every couple of years! LOL...besides I can! LOL!!!The color is Spatial White...I was going to go darker, however with the long winters here, a lighter color is better for me!

Going to be a full week. Zumba Monday,Wed & Fri., Tuesday duty day at Antiques On Mainstreet and that evening singing at a senior complex.(bet you didn't know that I "sing". I don't read notes, I just listen to the other singers...I love to sing and hope it brings a blessing!) Wednesday, help in the church kitchen,  Plus a couple of things the rest of the week!

I hope you all have a nice week. The weather here is lovely for October!!! Have to rake some leaves too...LOL!!!

The jadeite I bought is for resale...that is why I am disappointed...probably won't make my investment back, oh well!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Buyer Beware & Tree Down

Last week while at the antique store, on my duty day, a woman came in with "jadeite" to sell...hmmm, Since I was "first" person in, I could buy first. I didn't ask any questions. She said it was from her sisters collection who had passed on. She gave me a price, thinking it was REAL jadeite, I  bought it, feeling a little "smart"...I went home and looked it up...ALL REPRODUCTION pieces, not so "smart"...LESSON LEARNED! Not the lady's fault, mine! I won't be buying any more glassware! (Unless it is for my collection!)

This is what "we" were doing this Sunday. Taking down this dying is WAY bigger than it looks in the photo...hubby was 2 stories up on a ladder cutting some big branches down before cutting it at the base. I was PRAYING!!!It came down perfectly! Thankful! It was 85 degrees on Sunday...perfect day to do yard work...LOL!!!

We will use some of it as firewood...hubby working on it today.

We let the little girl on the tree and she is "queen of the yard"! She is almost above out heads on the tree limb. The boy dog wasn't very sure about being up so high, so I couldn't get a good photo of him.

I LOVE  Zumba. The music is a tad loud, but love sweating!! Going tonight. I'm trying to go 3 nights a week, not working out that way.

With this awesome weather, it isn't feeling like October, I hope it last until December and then it can snow!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This & That

Some recent cards that I made a couple of weeks ago...above and I'm thinking about making some....Christmas cards...LOL!!

YUM...I love this Pumpkin cream cheese from Bruegger's. They are also selling Pumpkin bagels! I love my pumpkin!!! Trader Joe's also has some yummy pumpkin products!

Had a fire in the fireplace last week. Not loving the sun setting so soon. I went to a Zumba class last night! FUN!!! I sure don't have all the "moves" down, LOL!!... It is a great workout. Going tomorrow night and may try the Zumba class at the senior center on Friday morning!

Not a lot going on here...almost time to rake some leaves...

p.s. the black shutters are new...I didn't paint them.