Monday, March 28, 2016

Estate finds before Easter

I just had to purchase these lovely rose plates...they will be perfect for the upcoming Tea at church.

Of course I had to rescue these old stuffed animals, especially the blind yellow bunny and the one eyed pink bunny and panda.

Here is a better picture of the plates. Swoon! I will be keeping the Good Morning glasses. What a nice way to start the day with those cute glasses.

I hope you all had a nice Easter. Now I need to put away all the Easter decorations and put something else on the mantle.

Tomorrow is my duty day at Mainstreet Antiques. I need to work my booth and change things up. I've been a little lazy with my antique business...not the way to make money!


Monday, March 21, 2016


Are you ready to celebrate the RISEN LORD !?  HE IS RISEN!! HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!

 It was so sweet on Sunday with the little ones and their palm branches waving in the air and singing a song.

I will be having 10-12 over for Easter dinner. Serving ham, son is bringing cheesy taters, daughter fruit, and I'll have a salad/veggies and not sure about dessert.

Full week ahead. Tomorrow bringing birthday pie to my friend, Marge :) . She isn't able to drive any more and she loves hubby! Wednesday I have to wash the rugs at the laundry mat as the Not so Sweet Pea has potty on a couple of them...and then to pick up the ham, and clean the house. Thursday is girl friend day. Friday is going out to lunch with girlfriends from high school. One of them is in town and we haven't visited for years.  Saturday I might treat myself to a mani...and throw in a few Zumba classes! It's all GOOD!

I pray that you all will have a Blessed Easter! I am so thankful for what Jesus did on the cross for my sinful self...

I  will see you next week after Easter!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A REAL Antique and Hey PEEPS!

A couple of weeks ago we went to a nice estate sale and this was for sale, already sold! How awesome is this! Talk about a REAL ANTIQUE!!

Saw this on my way to the shop one day! Hey PEEPS!!

HANKY LOVE!! These are for sale at a shop in Hopkins! Great way to display a collection.

Rainy days in the forecast...I need Sunshine!

Grandgirl is a teenager today. We will celebrate on Saturday.

Back to the Zumba classes...the studio was closed for FIVE weeks. I'm starting all over again!

Nothing too exciting happening here. Just waiting for Sunshine and Spring!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lace Curtains, Finds & Grandgirl

I LOVE Lace curtains. It doesn't bother me that then "aren't in style"...they are my style and they make me happy!

I bought them at a recent estate sale for.....25 cents...YES, 25 Cents!  :)

Just a few finds from last weekend estate sales. Still not much to "buy".. Fairy lights sell for me and I ask 19.95 for them :)

Here is my grandgirl in her custom from the Lion King. It was a nice play. She had a dancing part.

I opened the windows yesterday and enjoyed the fresh air. It was lovely!

I hope you are having a great week.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Easter Mantle-Sheep & Bunnies

I do LOVE Easter, Thank you, Jesus!

I hope I haven't overloaded my mantle...I didn't even put out all of my Easter treasures. Look, I see more than 3 sheep, so that means I have a new collection and I didn't even realize I was collecting sheep! I do love my old bunnies :) 

My grandgirl is in a play at school, The Lion King and we'll go on Saturday evening to watch her. She is a leopard. I am happy that she try's different things in school. I didn't...

Looks like a good estate tomorrow. They said "digger sale"...I will be checking it out. 

Thank you for praying for blogger, Linda. Please keep them coming. Praying for others is a blessing for them and the person praying.