Sunday, August 28, 2016

This weekends Treasures

Hubby had the week off of work, so we had a "stay-cation". We went to the state fair, ate out a few times :), and of course we went to a FEW estate sales. All the photos are treasures we found Friday-Sunday.  We also bought a small table, lawyers bookcase, and Free chairs. I rarely take photos of furniture.

I always look for hankies and Valentines.

Folding rulers sell as well as baby ben clocks even if they don't work! The round rocks in the wood bowl are crystal rocks. I may try to crack one open.  Vintage Red Owl is fun to find.

Time to find Christmas goodies. The elf's should sell quickly. The brush bottle tree is vintage and could be missing some of it's ornaments.

Small mirrors are good sellers. Pretty sure these brush bottle tree's aren't too old.

My son will be 37 on Tuesday. I will be making ribs, coleslaw, cornbread muffins, beans and Mom is making the angel food chocolate toffee cake, which we all LOVE!

I can smell fall in the air this week. I know many of us LOVE FALL!  Sept is a few days away.

Enjoy these last weeks of summer!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Little Changes in the Living Room

I decide to change up the curtain in the living room...BEFORE is Above

Sorry about the quality of the photo, lots of sunlight, so I changed the curtains, have them hanging outside of the window instead of inside the window frame and like how they look and added the metal piece above the window. The cabinet  between the chairs is a "new" to me piece and holds lots of "stuff:!

I'm gathering "Stuff" for the garage sale next month! I didn't have my spring one, too much going on. I hope the fall one will be successful so I don't have to donate a lot of leftovers!

State Fair starts next week and hubby enjoys going and having some "fair food" and I being the "good wife" will go with him and enjoy some fair food too! LOL!

Happy weekend,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MORE Vintage finds!

At the shop last weekend it was there anniversary sale and I bought this "crossed-eyed" bluebird wall pocket. Too funny! She will go in my craft room. 25% off from that dealer.

Nice button card find. Super cheap. I will have to decide which ones will stay and which ones will go to the shops.

Cuteness for Fall for the shops. Time to pull out the fall things and change around the booths.

Just a few vintage greeting cards that I love to collect.

I sure love it when the estate sales are AWESOME and have vintage goodies.  It is getting harder and harder to find Good Olde stuff!

It is raining very hard tonight and some areas will be flooded. We are fine. High and dry, thankfully!

Not much going on. Working on the family room clean up, pricing things for the booths and I am going to have a garage sale in Sept! I have seen a few leaves already turning color...

Keep cool,

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

AWESOME Fall Finds!

That estate sale I went to a couple of weeks ago was pretty fabulous! So many treasures that I love! These velvet pumpkins are staying at my house...they were 50 cents each! SCORE!

More fall finds that will probably end up at the booths...

More fall finds...I did a little "digging" and found these treasures :) also probably heading to the booths...

These awesome and I believe VINTAGE Halloween nut cups were at the bottom of a bin and got them for ONE DOLLAR for all of them! These will be added to my collection!  I don't have a big Halloween collection. I keep the "cuter" side of Halloween.

That estate sale had decorations for every season. It was an AWESOME estate sale!

Stinkin Hot & Humid here with the mosquitoes eating us alive. The poor doggies come inside with a skeeter sucking away on their nose!  :(

Grandgirl didn't want to go to the movie with me last week.  :(  Hoping to take her shopping tomorrow to buy an outfit for school, unless she cancels on me.  I buy her an outfit (or 2) for school every year. She is my One and Only, so I can spoil her if she lets me!

Update on the baby cardinals:  Sweet Pea "knew" that something was going on in that bush and "nature" took over...there are NO baby birds in the nest...BAD happened too quickly and we didn't see her "do it".  Boy dog came into the house with "something" in his was a sad day :(

keep cool,