Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Dining room table & chairs

I have been thinking I wanted a different table for the small dining area and this one I found this week at an estate sale. It came with 6 chairs too. I already had 3 of the pressed back chairs. I;m mixing and matching for now. This table is 30" x 60" and I can fit 8.

  It is a trestle table. I pulled up an old rug from the storage area for now. It needs to be cleaned.

Aha, my pretty peonies are blooming. They are my favorite flower.

Tomorrow we are going to the Trader's Market not far from us and maybe there will be more treasures to buy.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

4 Days of Treasure Hunting

I love it when the bridal bushes bloom. Such pretty little flowers put a smile on my face. Hubby took a week off and we did some treasure hunting! Much fun!!! On day we went to Stillwater, MN and had lunch by the waterfront and of course "treasure hunting". It was a nice day with my hubby and a nice way to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

This is just a few of the Fisher Price toys that were bought to re-sell as well as the mantle mirror. We went to estate sales, antiques stores and a couple of garage sales. The Toys sign is added to hubby's collection of toys!

We bought more treasures than you see in all the photos...Oh Oh!!! The Boston terrier door stop is staying for awhile. I think the dog looks crabby!

Yes, more Valentines!! Dick & Jane was fun "shopping".

Yes, pyrex for the booth. I may have paid a little too much for this set. Still hoping to make a few dollars on it. Mint condition.

The plates are for tea parties and will be added to my growing collection. The tea cup is Avon. I like that it has a dark hair lady on it. There are more treasures that I didn't show you. A few more Fisher Price pieces, a crock, and a couple of things that are gifts.

We had a fun few days treasure hunting. Now it's time to "work":  price, tag and bring the treasures to the booths. I'd rather "shop"! LOL!!

I hope you all have a great week. Spring is here in Minnesota! Hooray! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Treasures Found

Please don't notice the weeds, just the flowers in the bike basket!  They will look so much better when they fill out. I sure enjoy the little red bike for decorating.

I bought 2 scrapbooks loaded with vintage cards. That always makes me smile and happy finding vintage greeting cards.

Also bought these goodies recently for the booths.

I was doing some weeding today. We have had a few days of rain so the weeds are growing quickly!

Thank you for all the kind comments about the Spring Tea.  While it is a "little" work, the ladies and little girls do enjoy it.

Hubby is putting in a new air conditioner this week. He is so "handy". It is also our anniversary this week and we plan on taking a "day-cation" later this week. I believe a day "antiquing" is in order and dinner out.

Hope you have a great week.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring Tea Tables

One of the ladies in the tea committee made/decorated this dress form. She is very talented.

All together there were 18 tables set for the Spring Tea. I wasn't able to take photos of all the tables as I was helping were needed. There are so many talented ladies as you can see from the lovely table settings above.

I hope you all had a lovely Mom's day. Had a BBQ at daughter's home with my Mom, son, SIL, grandgirl, hubby and daughter. My son made grilled shrimp for me!

Tomorrow is my work day at the shop. I have neglected my booth and need to bring in many more treasures to sell.

I set table 4 and 5 case you wanted to know! I really like that last table setting.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fountain, the Frog & Gnome

I bought this water fountain at How Quaint in Shakopee at their last sale. I love listening to the water falling. It is just outside of the sun room/breezeway! Very relaxing. This door goes into the breezeway. The door doesn't work. So, I decided to make sure people use the other front door by decorating this little area.

This little tree frog was in our mailbox! He was "relocated" to a better place in the front yard.

This gnome was found curb-side last week. I painted his faded hat and he is headed to the shop.

I have days when I want to say "go away"...Pretty funny!

I'm getting ready to help with the Spring Tea at my church. Pretty busy the next few days. There will be about 160 women & that includes about 20 little girls. I will take photos of some of the tables. There will be 18 tables set for the tea.  Many hands to make this work, along with the men that will be serving at the tea!