Saturday, March 31, 2018



Happy Easter Blessings.

Thank you, Jesus!!

We are going to Easter buffet this year. No cooking for anyone. Lots of yummy food. I better wear stretch pants! LOL!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter. How thankful I am that Jesus loves us so much that He died on the cross for my sin and that of the world.  Saved by grace!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Easter Mantel

Easter is coming up quickly. I always like it when it's in April, however, being on the 1st of April is still early in my world. 

There is A LOT of snow here and warmer weather is expected later next week, so bye bye snow!

Cleaning up my craft room, AGAIN! LOL! 

Tammy and Erica are coming over on Wednesday and we are going to craft. I want to try my hand at an junk journal, Erica is thinking about making a wreath and not sure what Tammy wants to create. It's just nice to craft and talk and eat! LOL!!!


Sunday, February 18, 2018

HELLO !!!'s ME! Hubby and I went to the Super Bowl Live downtown last month. It was fun and just a little cold. Trying to do different and more things this year.

There have been some changes. My daughter has divorced her hubby. This was before Christmas. So, November I was helping her find an apartment, pack, and move. The divorce was totally her idea.I was sad about it as I loved my SIL... everything has settled into a new routine.

Grandgirl is in 9th grade and doing very well. The divorce isn't affecting her as he was a stepdad and her bio dad is always involved with her. Very thankful for that.

My son bought a house in Sept and is fixing it up. The sewer backed up this past week...OH the joys of home ownership. He has buddies that helped him out which saved him lots of money.

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