Monday, July 25, 2016

AWESOME Estate Sale Finds

I went to a really great estate sale on Saturday! Prices were good, and so many things to buy. Of course all the other people thought so too! I had to act fast...aka...GRAB real fast! I adore vintage Christmas cards and was very happy to find a small box of them :)

I bought these stickers on Sunday. A grocery tote FULL at $3.50 of the entire box. It took me about an hour or so to go through and decide which ones to keep!

These treasure I bought on Saturday. The little birds are Lefton and it looks like they have little holly wreaths on their heads :)

This is a" Frosty" the Snowman stuffed toy and he was only $2.00 on Sunday!  That is what they called him at the sale.  SCORE! I haven't tried to look him up on the internet.  More photos to come! More Christmas, linens, and fall!

On a sad note...the cardinal nest is empty.  Sweet Pea somehow got into the bush where the nest was. She heard the babies now there are no more baby cardinals  :(  

Keep cool...can you believe July is almost over! Don't the days fly bye!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Wheels & Baby Cardinals

Mama has a new set of wheels :)  we found this Jeep Liberty, 2012 that fit our "budget" and has room to haul treasures! I have the best hubby :)

Sweet Pea has been "staking" the bush outside the family room we did some snooping and found this nest of baby cardinals. I've seen the mom & dad flying around the yard and now I know why. They are a tad ugly right now. I will update you with more photos. We had baby chickadees and now cardinals! Hooray!

The heat index today was 110, pretty HOT & Humid! Not complaining, just saying :)
Happy weekend and have some summer FUN!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vignette for the Coffee table

This vignette is on my coffee table...the piece on the left is a flower unique and I love the green "fish" bowl. The fish vase is a recent purchase. I wish I was at the beach

Nothing too exciting going on around here...puppies need a bath tonight, so I'm off to wash the dog.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cards, $10.00 bag & Family photo

I was with my BFF last week and we made some cards. I really enjoy card making and next week a blogging buddy is coming over to make cards with me! I will be sure to do a post. She is a wonderful card maker :)

We went to another AWESOME estate sale this past weekend. Hubby bought a set of lawyer bookcases for his toy collection. One of these days I will show you his collection. Above is a $10.00 bag. Whatever fits in the bag goes!

 This is what I had in the $10.00 bag...the tin canisters are in tough shape. I figured I paid less than a dollar per item.

These are from the same sale, but at full price :)  The estate sale was of a former antique dealer and there were real antiques there! It was a good sale. Happy that hubby had the day off!

This is one of the photos from Mom's 80th birthday party. I won't show you my entire family as per their privacy! I might use this photo for Christmas cards. Grandgirl wore very tall shoes. She is about 5' 6" or so!

Confession: I haven't started cleaning up the family room. Today grandgirl and I cleaned out the linen closet and a couple of kitchen cabinets. The family room is over whelming for me right now

I hope you are enjoying these summer days!