Sunday, October 23, 2016

Estate Sale Finds

Looks like Christmas finds were the finds of this sale. I tried not to buy too many Christmas treasures as I have a FEW totes already that need to be priced and off to the booths. Right after Halloween the Christmas treasures will appear in the booths.

Oops, I see this photo is a tad fuzzy! The large felt reindeer's may stay with me for awhile as I haven't seen any these before.

I thought that mini bench was cute. I may paint it before I bring it to a booth. The wood tote is cool also.

I made some pumpkin muffins today...YUM! way better than the sweet potato ones that I made a couple weeks ago.

We are going to a costume party on Saturday and I have no idea what I want to "be"!!!  Anyone else going to a party?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween Mantle & Gifts from Blogging Friend

Here is my Halloween mantle. Nothing scary, just some good old fashion fun! I don't have a big collection.

I hope that kitty doesn't get Mr Owl. Both are vintage papers.

I rec'd a fun fall package from Debbie, my blogging friend. One of these "days' we will met! We enjoy sending each other gifts during the year. Thank you, Debbie :) I have been burning the candle which smells so very good!

The leaves are at peek in my area. So beautiful! God's amazing artwork/creation! The sun is shinning and the dogs are waiting for a walk! I hope you are able to enjoy this season!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Crafting Fun & Recent Finds

A few finds from a recent outing...

Recently, Oliva was over and we crafted for awhile. She made the fall banner above along with the autumn sign from scrabble letters.

I made a few cards and a couple of tags. 

Next post will be of my Halloween mantle. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Teacups Galore!!!

A couple of weeks ago, while doing my "duty" day at Mainstreet, a woman came in with a couple of boxes of teacups for sale....was I interested??? I bought all of them.!!!!

35 teacups and saucers. I have put a couple away for myself, a couple are already at the booth and the rest of them I need to price and bring to the antique shops.

Today I stayed home and baked banana bread and sweet potato muffins. All from scratch! YUM.  I should have been outside and enjoying this perfect fall day! I also cleaned the house and decorated the mantle with my vintage and cute Halloween things. I will post it soon.